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4 The progress of the case seems to be exceptionally smooth.



After the suspect commits the crime, he often evades or finds various methods to cover up his crimes and causes difficulties in the investigation of the case. However, the suspect in this case returned to the crime scene after the murder, and the investigation organ cracked the case, and the highly alert police arrested the scene. . After the case, Zhu Hengjun confessed his crimes, but his "confessed", but more "inconsistent with the common sense" ... the judicial organs first sentenced him to death, at this time the prosecution has filed a protest? Among the many doubts, what is the truth of the case? On May 6, 2017, a middle-aged man in his 50s walked into the local police station. I saw that his face was blue and black, and his eyes were black and his sorrow showed his confusion. "Comrade comrade, help! My wife has an accident, she is running a rental, but after leaving the car yesterday, but did not return overnight, how can not contact, she must have an accident, please go to save her! ”

The name of the person is Sun Bo, a taxi driver. On weekdays, he and his wife drove a taxi to make a living. He started night shifts and his wife opened a white class. Yesterday, it was clear that during the shift time, my wife did not appear. I thought that there was a delay in the guest, but it could be an hour or two. Sun Bo waited all night, but his wife Li Mei had no news and no one answered the phone. The uneasiness in my heart is getting thicker and thicker. He is so easy to get rid of the sky and the first time he ran to report the case. Sun Bo’s narrative immediately caught the attention of the police. In recent years, taxis and network car accidents are not uncommon. What is the reason for her not to return overnight? Is Li Mei really in danger? There was no delay, and the police used the GPS of the taxi company to find out where the taxi that Li Mei was driving finally appeared.

Hu Shuxin, the contractor of the Dongying City Procuratorate in Shandong Province: On the south side of a certain district, the police found Li Mei’s taxi. The cab door of the car was completely open. Li Mei’s black satchel was opened, and the mobile phone on the car was missing, but Li Mei disappeared. An ominous premonition floats on people's minds. The investigators captured the last image of Li Mei’s disappearance on the day. The video showed that she appeared on the way to a coastal suburb. The first officer, sitting on a man. Hu Shuxin, the contractor of the Dongying City Procuratorate: The place that was located at the time was in the suburbs, and there was little smoke. The investigators felt that things were not very optimistic, but they still had a glimmer of hope. They immediately went to that place and found that it was a large wasteland. After searching, the investigators found Li Mei’s body in a drainage well.

There are a few knives in the body, the blood is stained with red clothes, and there are traces of being hit on the body... The investigators recorded the scene. Suddenly, a white car sneaked into the vicinity of the investigation site. Since the case was found in the suburbs, few people passed, and the appearance of this car caught the attention of the police. “The driver seems to be...some familiar?” Sun Jian, a policeman who handled the case, recalled that he always felt where he had seen it. Suddenly, his heart was "squeaky": Isn't this the last male passenger who appeared on Li Mei's co-pilot? ! At this time, the person in charge of the Binhai Branch of the Binhai Public Security Bureau who was on-site investigation issued an order to immediately hunt down: "It is him! Come, grab him!"

2 Who is he? What happened on the day of the incident? Who is this mysterious man who appeared in the police field several times? How does he have a relationship with Li Mei who died? After the man was arrested, all the answers came out of the Dongying City Procuratorate’s contractor Hu Shuxin: The man’s name was Zhu Hengjun, who was in his 40s and was a contractor. After arriving at the case, he confessed to his crime of killing Li Mei. Under Zhu Hengjun's confession, the investigators restored the situation at the time. On the day of the incident, Li Mei, as usual, was on the door of the People’s Hospital of the People’s Hospital where people came and went. At this time, the suspect Zhu Hengjun took the initiative to sit in the car and told him to go to a company. What Li Mei didn't know was that at this time, Zhu Hengjun had actually stood here for more than four hours. He was looking for his own "prey."

Hu Shuxin, the director of the Dongying City Procuratorate: Zhu Hengjun confessed that he wanted to grab a taxi because he lacked money at hand, but he did not go down from morning to afternoon. When we asked him what kind of target he was looking for, he couldn’t tell, but just looking at the time and the past, it’s too late to start. Just when Li Mei’s car came, he went up. Li Mei was 50 years old and ran with her husband for rent. She is cheerful and willing to endure hardships. The two are down-to-earth and the days are not bad. Everyone may have a feeling. "Talkative talk" is a feature of many taxi drivers. As long as you get on the bus, there will always be a common topic. Li Mei is no exception, especially the passengers are also very enthusiastic.

