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China is called smart and anti-intelligent mistakes



There is an old saying in China that is called "smart and anti-intelligent mistakes". It is suitable for some politicians who are self-righteous and smart in the United States.

From the time of the trade war, I thought that "the trade war is a good thing and it is easy to win", and subjectively think that "extreme pressure" can force others to "take the van"; from the use of the anti-arrival as "trade art" to the abuse of state power Smearing and suppressing other enterprises; from deliberately concocting "China's theft of intellectual property rights", to sensational throwing "the clash of civilizations against China"... Some politicians in the United States kept tossing, letting the world see what "the organs are doing" . However, such a cleverness, in addition to letting some people indulge in the self-deception of "victory", is a negative energy for the world. If there is any benefit from the negative textbooks provided by some politicians in the United States, it is to help people to enhance the sobriety of "the tree is quiet and the wind is not stop", and to strengthen their own affairs, win with firm will and increasing strength. The conscious of the future.

The US is smart, and it is nothing more than trying to gain more benefits through various "small actions." As everyone knows, while the US is firing at the world, it is also firing at itself. The International Monetary Fund issued a report saying that since the United States provoked a trade war with China, the cost of rising tariffs has been almost entirely borne by US importers, and some tariffs have been passed on to US consumers. Recently, the US has increased its pressure on Huawei's blockade. US technology stocks fell, and many American companies' stocks were hit hard, paying for the "technical cold war" that some politicians in Washington are clamoring for.

"Trusting power is more than rules, and beliefs are more than ideals." The narrow mindset allows those American politicians to count them, and it is unrealistic to think that unilateral coercion and extreme pressure are a useful method. Bloomberg of the United States pointed out that the US government frequently uses national security review methods in the trade battlefields that are being carried out everywhere. This will lead to a bad precedent and it is difficult to avoid getting burned. This is indeed the case. The US has repeatedly challenged the current multilateral order and has become the biggest destroyer and the most unstable factor in the current international system. With regard to this kind of spoiling move by the United States, people of insight from all over the world have issued a call of justice and sternly criticized the US for a series of contrarian actions. The arrogant and unconstrained domineering behavior is unpopular and will only be subject to a stronger counter-measure.

American mathematician Tucker once said: "If everyone wants to maximize their own interests, they will end up with the result of both losses." The US is smart, and it is still a "zero-sum game" thinking. However, the US has underestimated the ability and determination of other countries to maintain their core interests. A number of countries have taken counter-measures against the United States to provoke trade disputes and prosecuted the United States at the World Trade Organization. The US side thinks that it will be intimidating China by imposing tariffs on hundreds of billions of US dollars exported to the United States. That is a miscalculation. In a world where you have me and me, you always imagine that the trade war is "very good to win" and the opponent is "easy to lose". It is really foolish. Just as the German "Der Spiegel" magazine said, the United States has repeatedly misjudged the wisdom, strategy and determination of its opponents, and the result will only lead to chaos and escalation of the crisis.

Reading history can understand that true wisdom comes from cooperation and win-win, self-confidence, and neighboring, and the road can only be narrower and narrower. The work of Jeffrey Sachs, a professor of economics at Columbia University in the United States, "New Foreign Policy - Beyond American Exceptionalism" points out that in the close integration of interests and the destiny of all countries, it is necessary to strengthen international cooperation and cope with human society at all times in history. At the time of the risks and challenges, the US government is bent on its own, adopting a "US-first" extremist policy and deliberately undermining international rules. It is a deeply rooted "American exception theory." This "toxic" concept and its practices are not only harmful to the United States, but also very dangerous to the world.

As the two big powers, China and the United States are both hurt and fighting, and fair cooperation is the only correct choice for both sides. If the politicians of the United States cannot see the historical trend, they will still be addicted to self-righteousness, provoke confrontation, intimidate pressure, and escalate conflicts. It is destined that the organs can only do everything.

From the China News Weekly of 2019.5.27, the 900th issue of China News Weekly, Tsinghua University professor Liang Sicheng advocated that education should go out of the "semi-personal" world, that is, education should combine science and engineering with humanities and cultivate people with complete personality. But nowadays, the tendency to rethink the literary text has not changed, but has become more and more fierce, and even Tsinghua has reopened the writing class for students to help students "rebuild." I asked on Weibo that it is said that liberal arts students are not able to learn the texts, but are they? The result is actually agreed by many people. Is the liberal arts student really worthless? Look at the great men in history. But you will say that now is the age of science and technology, the world of science and engineering.

