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Beijing News, May 24-26, 2019 Global UAV Application and Prevention Conference and the 4th China (Beijing) UAV Industry Expo were held in Beijing Yizhuang International Exhibition Center, more than 200 manufacturers Exhibitors. The exhibition aims to promote the healthy and orderly development of China's UAV systems and related industries, and strive to create "Made in China" business cards. The National Academy of Engineering, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant departments have included the development of the UAV system in the "Made in China 2025" program. Xinhua News Agency, Guiyang, May 26 (Reporter Wang Jun) 2019 China International Big Data Industry Expo opened in Guiyang on the 26th. Representatives and guests of the global big data industry gathered from Guiyang from all over the world to "innovate and develop, count the future" The theme, discuss the plan, seek cooperation, and promote development.

The reporter learned from the opening ceremony that the conference will hold the high-end dialogue on “Big Data and Global Poverty Reduction” for the first time. At that time, experts from the United Nations Development Programme and relevant domestic experts will discuss how big data can be applied to the global poverty reduction cause. Constructive program. In addition, events such as the Driverless Global Challenge and the Artificial Intelligence Global Competition Finals will be held. The conference arranged a total of 9 high-end dialogues and 53 professional forums, during which 49 leading scientific and technological achievements will be released. Compared with the previous session, the number of participating countries increased from 29 to 59, and the number of participating companies in the world's top 500 increased from 15 to 39. The number of exhibitors increased from 388 to 448, including foreign exhibitors. Increased from 56 to 156. The exhibition section of the Expo has set up three sections of international cutting-edge technology, industry digital applications, and innovation and entrepreneurial achievements. Each pavilion has two pavilions. During the period, we will also hold a series of international and domestic competitions such as the Industrial APP Convergence Innovation Competition, the “Zhi Tax 2019” Big Data Competition, and the “Digital Night” series.

As the world's first big data theme fair, China International Big Data Industry Expo has been successfully held in Guiyang, the “China's Big Data Capital” for four consecutive years, and upgraded to a national-level fair in 2017. China International Big Data Industry Expo has become an international event full of cooperation opportunities and leading the development of the industry. It has become a world-class platform for sharing development plans and sharing the latest achievements. This year's number of fairs will end on May 29. After many years, Zhejiang male student Ye Ran can still recall the first meal he had when he came to Heilongjiang to go to college. He asked another Southern freshman to go to the restaurant. The two habitually ordered three dishes and one soup, and then confronted each other with a table full of dishes. Finally, the waiter slowly took a large pot of soup out, and Ye Ran thought: This should be a big spoon for each table. After reading the book for two years in the Northeast, Ye Ran went home and easily ate four bowls of rice. The expression of my parents seemed to see the pig flying to heaven.

A law is basically established: from north to south, the insects are getting bigger and bigger; from south to north, the amount of food is getting bigger and bigger. It turns out that the southern stomach can grow up slowly. In the face of delicate and warm southern dishes, the northern giant stomach developed with "hard vegetables" for many years still needs to fill the stomach with the amount. "In Guangdong, I know that dumplings can still be sold, one piece and two ones. I ate 50 yuan to stop." Shandong Hanzi Dagang put the 12th shrimp dumpling into his mouth and piled it up into hills. The steamer got up and left, ready to go to the gut restaurant for the next breakfast. Often traveling in the South, he used to use the sea bowl, and fell in love with the exquisiteness and deliciousness of the small dish, but the only thing that bothered him was - really not enough! The sweet and sour platter is only enough to taste a salty, white boiled heart only a few green vegetables, the intestine powder slipped into the stomach after sucking it, ordered a chicken noodles, picked a chopstick, only the soup and a little left in the bowl chopped green onion.

Every time I had a dinner with a colleague from the South, I was embarrassed to say that I only ate half full, and Dagang sneaked into the restaurant to eat the second. The cup-sized rice and one hand can be pinched into a table tennis-sized hoe and ignored by him. The desire for meat makes him go straight to the dumpling. Eat less at night, first come 30. Going out for lunch one day, Dagang had five drawers as usual, and only found that it was a 20-dollar crab bag at checkout. This 500-doug buns is the only time he has been planted.
Are the northerners generally more popular than the South? Dagang still remembers coming to the South for the first time. When he was eight or nine years old, he went to Suzhou with the group. When he entered the restaurant, the waiter turned to the kitchen and ran: "Shandong is coming! Go to the big bowl!"

