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On May 18th, the third anniversary of the mutual help of water droplets, the opening day of the member, the co-founder of the company and the general manager of the mutual help of water droplets, Hu Wei, shared the story of three members of the mutual help of water droplets. These three stories are all happening. No one in life wants to get sick, but when they are unfortunate, many people have very limited resistance. They are helping each other to help them regain their disease after illness. courage. Up to now, the mutual aid of water droplets has allocated more than 490 million yuan for more than 3,500 families. Many members wrote in a letter to the mutual help of water droplets that it was accidental to join the mutual help of water droplets. I did not expect it to become a life-saving straw.

Child, I must wait until you are born, Mr. Sun was born in Sichuan, and the parents will be divorced. Young he always wanted to become a soldier, so he entered the air force after graduating from high school and served for 13 years. In the army, he has always been the physical king. After retiring, he also likes to exercise and exercise every day. He never smokes or drinks, and insists on a healthy lifestyle. At the beginning of 2017, Mr. Sun was diagnosed with sphenoid sinusitis because he continued to have dizziness and ache and pain in the lap. He did not care, and felt that it would be better to take medicine on time. But after a long time passed, the condition has not improved. Mr. Sun went to the affiliated hospital of Southwest Medical University for re-examination. He did not expect to be diagnosed as advanced stage of nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the inspection report. After he retired, he married his lover. When he got the result of the test, his wife was pregnant for 6 months... I am not afraid of death, I am going to die early. My main fear is that there are still too many things not done. The fear is that the child was born, Dad? The fear is that the parents are old and no one is filial to them. I am afraid that the daughter-in-law has not yet enjoyed the blessing. There are still many dreams that we have not completed, and no one will accompany her. I am afraid that I have not had time to thank the society. I can't thank so many people who helped me and cared about me. I don't think I can report it now. I hope that I have the ability to live that day and have more time to reward them. So I have to hold on. ”

Mr. Sun's monthly income is 3,000 yuan, sphenoid sinus surgery costs 40,000, targeted drugs 200,000, radiotherapy and chemotherapy costs 200,000, kidney stones, late nursed back to health, complications, sequelae ... next will face huge medical treatment cost. In July 2016, Mr. Sun was exposed to mutual help and joined the youth and cancer prevention program. He has never been expecting help, but he is thinking that he can donate from time to time through mutual help, which is enough. On April 12, 2017, after the mutual help platform review, third-party investigation, and mutual help of water droplets, a total of 15,37710 members participated in the mutual assistance of Mr. Sun, each of whom shared 0.17 yuan, and Mr. Sun received a mutual aid of 250,000 yuan. After 6 chemotherapy, 7 targeted drugs and 34 radiotherapy, Mr. Sun waited until the child was born.

Perhaps this is the good fortune. Nanning, Guangxi, morning, the body has been very good since birth. There have been only one cold and one fever in a year. It’s all about taking medicine. Two days before the diagnosis, I took it in the park. Playing inside, running around in the morning, I can't catch up with him. In the morning, acute lymphocytic cancer was diagnosed at 1 year and a half. After the diagnosis, the doctor's first sentence is to let them prepare the money. In the absence of complications, the phase 8 chemotherapy must be prepared at least 300,000. This is a large number for working families. On the occasion of a deep night's sleeplessness, Chen Chen suddenly thought that she had joined the “Water and Mutual Help” “Children's Mutual Aid Program” and called to know how to apply for mutual help. The first reaction was “rescue”. For this reason, she cried for a long time...

After the mutual help platform review, third-party investigation, and mutual help of water droplets, a total of 282,543 members participated in the morning morning mutual assistance, each of whom was allocated 1.07 yuan, and the morning morning received mutual aid of 300,000 yuan. Morning morning Mom said: "I don't think much about the money. A few pieces of hair can help others. Who can think that I will become the one who helped, I think this is good." Mom and Dad and Grandpa complete the wish for you, Ms. Anhui, and her husband is the first batch of laid-off workers. In 1994, the birth of her daughter Shanshan injected a happy source into this ordinary family. Although family conditions are not rich, Shanshan is particularly kind and sensible, and is the best child in the eyes of relatives and friends. From small to large, she never asked for new clothes, mother-woven clothes, old clothes given by the old man... Shanshan was wearing it.

When she was four years old, she was able to dance and dance in the dance competition in the district. After attending elementary school, the teacher asked her to sign up to learn to dance. She wanted to learn in her heart. But when her mother asked, she said she didn't want to, because she knew that her family could not keep up. In addition to sensible things, Shanshan is most proud of her mother's treatment of her elders is very filial, and people who have helped themselves know how to be grateful. The kind and well-behaved character makes Shanshan deeply loved by friends and elders. At the age of 22, Shanshan became a grassroots toll collector. She was recognized by her colleagues and leaders. Although the salary is not high, she subsidizes most of the wages for the family, does not let the parents work hard, and propped up a small home alone.