When we are poor, we need a lot of science and engineering talents to achieve modernization. Now that you are rich, you need humanities and social science talents to build cultural self-confidence and master the right to speak. That is to say, can it be practical? It is easier for the sciences to go to college, which is related to the proportion of liberal arts in colleges and universities. Among the 506 majors in the national colleges and universities in 2017, there are less than 200 liberal arts majors, and quite a few of them also have a combination of arts and sciences, such as economics, law, education and other popular majors. If you study history, hehe. "Is the October Revolution in Russia happening in October?" Baidu Encyclopedia is more than you. Moreover, the liberal arts field is an area of ​​academic plagiarism.

It seems that, when you choose the liberal arts, you lose on the starting line. When you don't have a place, you can't choose a good college entrance exam, you can't find a job when you graduate, you will understand why your parents told you "Learning the arts, I interrupted your legs". Poetry and poetry can be used, social fair value geometry. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, a large number of liberal arts departments were cancelled. The sociology I studied was one that was once banned. If you raise a social problem, you can't solve the problem. It was not until the 1980s that sociology was restored, but before that, Fei Xiaotong’s early academic writings had become a must-read for Western sociology.

I went from Tsinghua to Peking University, and I left the work and followed Mr. Fei. He guided us to conduct the study of Tongxian Satellite City in the late 1980s. The results can be said to have predicted the Beijing Sub-center 30 years ago. If this research result is adopted early, how can Beijing be blocked today? When the society advances rapidly, science and technology take the lead, and economics becomes a manifestation. When social development slows down and social problems are overwhelming, it is necessary to make great efforts to reflect on the way of coming, and to reflect on what this development is for. Don't forget your heart, you have to always.

I thought that the decline of society began with degrading the liberal arts. The current society is impetuous, and mental illnesses are frequent. According to authoritative statistics, the number of people with mental illness in China is tens of millions. In the early years, the Department of Psychology of the University did not know how much was cancelled, which led to the shortage of psychologists.

Learn mathematics and physics, not afraid of going all over the world. This hard truth is going on for decades, and sooner or later we will pay the price. From the training of talents alone, it will cultivate a large number of "exquisite self-interests" as Qian Liqun called. Only talk about mathematics and physics, only to learn successfully, the so-called "10 points to kill a playground" is the reality version of social Darwinism. The talents trained in the exam-oriented education will not be long-lasting even if they are successful. Or, even if it succeeds in an individual sense, it can be harmful in society, just as the sociologist Weber calls the “no soul” expert.

Today, a university funding ranking shows that our tendency to reconcile it has not changed. Science has the National Natural Science Award, while the National Prize for the Arts is almost non-existent. Reflected in the job market, it is the cruelty of the liberal arts students. 2017 University's professional employment rankings, the employment rate is high, the salary and satisfaction of the higher professional are all covered by science and engineering, and many liberal arts majors are bleak prospects, such as Wen Shizhe, business management.

The shortage of liberal arts students is related to the incompatibility of many liberal arts majors. The most typical is public management, too water, and what is PPT doing beautifully? It seems that liberal arts students should understand science and keep up with the rhythm of the times; science students should learn some liberal arts, a little feeling, at least writing and writing is not a problem. But some people are because of the friends who watched the girlfriends.

The result is 110,000! Recently, a woman in Leliu Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, strongly criticized the old classmates and “friends”, and invested in a foreign exchange investment website. However, after a few “sweet heads”, the woman finally won’t get the promise of “friends”. High interest rates, but even the principal can not be taken out, a total loss of 110,000 yuan.

On the 25th of May, the younger Xiaoling rushed to the police station in Leliu, saying that she was cheated by her "friends" for 110,000 yuan. "She promised me, I can't make a profit, now I can't even get the principal, what can I do?"

It turned out that as early as 2017, Xiao Ling received a long-time untouched "friend" Liu's WeChat, Liu said that he recently made a lot of money, because with the company's investment in the foreign exchange website, you can earn 4 per month. Go to 5 points. This rate of return is much higher than the general investment and wealth management products on the market. Xiaoling will be suspicious. Since then, Liu has repeatedly told Xiaoling that in their company's investment in foreign exchange, it is stable and profitable. Xiaoling observed Liu's circle of friends and found that this "friends" life is indeed nourishing than before.

