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The film director Gu Changwei has been standing in the crowd and listening quietly; the philosopher Chen Jiaying is watching the painting; the writer Chen Guanzhong is also on the scene; the art critic Li Xianting is in the crowd; the music of Cui Jian's new song is heard at the scene. This is not a gathering of the upper-class cultural and artistic circles of the capital, but the opening ceremony of the famous musician Liang Heping's painting exhibition. The celebrities of the cultural and artistic circles on the scene have a common identity. They are all friends of Liang Heping. This exhibition has nothing to do with fame and fortune. The main purpose is only one: to raise money for Liang Heping, who is suffering from the economic crisis.

On the 23rd of June 2012, Liang Heping was seriously injured in a traffic accident in Beijing. His sixth and seventh spines were broken and the spinal cord was completely damaged, resulting in high paraplegia. On the afternoon of May 22nd, the Beijing Contemporary Time Art Center opened with the “Spiritual Paintings – Liang Peace Painting Exhibition”. At the same time, Liang Ping's friends Zhou Guoping and Cui Jian also announced at the opening ceremony that they will donate 100,000 yuan to the Liang Heping family in the book "Free Style" published by Shanghai People's Publishing House this year. The first edition of "Freestyle" was in 2001, a dialogue between Zhou Guoping and Cui Jian.

Anyone who knows Chinese pop music knows that Liang Heping’s main identity is famous musicians. He is a member of the former Central Orchestra soloist and soloist, working as a keyboard player and composer and arranger. Liang Heping is also a music pioneer, practitioner, advocate and promoter of the most musical style. After the reform and opening up, whether it is pop music, rock music, jazz music, pioneering free music, he has left his footprints. He has composed, arranged and performed various types of film and television (including feature films, documentaries, cartoons, TV series, etc.), advertisements, recordings and various artistic activities.

In the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, Liang Heping supported and promoted the development of Chinese rock music. He has planned, organized and supervised Cui Jian's activities for the Asian Games to raise funds and other activities. He is the first rock album in the history of Chinese music, and the producer of Cui Jian's "Rock on the New Long March". In an article entitled "Peace Inside and Outside Music", musician and writer Liu Sola recalled the relationship with Liang Heping: the car was blocked on the mountain road, he got off in the middle of the night and walked for a few hours to find the source of the traffic jam; When the German Modern Chamber Orchestra rehearsed, I was in poor health and could not climb up on the fourth floor. He simply carried me up. Peace in a team makes you feel at ease and happy. When there is no keyboard, he has to make some noise, and then teasing himself: don't fish, and drown.

The main purpose of this exhibition is to help Liang Heping raise the cost of treatment. This is not the first time that Liang Heping’s friends have initiated a fundraiser for him. Shortly after the accident, Cui Jian, He Yong, Hong Huang, and Zhou Guoping’s friends jointly launched a fundraising campaign for the theme of “Peace for Peace”. In the 2012 fundraising event, Cui Jian said in his speech: "After we accepted this reality, we suddenly discovered and believed that there is still an energy behind the eyes behind his glasses. This energy It doesn't stop moving like his current body, but it's still like a lively community. This community once made us all know each other's good side and magnified them."

At the end of December 2018, after six years of hospitalization, multiple operations, multiple illnesses and rescues, low fever from the end of last year, several life-threatening hypotensions... high cost of treatment, has long been a family Hey. In desperation, Liang Heping's family launched a help on the platform of love. After the project was launched, it was forwarded and supported by many music circle friends such as Na Ying and Zhao Mingyi. Zhou Guoping told the Beijing News that the current income of Liang Heping’s family relied on the performances of Liang He’s wife, Zhao Li’s bar, and basically maintained his life. In the eyes of Zhou Guoping, Liang Heping is a very vigorous person. "He has a lot of works that can become market value. For example, there are a lot of materials in the 80s in the family. It is all wealth. How to make things he created in the market and solve the source of life. Today, this charity also has this consideration. ""

However, Cui Jian also told the Beijing News reporter that Liang Heping is a person who does not like utilitarianism. "Some time ago, I was still trying to set up a preparatory meeting for the Peace Museum, but this matter was not fully implemented at the end because the peace refused this kind of marketization. In this respect he is negative, he thinks this kind of thing is too complicated, thinking Try to solve the problem of life in the simplest way possible.” Cui Jian said that Liang Heping now has no chance to create music, and because of the large amount of drugs he can, he can feel that Liang He’s communication is getting less and less.