If it weren't for the sudden illness in February 2017, her life trajectory should be the same as that of all the girls, becoming a happy bride, a loving mother... In January 2017, Shanshan suddenly felt pain in the upper abdomen, due to busy work during the Spring Festival. She chose to stick to her post. I was admitted to the doctor on February 13 after I was sick. The B-ultrasound in the outpatient clinic showed that there was a problem with the liver and I was asked to be hospitalized immediately. CT diagnosis after admission: gastric cancer with multiple metastases in the liver and retroperitoneum; pathological diagnosis: B-cell type malignant lymphoma. This change made the whole family unprepared and fell into the abyss. In order to let her daughter have no distracting thoughts and better treatment, Ms. Jin and her husband sprinkled "love lies" to their daughters and chose to conceal the facts of cancer.

After the first chemotherapy, Shanshan's white blood cells dropped sharply to 0.28, and the high fever did not return. The doctor said that he must be treated with imported rituximab. When she learned that the drug was more than 20,000, she cried and said to her mother: I am dead, I don't want to be the burden of my parents. Shanshan knows how to make people feel bad, and her mother can only continue to lie to her that she can be reimbursed, but in fact, the imported drugs are not reimbursed at all, and the high medical expenses are overwhelming. In August 2016, Jin Juan learned about the mutual help of water droplets and joined the whole family. Unexpectedly, such an unintentional move became a daughter's life-saving straw. When adding water droplets to help each other, Ms. Jin never thought that she or her family would use it. She thought that it would be a blessing to help others in the water droplets. I did not want the love of the members of the water droplets to become the hope of the daughter and the disease resistance.

On May 19, 2017, Shanshan received a mutual help of 300,000 yuan of water droplets. However, the disease is ruthless, after a lot of resistance, in October 2017, Shanshan left. Shan Shanma said that her daughter had a wish before her death, that is, she had to go to the company to see it in person, and thank you with everyone... In order to thank the members of the mutual help group, and pass on this love, Shanshan’s father and mother and Grandpa, as a volunteer for water droplets, went to visit the members who were assisted. Ms. Jin said that on behalf of her daughter, Shan Shan, she expressed her gratitude to every member of the mutual help and turned this gratitude into a reward for society. Hu Wei said that since the establishment of the mutual help of water droplets in the past three years, there are still many similar member stories. It is so much touched that it encourages the mutual help of all the small partners to help more people in need. A propaganda report from the Nanyang Daily, the official media of Henan Nanyang, allowed the “hydrogen engine” to enter the public eye.

It is said that the official invested billions of yuan in this project, local media reported that after the project is completed, the output value can reach 30 billion. However, when this incident came out, it caused widespread doubts. Some senior experts said, "The problem of 'water becoming hydrogen' is absolutely impossible, and the law of conservation of energy is not allowed. This may be a fraudulent incident." Is this a scam? It’s hard to say now that Pang Youth, the chairman of the company involved, also responded that “it’s not a compilation”. In reply to the reporter of the Beijing News, Nanyang Industrial and Information Bureau said, "At present, the project is still in the verification stage of R&D personnel. It has not been officially produced, nor has it been accepted by relevant departments such as Gongxin, the report is improperly used, and the information is not accurately published. Lead to misunderstanding." At present, the Nanyang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has asked Pang Youth to “write the facts” and the relevant departments coordinate the matter.

1. What is the perpetual motion idea? Pang Youth announced on August 21, 2017 that the water-hydrogen fuel vehicle was off the assembly line and declared that it would be able to drive without “refueling, no charging, only water”. However, the reporter found that most of the patents were “designs” patents through Qixinbao’s patent information. The patent information related to hydrogen energy was the hydrogen fuel electric bus released on September 11, 2018. The type is "design". From the "Batie" to the water hydrogen engine, another scam that is sensational? Until now, this technology has not been patented. In an interview, several experts pointed out that the so-called "water-hydrogen engine" is completely a concept of ignorant people. Just like the "water-to-oil" that is often circulated on rivers and lakes, it is theoretically impossible to achieve.

So, is this water-hydrogen engine an idea of ​​a perpetual motion? When Pang Youth was interviewed by the media earlier, he said that a water tank with reserve water can be placed on the car. Any water can be used. Whether it is well water, river water or sea water, it can be turned into hydrogen through a wonderful device. The “hydrogen engine” is transformed into power. However, this general statement does not point out how water is converted to hydrogen. Even such statements are more amateur.

Second, the great dream of "civilian"?