In March 2018, Xiao Ling, who could not resist the high return temptation, registered her account on the so-called foreign exchange investment website under Liu’s “guidance” and transferred 127,000 yuan in one lump sum for investment. In the first month of high-reward “temptation”, Xiaoling received interest of 12,381.41 yuan. According to the agreement, Xiaoling distributed half of the interest of 6,190 yuan to the girlfriend Liu who took her “get rich”. In the second month and the third month, Xiaoling received interest of more than 10,000 yuan each time, and half of it was given to Liu.

Since then, Xiaoling has not received interest transfer. Xiao Ling asked Liu and his staff in the company's business group. The staff members used the excuses of the slowdown of the national policy to induce the withdrawal of Xiaojin and encouraged Xiaoling to continue to invest more. Xiao Ling, who was faintly worried, did not dare to invest money inside. He urged Liu to follow up and promptly rate interest to himself.

However, one year passed, Xiaoling did not receive any more money, and Liu did not reply to Xiaoling’s message. Xiaoling’s online search revealed that many people on the Internet were also deceived by this so-called foreign exchange investment website. Realizing that after being deceived, Xiao Ling only wanted to get back her own principal, so she rushed to the police station to report the police. In addition to some of the interest received in the previous period, Xiaoling was cheated for 110,000 yuan.

"I also do financial work myself. I contacted money every day. I didn't expect to be blinded by high returns." In the police station, Xiao Ling said with annoyance. There are also such routines that have to prevent the country from being deceived. After the rise of chat software such as WeChat, many people work full-time or part-time as micro-business, and telecom network fraud gangs are also eyeing micro-business. On May 24, 2019, Shenzhen Nanshan police destroyed a telecommunications network fraud criminal gang, controlled 10 suspects on the spot, and criminally detained 6 people according to law. At present, the police have received more than 20 victims from all over the country, and the amount involved is being further verified.

On April 30, 2019, Ms. Liu, the host of the Xili police station, reported that she was defrauded by a person who claimed to be a micro-business. After receiving the report, Nanshan police quickly organized police to carry out case investigation. The police around the clues provided by the victim gradually found out the identity information of the suspect, the size of the fraud gang and the foothold. On May 20, 2019, the Nanshan police organized a police force to rush to Nanchang, Jiangxi to carry out joint network operations. As the target objects were scattered in 4 different dens and avoiding stunned snakes, the task force, with the cooperation of the local police, stepped on the spot several times and deployed the arrest plan. Finally, at the noon on May 24, the site controlled 10 suspects and seized the mobile phone. One phone call.

It is understood that the suspects add micro-business as a friend in the WeChat group by joining the WeChat group that sells the goods, and promote the products with the micro-business to entice the other party to act as an agent. During the time when the victim tried to be a product agent, the suspect sought the childcare to purchase the product from the victim, step by step to let the agent upgrade the agent authority, and after receiving the agency fee, the victim was blacked out. In this process, the victim did not come into contact with the goods, all orders were uniformly delivered by the suspect, and the owner of the shipment was also ignorant, and in fact the vast majority of the express delivery was empty. It has been verified that since April 2018, the gang has targeted the micro-commercial groups across the country and used the sale of health care products as a swindler to defraud the micro-agent fee.

After trial, the suspect suspect Tang Mobo (male, 23 years old), Lan Moxin (male, 24 years old, Xiong (male, 24 years old), Wan Mou (male, 18 years old), Song Mou (male, 23 Years old, Qiu Momei (female, 21 years old) truthfully confessed the criminal facts of defrauding micro-business as agent and fraudulent agency fees. At present, six suspects have been criminally detained according to law, and the case is under further investigation. First, the general public should improve the awareness of online shopping security when shopping online, and retain relevant transaction records and evidence; once a dispute arises with the merchant, you can first initiate a rights complaint through the customer service platform, or you can complain to the Consumer Association.

Second, the majority of micro-business practitioners should be vigilant, do not blindly listen to the rhetoric of other salesmen, and be vigilant against projects that are easy to profit. Once you find yourself being cheated, you should pay attention to collecting good evidence and alert you in time. Nanshan network police will also strengthen network security supervision and increase the intensity of cybercrime.


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