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The sword has not been put in place, and it is already the rivers and lakes.



Living in the gutter,

There is still the right to look up at the stars.

- Wilde


I have been alone since childhood.

Taking care of the stars of the ages

- Bai Helin "Lonely"


Every day that has never danced,

All are the burden of life.

- Nietzsche


Looking out the window,

Just think of things that you regret in your life,

Plum blossoms are filled with Nanshan.

- Zhang Zao, "Mirror"


I am too old and empty.

- Haizi "Dream as a Horse"


All the time you are willing to spend is not a waste.

--John Lennon


The best state of life is cold and clear.

- Wood heart


When I was young,

I thought that money is the most important thing in the world.

Now that I am old, I know that it is.

- Wilde


I live in the world,

Nothing more to understand, to meet something interesting,

If I can, my life will be successful.

——Wang Xiaobo


The only way to stay healthy,

Just eat something you don't want to eat,

Drink something you don't want to drink,

And do something you don't want to do.

--Mark Twain


I can eat the next supermarket, a group of animals,

Eat a group of dreams and ambitions.

- "Hunger is a good exercise"


When I was five years old, my mother told me that

The key to life is happiness.

After school, people asked me what I was going to do when I grew up.

I wrote "happy".

They told me that I understood the wrong topic,

I told them that they understood the wrong life.

--John Lennon


Twenty years ago,

I am in a small house of grandma who is less than 20 square meters.

I feel that the world is beautiful, I have already traveled.

- Zhao Ting "Grandma"


You can be bold in dealing with life.

Because we always have to lose it.

- Nietzsche


Don't be surprised,

The city is a place where millions of people live alone.

- Thoreau


A man downstairs is dying,

One of the walls sang a phonograph; the opposite was a child.

There are two people laughing upstairs; there are also playing cards.

A woman on the boat in the river cried her dead mother.

Human sorrows and joys are not the same, I only think they are noisy.

- Lu Xun


People would rather care about the lame and slapstick of a lame film actor.

I don't want to know the inner world of a common man.

- Lu Yao "Ordinary World"


I know that I have nowhere to live in this world.

Just, why do you judge my soul?

- crowned "outsiders"


If fate is a lonely river,

Who will be the ferry of your soul?

- "The Ferry"

twenty one

Behind some smiles is the soul that clenches your teeth.

- Chai Jing "Seeing"

twenty two

May the Chinese youth get rid of the air-conditioning, just go up,

You don't have to listen to the self-destructive flow.

I can do things, and I can make a sound.

There is a heat and a light.

Let the fireflies be general, or you can make a little light in the dark.

Don't wait for the torch.

After that, if there was no torch, I was the only light.

- Lu Xun

twenty three

Life can't be as good as you think,

But it won't be as bad as you think.

I feel that people's vulnerability and strength are beyond their imagination.

Sometimes, I may burst into tears with a word of tears;

Sometimes, I found myself walking a long way with my teeth.

- Maupassant's "Life"

twenty four

I used all my strength and lived an ordinary life.

- "The Moon and Six Pence"


I will always encounter such a time in my life.

Your heart has been overwhelmed by the arrogance of the soldiers.

But in the eyes of others, you are just a little more silent than usual.

No one will feel strange.

This kind of war is destined to be single-handed.

- Bai Yansong "pain and happy"


"I have never done a bad thing in my life, why is this?"

"Because you have never done bad things in your life.

So, that's it. ”

- Leslie Cheung's suicide note and Han Han's answer


I can't wait too seriously,

When you understand,

You can only choose to be serious.

- San Mao


Human nature is cool, and who is more than anyone.

Heart, if there is no place to live, there is wandering everywhere.

- San Mao


Who is from the mountains and lakes, but stays up late, kitchen and love.

——Universal Youth Hostel, “The joke and long daydream”


The former day color became slower,

Car, horse, mail is slow,

I only love one person in my life.

- Mu Xin "Slowly before"


If I have ten million, I can buy a house.

I have ten million? No.

So I still don't have a house.

If I have wings, I can fly.

Do I have wings? No.