For Cui Jian, the significance of donating the royalties of the new edition of "Freestyle" to the Liang Heping family is not to fulfill the obligation as a friend alone, but to record the history of a corner. “Peace always encourages us to innovate. Even he is a good cook and often thinks about cooking for everyone. Most importantly, I think it is his passion and participation in life. At this point, we have benefited a lot. The atmosphere that has been guided in his most active state has been giving nutrients to everyone." Cui Jian said. "Speaking of it, it is still an economic problem." Lin Mingshu, the curator responsible for this exhibition, said in his speech, "In the past few days, he also had a fever of 39 degrees, but he could not find the reason and was energetic. It was not as good as before. He changed from a rehabilitation ward to Wangjing and later changed to a home. The conditions are getting worse and worse, and it is difficult to maintain a healthy and energetic body."

At the opening ceremony, Liang Heping kept his head down when he heard others speak. It was finally his turn to speak. The camera and mobile phone screens that are brushed together are aimed at the legends of the Chinese pop music industry. It was followed by silence for dozens of seconds, except for a few coughs intermittently. Liang Heping in a wheelchair, the microphone needs to be carried by the son. When he spoke, Liang Heping did not mention his current situation and went directly to the theme to tell everyone the origins of these paintings. Five minutes later, after being finished, he was carried by the staff, adjusted the angle, and laid flat in a wheelchair. A friend of Gu Changwei told him: "He can't move under the chest now." Gu Changwei nodded and was silent. He took out his mobile phone and took a picture of Liang Ping’s speech. The music godfather Liang Liang and his high paraplegia, friends Cui Jian, Zhou Guoping donated a new book, the godfather of the music, Liang Heping, and his friends, Cui Jian, Zhou Guoping donated a new book, the royal charity subscription site, Gu Changwei, Li Xianting, Zhou Guoping, Cui Jian in paintings, pictures, limited edition art collection Signature (Photo: Luo Jian)

"Look at the work today." Finally, Liang Heping said in a wheelchair. Mr. Xu and his friends made a trip to Thailand. The two spent nearly 7,000 yuan to buy an “internal discount ticket”. They waited for the other party to send the ticket before the departure, but they could not get the ticket until the plane took off. Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter learned from the police in Hongshan yesterday that the peace police station cracked a fraud case and the suspect Wu was detained according to law. At the end of March this year, Mr. Xu met the man Wu on the Internet. The two of them talked very much and soon became friends and met each other. Wu claimed to be a member of an airline and was able to get a low discount ticket. After seeing Wu’s work permit photo in uniform, Mr. Xu was convinced. Mr. Xu plans to travel to Thailand in April. When he learned that the ticket provided by Wu only cost 520 yuan, Mr. Xu immediately transferred via WeChat.

Knowing that there are such reliable low-cost ticket purchase channels, the enthusiastic Mr. Xu shared this information with his colleague Chen and met with Thailand. After Chen agreed, he also purchased tickets from Wu. Subsequently, Wu also charged Xu and Chen several times on the grounds of upgrading first class, fast customs clearance services, and purchasing return tickets. Mr. Xu paid a total of 1,772 yuan. Chen also purchased other domestic flights and paid a total of 5040 yuan. Wu also said that it is impossible for the internal discount ticket to go through the formal ticketing process. On the day of the flight, he will let his colleagues send the ticket. On April 16th, Xu and Chen went to the airport with great enthusiasm, ready to start the trip to Thailand, but they never waited for the "worker" to send the ticket. The two men contacted Wu many times, but they were eventually blacked out. At this point, the two talents who were waking up in the dream were found to have been deceived.

On April 22, Mr. Xu came to the Hongshan District Public Security Bureau to report to the police station. The police immediately launched an investigation. Since the informant did not know the true identity of the suspect, the case was once in trouble. However, the police did not give up. By picking up the surveillance video they met, they visited the interview and finally locked the suspect Wu to live in a certain district of Xiongchu Avenue. After many days of observance, the police arrested Wu on the morning of May 16. According to the Hongshan police investigation, the suspect Wu, 18 years old, is from Yichang, Hubei Province, and is an employee of an e-commerce company in Wuhan. Wu confessed to the facts of the crime. He confessed that he was not an airline staff member and could not get a plane ticket below the market price. He found a photo of the airline work permit from the Internet and then took his photo to P. In order to gain victim trust.

Liang Heping’s mother also came to the scene in a wheelchair. She talked about Liang’s understanding of life: “Peace told me that mother is teaching history, I may not stay in history, but I live. It is very valuable. I also want to say that he must pass his optimism and strong strength to his own old age. After the accident, he has always encouraged us in front of us, without pessimism. He told me that mother you want I am alive, and when I live to be a hundred years old, I will come to you for a long life. Although he lives very painfully, his thoughts are active."