This true and false water and hydrogen engine and the attitude of Pang Youth remind me of the word "civilian". When we studied junior high school physics, we learned the law of conservation of energy. Energy can not be increased for no reason, nor can it be reduced for no reason. It can only be transformed into each other. The car can be refueled. It is because chemical energy is converted into heat, and heat is converted. Into mechanical energy, the car only ran! Because water can't be burned, it can't be converted into heat energy, and it can't finally transform mechanical energy. Without energy conversion, cars can run away. Experts may vow to say that water can't burn, hydrogen can burn, hydrogen reacts with oxygen. After combustion, water is produced, and a large amount of heat is released. The water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. When the car is added with water, the water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is burned to generate heat. The heat is converted into mechanical energy, and the car cannot run. ? The question is, how can water easily turn into hydrogen and oxygen? Hydrogen and oxygen combine into water, which is very stable, it is not tender, it is easy to separate, unless there is another energy involved in the conversion, such as electric energy!

In reality, there are many folk subjects. They lack sufficient scientific literacy, and many of them are not highly educated, but they claim to be able to make scientific discoveries that are enough to win the Nobel Prize and even change humanity. Before the folk music enthusiast Guo Yingsen put forward the theory of "acceleration system + gravitational wave + matter wave" on a certain program, this is the case. Although the concept of "gravitational wave" has been confirmed, its theory is based on UFO, Taiji gossip and physical science. A few years ago, when I was working in a newspaper editorial department, I also saw a lot of such "outcomes". On dozens of pages, I wrote a lot of earth-shattering scientific research results. They even input the computer and print out the work. did not do.

This shows that they are derailed from the times. These fanatical "civil subjects" are mostly sympathetic, and most of the "outcomes" have been thrown into the trash by my news editor. Generally speaking, these people are only suffering from their own heart and will not hurt others. Only a very small number of people will transform and realize their "inventions." The civil science can succeed and needs a special soil. He has to have a certain amount of money as an up-front investment, and he also needs to use this "great dream" to impress people with resources. The place they choose is usually a relatively closed third- and fourth-tier city.

These cities are at a disadvantage in urban competition. It is difficult to attract investment and has a strong desire to introduce such a company that can change their destiny. The “Batie” project, which was exposed by the media in the past two years, is typical. The local government even made an industrial park for this project. This time, the water-hydrogen engine, we can not be sure that this is a civilian product, but at least has the suspicion of civil science. What's more, if you can really achieve 30 billion yuan in output value, this is almost equivalent to one tenth of Nanyang's 2018 GDP, and it is also unreal. The extent to which the “hydrogen-hydrogen engine project” has progressed requires more information disclosure. But if this is a scam, Nanyang should not only stop it in time to prevent losses, but should further investigate and reveal the truth to the public and reveal how the "scam" works. If it is not a scam, then you should come up with convincing evidence.

Nowadays, “grassing grass” is a popular word in the network. “Growing grass” means “promoting the excellent quality of a certain product to attract people to buy”. Simply put, recommending the same thing to another person. The process of letting another person like such things. Some experts even invented the word “grass economy” and thought that “grassing grass” combines daily consumption with social networking to create a new consumption pattern. After listening to such an explanation, I believe that many people will have such an experience of being "grassed." Have you thought about these questions? Why are you so easy to be "grassed"? Where is the routine of “planting grass”? The "grass that have been planted" in those years is the "shopping grass." Summer is like a date, in addition to the increasingly hot weather, there is a heart that is not very safe.

How to protect from the sun? How to skin care? Searched the search posts, brushed the microblogging, "pro-test effective, go buy and buy!" can no longer erase from the mind, the endless "grass" in my heart also grows out. With the emergence of various social applications, social media is no longer just a social tool, from the many red bloggers and star blessings, to the "recording a good life" fast, vibrating short video, online The "grassing" routine has been wave after wave. After another round of net red products, it’s hard to get rid of it. Net red products on social software think about whether you are also addicted to these social software, and are used by various "cargo" means? From eating, wearing, playing, and using, once you open it, you can't stop it until you hand over the money in your pocket.

Nowadays, “growing grass” has become a symbol of consumerism in the new era, or netizens say it well: “If you fall in love with a grassland, you will not have money in your pocket.” The second is “chicken soup grass”. Are you familiar with the following words: "The girl who loves laughter will never be too bad luck." "Successful people never rely on luck, but ability. If you are in full bloom, butterflies will come." "When you are young, eat more." Some bitterness, so old and hard to get used to it." "Don't ask me how much I earn. When you ask this sentence, your mind is still at the stage of working for others. You should ask yourself how much you want to earn!" WeChat group There are many “inspirational chicken soups” such as inspirational stories, and the convenient spread of mobile internet networks allows people who are immersed in the “fast food” culture to share everything without thinking.


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  • On May 18th, the third anniversary of the mutual help of water droplets, the opening day of the member, the co-founder of the company and the general manager of the mutual help of water droplets, Hu Wei, shared the story of three members of


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