In the car, Zhu Hengjun took the initiative to chat with Li Mei. He is close to saying that he used to take Li Mei’s taxi many times before and was very impressed with her. As soon as he was an acquaintance, Li Mei was even more unsuspecting and relaxed his vigilance. The two talked on the road a lot of topics, Zhu Hengjun intentionally or unintentionally mentioned that he is doing tobacco business, how powerful it is... Because Li Mei has done this kind of business before, the more he talks, the more speculative, the two see each other, and finally Talk about the topic of future cooperation. "If you can do business, it must be more profitable than now. If your child goes to college, it will cost more money." Li Mei is full of joy. Zhu Hengjun’s mind is on the sidelines, but he is struggling fiercely: “The big sister is also good, and the speculation is also speculative. Do you want to continue your own plan?”

Zhu Hengjun couldn't make up his mind. He asked temptedly. "Big sister, we can cooperate with you. How much money do you have to buy shares?" "I have more than 200,000 cards in the card. Should it be enough? If not, I can find friends again." By borrowing, you don't have to worry." It is such a sentence that Zhu Hengjun seems to be suddenly awake. Looking at the card bag next to Li Mei's body, there is a hint of haze in his eyes, but his face does not see waves. He said: "Big sister I suddenly remembered that I had to go to the warehouse to get something, just as you can look at the goods in advance, and you will be a business partner in the future." After all, I still laughed calmly. At this time, Li Mei only thought about the cooperation, and she left the safety behind her. She said that she did not think about it because Zhu Hengjun did not look like a bad person. After driving for many years, Li Mei, who has lived for half a lifetime, would not have thought that her own car would never return.

At around 19 o'clock in the evening, Sun Bo called his wife Li Mei as usual to let her go home to change her shift, but her wife's mobile phone couldn't get through. "It’s strange, is this awkward?" Sun Bo groaned and continued to wait at home. But overnight, my wife has no news. He went to the Public Security Bureau to report the case, but it was the bad news that his wife was killed. The grief of the middle-aged wife lost Sun Bo, and the daughter who had just admitted to college could no longer wait for her mother to pack her hands. An originally happy family was fragmented in an instant, and the chief culprit Zhu Hengjun was now sitting in the interrogation room.

Hu Shuxin, the director of the Dongying City Procuratorate: When he tried Zhu Hengjun, he gave me the feeling that he was a farmer who was honest and honest, with a long face, black and thin, and silent. I am really surprised that such a person is actually the murderer of the murder case. Before becoming a murderer, Zhu Hengjun was a contractor. He had done some small projects and had done some business selling tobacco. However, he did not make much money because of poor management. Suddenly one day, he listened to others saying that there is a project that is very profitable. As long as he picks up, he will earn no money. He believes that he is collecting money everywhere and even borrowing usury. But as expected, the money, did not earn, but owed a debt. The desperate Zhu Hengjun gamble lost, and since then, the days of being tight have become more difficult.

Under the repeated urging of the creditors, Zhu Hengjun could not sit still. This morning, he took a brown handbag and loaded a spur that he bought and began to go out to find the target. After passing through Dongying City in Dongying City, he finally targeted the female driver of a taxi at the door of a hospital in Dongcheng. "I talked to the driver on the road. The driver was very enthusiastic. I told her that I was doing business. It was very rich. If she wanted to do business, I could help her." "She asked me if I usually have more cars. I said that there are quite a lot of things. She said she can find her if she needs a chartered car in the future."

After hearing that there were two or three hundred thousand RMB in Limebao’s card, Zhu Hengjun secretly hid himself. After he lied Li Meixi to a remote place near the sea, he tied Li Mei’s hands and feet with scotch tape. I pulled out 9 bank cards and an ID card from her wallet. Li Meisi, who was tightly wrapped by the tape, couldn't move, and was forced to tell Zhu Hengjun the password. Hu Shuxin, the contractor of the Dongying City Procuratorate: According to the general situation, the suspect who obtained the password will not immediately kill the person, but will hide the victim and verify whether the password is correct or not. Therefore, when a kidnapping robbery occurs, do you want to say the password and say whether it is the correct password? It depends on the situation to ensure the maximum safety of your life.

After Zhu Hengjun got the bank card and password, he taped Li Mei's mouth tightly. Then he drove a taxi to find a remote drainage well intended to hide Li Mei. He intends to put her here first and go back to collect the money. Wait until you get the money. At the time of the trial, Zhu Hengjun said that he did not want to kill. If the password received the money correctly, he would not go back and let Li Mei be born and killed. But he hid Li Mei's place in a very remote drainage well. If no one is going to save her, it is no different from killing her directly. In fact, the crime scene is extremely bloody. Since I decided to let it go its own way, why did she change her mind and even count her? After the prosecutor asked this question, Zhu Hengjun’s mood fluctuated and seemed to be very dissatisfied with the situation at the time.