So I can't fly.

If you pour the water out of the entire Pacific Ocean,

Also do not extinguish my flame of love for you.

Did the water in the entire Pacific Ocean fall out? No.

So I don't love you.

- "The first intimate contact"


Every time I miss you, there is a sand falling in the sky, and the Sahara is formed.

Every time I miss you, a drop of water falls in the sky, and the Pacific Ocean is formed.

- San Mao


It is said that those who smile with you laugh at you,

Not stupid is the one who loves you.

- Anthony's "Love Letter"


"Dreaming usually has only one direction.

Because the person you miss, may not miss you! ”

- Xunzi Cai "Mistletoe"


Hello, Li Yinhe, I am so happy to see you.

——Wang Xiaobo


The wind and the warmth of the day make people want to live forever.

——Zhu Shenghao


You said that you like rainy days most,

I really want to take you back to the ancient universe of 4 billion years ago.

There was no sea at the time,

Together we will run wild in the rain that will last for millions of years.


I have traveled to bridges in many places.

I have seen many times of clouds,

Drinked a lot of wine,

I only love someone who is the best age.

- Shen Congwen, "Xiang Xing's Notes"


I will visit my only soul partner in the vast sea of ​​people;

I am lucky, no, my life.

——Xu Zhimo, “To Liang Qichao”


The grass is knotting its seeds, and the wind is shaking its leaves.

We stand, don't talk, it's wonderful.

——Gu Cheng “Before the Door”


The glass is clear and the oranges are brilliant.

A star brakes the car and illuminates you and me.

- North Island


When the summer dies, all the lotuses are lyrical.

——Yu Guangzhong


March peach blossoms, two people and one horse, tomorrow's horizon.

- Seven years


Moon black sand yellow, this time is awkward.

——Chen Weijun


The last time I saw you was my short dream.

There is a group of winter winds in your dreams.

- Shao Yongmei "Quiet"


The world is moving, but the summer white porcelain plum soup,

The broken ice hit the wall and slammed.

- "Mu Xuanying is in command"


The most human beings can't stay, Zhu Yan's resignation is a tree.

- Wang Guowei "Butterfly Love Flower"


I saw that the green hills are more charming, and I expect that I should see you in Castle Peak.

- Xin Qiji "Happy Bridegroom"


The sky is pale and the white dew is frost.

The so-called Iraqi people are on the water side.

- "Book of Songs"


I want to know each other and I have no life.

The mountains are unfinished, the river is exhausted, the winter thunder is shaking, and the summer rains,

Heaven and earth are combined, but dare and stern!

--"The evil"


I am a cheesy person,

See the mountain is the mountain, see the sea is the sea,

Seeing flowers is a flower.

Only when I saw you, the sea of ​​clouds began to surge, and the river tide began to linger.

The tiny tentacles of insects scratch the itch of the world.

You don't need to speak, I will go to you with everything in heaven and earth.

- Wang Xiaobo "Love you is like love life"


I certainly won't try to pick the moon. I want the moon to come to me.

--Audrey Hepburn


When I say "the future,"

I just became a thing when I first thought about it.

- Sinboska


The wrinkled place only indicates that the smile had been there.

--Mark Twain


Stupid thinking, smart people using inspiration,

Most of the time we are stupid, and occasionally become smart people.

- Stanley Kubrick


The world is my food. People only eat for a small amount of time,

Most of the time is digesting, and alone is that I digest the world.

- Zhou Guoping, "People and Eternity"


When people are discussing "someday,"

The real meaning is "never".

- Michael Clayton, "Western World"


Why did we spend so much time growing up,

But just for separation?

- Pablo Neruda "Question Set"


When life is not good, it is a long vacation given by God.

Have to enjoy this holiday.

Suddenly the day is over and the day is running.

Life really begins.

--"long vacation"


There are three things that people can't hide, cough, poverty, and love. You want to hide more and more.

There are three things that people should not squander, body, money and love, but you want to squander but not worth the candle.

There are three things that people can't retain, time, life and love, you want to stay but gradually drift away.




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