"After this farewell, He Rijun will come again? After drinking this cup, please enter some side dishes" is the one that Teresa Teng sang, and the word "jin" is wonderful, but only in the south has such an elegant farewell feast. If it is in the north, it may be changed to "please pick up pig's elbow", "put up the iron pot and stew the big goose" and "refill a pancake roll with fish". Especially in the local restaurants in the Northeast, everyone is like eating and broadcasting. The bowl is bigger than the face, the dish is potted, and the barbecue is even more powerful. Ten or twenty skewers of mutton are standard, and then some ribs, crispy, soy, tofu, tofu, and leeks are cooked. After eating a sign, you can insert a peacock. Screen.
If you ask why the Northeasters have a large amount of food, he will vow to tell you that the amount of rice in the Northeast is too small to live in winter.

This is not a hole in the wind. According to Bergman's Law, the size of an animal will increase as the latitude or altitude of the living area increases. People in high latitudes need to add more calories to work and keep out the cold. Their food consumption, especially carbohydrates, is higher than in low latitudes. The same is true worldwide. According to the author Zhang Jiaxuan, the 19th century writer Dana once said in the "Art Philosophy" that the Greeks only need one onion and one fish head to live a day; in the 19th century, a Londoner can eat six Athenians a day. In Russia, where latitude is higher, a Russian squid with a plate of squid, two lobster soups, roast piglets and a layer of pies for lunch, and a syrup cake as a dessert. As their frank slang said: Love has come and gone, but when you need to eat.

Then there is the reason for the diet structure. The northerners eat meat and eat staple food extremely fierce. Some people think that the northerners have two stomachs, one with a steamed rice noodle pancake and the other with other vegetables. Generally speaking, the South is used to cooking vegetables and rice separately. Many dishes in the north are stewed with food, vegetables and meat. If you want a fish head cake / soup / meat fried cake, eat "dish" A lot of carbohydrates have already entered the stomach. But usually the northerners will come back with a staple food, and the weight of a meal will be even more real. When the southern girl was on the forum for help because she couldn’t finish the canteen for lunch and find a meal or two, the northerners got up from the cafeteria: When to eat buffet, it depends on my conscience rather than my stomach.

From the traceability of the North and South restaurants to the vegetable market, you will find more clues. "Well, the cabbage is pretty good, the boss cuts half a"" - in the southern market, buy three or four shallots, a rib row, a potato, an egg or a piece of watermelon. The request of Luti and the town of Kansai is not a problem. If you buy carrots and potatoes, you can give a peeling and cutting service. Even if you only have one or two pork, the boss will smile and cut into silk. "Hey, cabbage is good, give me fifty pounds" - in the northern market, several two-wheeled trolleys stop and go, people ask for the price, Ma Li loading, carrying a shoulder strap, a bundle of green onions, A pocket of potatoes, half a pig, two pumpkins, almost everyone in their hands are carrying a pound of eight pounds of food, with a pair of "eat this hurry to hibernate" posture to buy.

The straightforward atmosphere of the north and the exquisiteness of the south are not only reflected in the dishes, but also in all aspects of the culture of the two places. The difference between the North and the South is interesting because it covers too much love for local culture and is curious and fresh about other cultures. Wang Zengqi once wrote in "Hands to Meat" that two Inner Mongolians had eaten the mutton in the east, and the two had fourteen dishes. The waiters were shocked. They both downplayed: "We were in Hulunbeier a few days ago, and five people ate. A sheep!" And as a northwestern man who bought seven or eight kinds of materials and bought the bottom of the cup, I just want to say one truth: the real food, regardless of the region. “The first reason for writing these is the motivation of money.” Wu Zhihong, wearing a dark coat, sat on a chair slightly higher than the sofa, and did not shy away from the original reason for writing the “get” column.

Since the beginning of the blog era, Wu Zhihong is a well-known psychology V on the Internet. He often uses the theory of native family to analyze hot events and hot topics. This year, the hit of the TV series "Too Good" pushed the heat of the native family theory to the highest point. Wu Zhihong’s WeChat public account also pushed several articles analyzing the drama, with 100,000 articles.

Two of them were written by Wu Zhihong himself: "Su Mingyu is not loved by the truth: unfortunate people, all in life to heal childhood", "< are quite good": the girl who was destroyed by the original family, how to step out of the abyss step by step ? 》. The principle of analysis is still the theory of native family: a family of one is the knot that you can't solve after you grow up, the wound that requires courage and time to face. Both articles are followed by a native family impact assessment for $19.9 to help you interpret the love and hate of the native family. If you want to subscribe to the column that Wu Zhihong is getting, each subscriber will need to pay 199 yuan a year. “Now it has sold 170,000 copies, which means more than 10 million pre-tax income.” At the beginning of this year, Wu Zhihong’s voice improved and he shared this data with the reporter. More than five months have passed, and the number has risen to nearly 250,000.