"It is her forced me," Zhu Hengjun for a long time, said such a sentence. In his confession, the prosecutor restored the situation at the time. After obtaining the password, Zhu Hengjun held a bayonet in his right hand and dragged Li Mei's armpit with his left hand. Li Mei was dragged off the car and barefooted on the road. Zhu Hengjun inserted his left hand into the elbow of the left arm and pushed Li Mei into the drainage well. At this time, the tape on Li Mei’s mouth was a bit loose, and she hurriedly asked for help. At that moment, Zhu Hengjun panicked. Before the brain's reaction, he almost instinctively picked up the knife and pointed it to Li Mei. One time, two times... until the person in front of him stopped struggling, he stopped, dragged her into the well, kicked two slabs on her body, and finally sealed the well with a manhole cover.

Later, he used Li Mei's nine bank cards to steal more than 20,000 yuan on ATM machines and POS machines.
The contractor also robbed the female driver for the loan shark. Afterwards, he returned to the crime scene and found that the "sisters who were cruelly killing the "sister" and the corpse of Zhu Hengjun calmly took the money. He did not escape, did not hide, but the first money. Time was given to the creditor and the debt was paid off. On the one hand, the cold-blooded and ruthless murderous demon, on the other hand, the small contractor who kept the promise, the two opposite characters appeared on the same person, and no one knew what Zhu Hengjun was thinking about at that time. When Zhu Hengjun returned the money to the creditors, the pressure in his heart was reduced and his mood was even better. He drove his car back to the crime scene and wanted to see if Li Mei was discovered. What he did not know was that after the incident, the investigation department attached great importance to the case of killing the taxi driver. He had already locked him in the spot investigation through various investigation methods, but he had not yet had time to pursue it. I did not expect him. Actually, he has invested in the net.

4 The progress of the case seems to be exceptionally smooth. Soon, the case was transferred for review and prosecution, and the Dongying City Procuratorate filed a public prosecution. The judicial organ sentenced Zhu Hengjun to death for the crime of robbery. The killing of robbery in the implementation of robbery is a common situation in judicial practice. For how to determine the situation, the High Law has issued a judicial interpretation in 2001. However, the various situations encountered in handling cases are numerous and the judicial interpretation does not cover all situations, so the relevant provisions cannot be used mechanically. Without a high degree of responsibility and an attitude of suspicion, it is often unreasonable to make a qualitative mistake. After the judgment, Dongying City Procuratorate held several meetings and discussed the results of the judgment, and reported to the provincial procuratorate on the evidence of the case and the application of the law. The provincial procuratorate considered that the judicial interpretation of the case involved the application of the same type of case. It has a great influence and supported the protest opinions of the Dongying City Procuratorate.

Many people cannot understand that the criminal suspect has been sentenced to death, and why does the procuratorate have to file a protest? Although the first instance has sentenced the defendant Zhu Hengjun to death, he was sentenced to death only for “robbery” and did not make an accurate assessment of his intentional homicide. "Intentional murder during the robbery is a crime. It is essential to see whether the intentional murder is a means of looting property. Whether the victim’s death result is caused by the robbery itself." In view of the fact that this case is determined to affect the nature of other types of cases, in order to clarify the law applicable to such cases, we filed a protest in accordance with the law. To put it simply, it is to see the role of murder in the entire robbery process. In this case, in the case where the victim has already stated the password, murder is not a necessary means to complete the robbery, so it cannot be determined solely by the crime of robbery.

"Determining the perpetrator's criminal behavior must be examined in accordance with the principle of subjective and objective consistency. In this case, Zhu Hengjun has produced two intentions in the process of committing crimes, one is the intention of robbery, and the other is the intention to kill and destroy the mouth. According to the Lord The objective and consistent principle is that two acts are carried out under the control of two criminals, that is, the robbery is carried out under the sinful crime and the temporary murder and killing are carried out. The judicial interpretation stipulates: In the Reply of the Supreme People's Court on the conviction of how to intentionally kill a murder in the process of robbery, the following provisions are made on how to commit the intentional homicide before and after the robbery: “The perpetrator intentionally murders for the purpose of looting property, Or in the process of looting property, if the victim is deliberately murdered by the victim, he shall be convicted and punished for robbery. After the murder of the actor, the murderer is guilty of robbery and intentional homicide, and punishable by several crimes. ""

In the end, the court of second instance supported the protest opinions of the Dongying City Procuratorate and determined that Zhu Hengjun’s behavior constituted the crime of intentional homicide and robbery. A typical case with guiding significance has been formed for handling such cases in the future.


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