Li Xianting, a well-known contemporary art critic, mentioned in his speech the pioneering and subversive nature of Liang Ping's 80th generation of paintings. "From Kang Youwei to the May Fourth New Culture Movement until the founding of the People's Republic of China, Chinese art has experienced the road of world art. The art must be figurative. Such an idea rules our understanding of art, and Liang Heping is at 80. The significance of these paintings of the chronology is to consciously break through this understanding.” Liang Ping’s friends who came to the scene also had the famous Hong Kong writer Chen Guanzhong who settled in Beijing. In the 1990s, he often played with Cui Jian and Liang Heping. Chen Guanzhong told the Beijing News reporter that in his eyes, Liang Heping is a god in the music circle. From the rock to the jazz music scene, almost all of them are related to him.

Zhou Guoping also told the Beijing News that Liang Heping, who traveled in many art categories such as music, painting, and photography, did not break the border because he was originally unbounded. This reminds me that I haven't asked for money at home for a long time. During school, I earned tuition, living expenses, travel expenses, book fees, and then occasionally bought things and gifts for my parents. At the time of the undergraduate course, I used to work all the weekends. Although I was poor, I could still support myself. During the study period, the tuition fee was 8,000, and the living expenses were several thousand in January. I also earned it myself.

I had an idea of ​​economic independence long before, and it feels good when I actually realize it. Responsible for yourself, no longer reach out to ask for money at home; carefully plan your own future, get rid of dependence psychology early; hold control in your hand and think like a big man. When I was in high school, one of my teachers said that he had not spent any money with his family after his sophomore year. At the time, I thought it was too cool, and he used his role as an example. He also hoped that he would strive to become an independent person. I did it. 02 There are also a few such friends around me, which are subtle and they have become my role models. So now I really found out that in fact, a good circle of friends does not require frequent contact with everyone. It is only good to keep the information flowing.

Xiaoyun is my high school desk. In my impression, she used to be a slinger, but suddenly she was different after going to college. She is lively and active, and she is very daring. She uses her English expertise and has been acting in an educational institution during her college years. Occasionally when we called, she hung up my phone and said that she was on behalf of the class, or on the subway, saying that she was on the way to the substitute. "Look back, I am busy." This sentence became her mantra. I suddenly didn't understand. It turned out that she was a class who was not serious, often late and early, and who occasionally made excuses to skip classes. How did she become so capable and not willing to waste time? When she called, she could hear it. She is still the one who is greatly embarrassed, but the idea is completely different from before: "I went to college and I knew how stupid I was before. Others are better than me. I have to find something to do!"

In her senior year, she was admitted to the postgraduate major in English outside of Sichuan Province. Of course, she did not like academics. She earned more than 200,000 students in educational institutions for three years. Now that she has graduated, she is still in the same way as before. When we chatted last time, I used this to ridicule her. She said: "It’s like you are idle. How did you come to study in the past three years, how much money you have earned, others have not counted, I haven’t counted yet? We all want to make some things on our own efforts, so it is the same kind of person." There is still a month to graduate, talking about life after graduation, my yearning is more than worry. Although I have not had a lot of work experience before, I have a strong adaptability, stress resistance and proactive mindset.

My current accumulation can help me solve the problem of buying a house early, and provide me with a warm nest for me and the second fat. At the same time, I also found a career that I love and are willing to pay for my life. I believe that as long as we continue to accumulate and continue to exert our strength, we will have a better future. The economic foundation is the guarantee of life. If you work harder and younger, you can live better. Poor couples are sorrowful, I don't want to fall into such a dilemma. Similarly, providing a good living environment for the people you love is also the goal of my struggle with the two fat people. We all grow up, live more pragmatically, and often have a lot of things, but we need to be down to earth. To be a realistic idealist, perhaps it can be described as such.

Recently, I began to put my own focus on reading good-looking biographies, analyzing other people's growth experiences, and more or less can get some good inspiration. In terms of the "Poor Charlie Collection" that I am reading for the second time, Charlie Munger emphasizes reverse thinking in addition to emphasizing interdisciplinary learning. For example, if you want to understand how life is getting happiness, Charlie first studies how life can become painful. This method of thinking has inspired me a lot. I can think about it: What is the life state I don't want most, and how can I make it worse and worse? The opposite of making fewer mistakes is the more correct way to push this point, and we will be more clear about our direction.

04 The article is written here, I believe many people will ask how to be economically independent, or ask how to support themselves during college. Then I can talk to you about some of my thoughts. First, knowing the most precious thing is actually time. When many people are in college, they see others working to make money. Then they spend most of their time working, and even skip class to work. It is not that job hunting is not good, but that we must first know what is the most valuable. There are infinite possibilities in youth, and the most precious thing is time. Working moderately, this is my advice to everyone.


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  • The film director Gu Changwei has been standing in the crowd and listening quietly; the philosopher Chen Jiaying is watching the painting; the writer Chen Guanzhong is also on the scene; the art critic Li Xianting is in the crowd; the music


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