When interviewed by Mars Lab last year, Wu Zhihong also talked about the signing. At that time, he faced the huge wealth in front of him, revealing that he could not help but shrink. He called this uneasiness "money phobia." But he still took that step. At the beginning of this year, Wu Zhihong published his own column and published it as "Having a life you have the final say." This set of books is divided into two chapters, Living and Self-Life, and a total of 13 chapters. The waist seal reads "Wu Zhihong's most important work to date." On the cover, Wu Zhihong's lips are tight, and the corners of his mouth are subtly elevated. It is difficult to see uneasiness or "fear." He seems to have gradually become accustomed to the attention and income that comes with fame, as he said in an interview: "We talk about interests, talk about money, it is the most real thing in the world."

In April 2018, in the first issue of "The Wonderful Conference," Ma Dong asked Wu Zhihong: "Is it a problem that we are not happy, unsatisfactory, and unable to change after we grow up, and we have a relationship with our native family. Seriously?” He replied replied: “It’s very serious.” As early as 2007, Wu Zhihong wrote a best-selling book, “Why Homes Will Injure People,” and the theory in the book is often considered to be “native family determinism”. The pattern of family relationships in childhood determines the way adults live. This book was also considered by Wu Zhihong to be "my first book". Before that, he compiled 6 books during his studies. The application of this concept in psychology can be traced back to the psychoanalytic school. For example, Freud believes that adult personality defects often come from childhood unpleasant experiences. Wu Zhihong prefers the statement of psychoanalyst Winnipeg. In Winnipeg's view, the original wildness of the id is very valuable. If the original family can provide a resilience environment, let one get this feeling--the instinct of "I" can be "sprayed out", then This person can eventually become a moral person without losing his original wildness. Wu Zhihong agrees with Winnicott's statement that "I am wild and wild is life." In the book, he quoted such a sentence: "Lost humanity, lose a lot; lose the animal nature, lose everything."

Others often feel that Wu Zhihong dares to say, but he does not feel anything because he "what can be said when he was at home." Wu Zhihong feels that his parents "do not ask me to obey, nor do I feel that I am disobedient." In this environment, he has some kind of self-awareness. Compared with other people's external evaluations, he cares more about his "internal evaluation system" and is more willing to "live according to his own wishes." When people live according to their true self, they will "explore vitality". "It will feel that life is actually a kind of tangible and qualitative thing, like a stream of water or a flexible force that can collide with the outside world. communicate with".

The native family also brought depression to Wu Zhihong. His mother had severe depression and complained to him all day long. When he was in college, Wu Zhihong was also depressed and unable to withdraw. He only took one credit in two years and had to apply for extension of graduation. He also burned the eight diaries he had recorded in a few years. "My mother complained to me that it really affected my life. Until now, listening to women complaining has become my profession." Wu Zhihong opened a half-truth joke. More exciting articles, don't miss it~ Scan the QR code below, download the app, and now become our new user, you can read the entire magazine for free: sex, narcissism, and aggression, the dynamics of our lives, narcissism And aggressiveness, the driving force of our lives

Wu Zhihong does not talk about money. He emphasizes in his book that people want to develop "real self", and such talents have vitality. There are three dynamics of vitality: narcissism, sex and aggression. "If you can live in this world according to your own wishes, then form a 'cohesive self'." Wu Zhihong told this reporter. He believes that people need a kind of "central force", with the power of cohesion, talents will not fall apart. In Wang Jiawei's "The First Generation Master", there is a classic line: "In one door, some people face themselves, and some people are the ones." Wu Zhihong believes that in fact, there are two kinds of human self, and the face is still heavy? And "Chinese people are particularly good face." Analysis of the reasons, Wu Zhihong feels that the Chinese lack a cohesive force, "just use a face as a shell, put yourself up. If the face is damaged, people will collapse."

Previously, the popular "glass heart" on the Internet said that a person is vulnerable and can't stand criticism. Wu Zhihong called it "glass face", and its fragmentation meant the collapse of the external self. The face is given by others, and the lining is his own. When I was in the undergraduate course, someone asked Wu Zhihong. "Don't you know yourself through the evaluation of others?" Wu Zhihong was puzzled. "I know who I am, why should I know myself through the evaluation of others?" "Wu Zhihong took basketball and gave an example. In the United States, athletes are full of "narcissism", they will celebrate without hesitation after shooting, and even despise their opponents after dunking, but it is difficult to see such scenes on Chinese basketball courts. Because the Chinese want to face, "the opponent's dunk has already hurt his face. If he despise another pass, I am afraid he will be hated."

Since October 2014, Wu Zhihong has been looking for a psychoanalyst to analyze for himself, twice a week. When they talked, they always talked about Wu Zhihong’s income, fame and experience. The analyst asked him, "When you tell me about this, I want to build a relationship." Wu Zhihong tried to avoid answering this question for many years. When I first talked about this, he just felt that he was talking about his life in a rational and neutral way. However, as he became more and more famous and was getting higher and higher, he felt uncomfortable. "Beginally consciously want to be from a high position. Let's put yourself in a low position and even raise the other side."


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