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Acting Minister of Defence Shanahan, did a great job, decided not to seek to pass the appointment process, so that he would have more time to take care of the family, I thank him for his outstanding service, and appointed Army Minister Mark Esper new Acting as Minister of Defense. I know Mark and I have no doubt that he will do a great job. Just a few dozen English words, two times to affirmed Shanahan, and the feelings of regret are beyond words. Very dramatic, the former Shanahan is still seeking to turn positive, but the latter decided to withdraw completely, what medicine is sold in the gourd?

This can't really blame Trump. In the resignation statement, Shanahan said that the safety and well-being of children is my first choice. Why do you say that? Because the background survey of the FBI was accepted before Shanahan was turned positive, the background check showed that his family was not simple and involved very serious domestic violence.

According to reports from the US media, it is roughly as follows: 1. Shanahan has three children, and his ex-wife has been arrested several times because of domestic violence. 2, in August 2010, the court records showed that she repeatedly attacked the head of Shanahan, causing the latter to bleed and the eyes were red and swollen. 3, Shanahan's son in his 10s, also beaten his mother with a baseball bat, causing her unconsciousness to fall into a pool of blood. 4, although many reports believe that the responsibility is mainly in the ex-wife of Shanahan, but there are reports that the two have been beating each other.

5. In an interview with the Washington Post, Shanahan said: Good families can also have bad things... This is a tragedy. If this incident is exposed, it will ruin my son's life... but things are still exposed, and Shanahan thinks again and again, and decides to give up the black hat and return to the family. His resignation, which has nothing to do with Trump, has nothing to do with political struggles, but it is related to this family tragedy. Every family has a difficult experience, even if you have the right to pour the world.

It's no wonder that Trump is very sorry, saying that he himself has just heard of such a thing. But the removal of a heavyweight official is unlikely to have an impact on US politics and even subtle changes in the international situation. Don't forget, the situation in the United States and Iraq is highly tense, and the war is on the verge. Shanahan is a key hardliner and is constantly mobilizing troops to the Persian Gulf. Just the day before his resignation, he also announced that he would send 1,000 more troops to the Persian Gulf in response to the threat of Iran.

But the American soldier has not yet set off, but the man left the Pentagon first. Accidents and tomorrow, you sometimes don't know which one comes first. For the United States, it is not a good thing; but for Iran, it may not be a good thing. Don't forget the lessons of Syria. In 2017, the United States launched 59 cruise missiles against Syria; the number of missiles attacked Syria last year has doubled; now it is necessary to expand the scope of the war to attack Iran.

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, June 18 (Reporter Zhou Zhou) The latest research by the US World Trade Consulting Corporation shows that the United States will impose tariffs on Chinese consumer electronics products to the United States, which will greatly increase the price of US mobile phones and computers, and bring huge negative losses to American consumers. influences. The US government intends to impose tariffs on goods exported to the United States worth about $300 billion. According to statistics, consumer goods such as mobile phones and notebook computers are the most affected.

The analysis report submitted by the World Trade Consulting Corporation to the Consumer Technology Association on the 17th shows that once tariffs are imposed, the cost of mobile phones exported to the US will increase by 22%. US mobile phone prices will increase by 14%, that is, the average price per mobile phone is nearly 70 US dollars, resulting in a 28% decline in sales. In addition, the cost of China's US laptops and tablets will increase by 21%, and the price will increase by 19%, that is, the average price per laptop will increase by about US$120, and each tablet will increase by about US$50, resulting in overall sales. It fell by 35%.

Overall, US consumers will spend an additional $8.1 billion on mobile phones and an additional $8.2 billion to buy laptops and tablets. After comprehensive calculations, the US economy will have a net loss of $4.5 billion on mobile phones and a net loss of $3.6 billion on laptops and tablets.

According to the report, about three-quarters of mobile phones and more than 90% of laptops and tablets in the United States are imported from China, so it is costly and time-consuming to shift the supply chain to other countries. At the same time, these costs will be largely borne by US consumers. A: When I used force against Syria, almost all the people around Trump had gone. The newcomers strongly demanded that they have enjoyed themselves...

At 16:18 on June 17, 2019, Weibo users named "Zeng Yike NewestNews" released Weibo, questioning the law enforcement behavior of Beijing border police. At 23:51, the microblog was released again to announce the work document of the police on duty. , triggering a hot discussion on the network. The Beijing Border Inspection Center organized the investigation for the first time and will now inform the relevant situation:

At 15:49 on June 17, Zeng Moumou went through the immigration formalities at the border checkpoint of the T3 terminal of the Capital Airport. After entering the self-service inspection channel, the police prompted him to take off his hat and face it. Zeng Moumou did not cooperate. The police once again asked him to take off his hat, and Zeng Moumou still ignored it. In order to ensure that the person's card is in conformity, the police will conduct a manual review on the law. At this time, Zeng Mou sweared at the police. The police took it away from the passage and pointed out its mistake. Zeng Mou arguing that his swearing is not directed at the police. Subsequently, the police proceeded to further processing according to the procedures. During the period, Zeng Mou did not obey the inspection, and took pictures of the police at close range, interfering with law enforcement. In order to maintain the order of waiting for inspection on the spot, the duty leader took over the matter and criticized and educated Zeng. In view of the fact that the circumstances are minor and have not caused serious consequences, the inspection certificate will be released after it meets the conditions of access.

According to the provisions of Article 11 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Exit and Entry Administration: “Chinese citizens who leave the country for entry and exit shall submit their passports or other travel documents and other exit and entry documents to the border entry and exit inspection authorities, and perform the prescribed procedures. Before the inspection is approved, the entry and exit personnel should take off their hats, sunglasses, masks, etc. when they are inspected by the border guards. According to Articles 6 and 82 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Exit and Entry Administration, the border inspection agency is responsible for the administration of the restricted areas of the port, and the acts of the border inspection agency will be stopped according to law. Make relevant processing. Beijing border inspections prompt passengers to pass customs, should consciously abide by relevant laws and regulations when entering and leaving the country, take the initiative to cooperate with border inspections, and hope that public figures can consciously abide by laws and regulations.

For Zeng Moumou to disclose the personal information and photos of the police of the unit on the Internet, the infringements that seriously affect the physical and mental health of the police are retained. Subsequently, the National Immigration Bureau official microblogging@National Immigration Bureau forwarded the microblog of @北京边检, and said: Let the law enforcement officers have a harder waist and make the law-abiding people feel warmer. The country is sacred and the law is solemn! As early as a hundred years ago, Argentina’s per capita national income was ranked in the forefront of the world; in the 1970s, Argentina reached a middle income level.

However, after Argentina’s economic development was in deep trouble, it is now facing the problem of a sharp depreciation of the local currency and a recession. The "middle income trap" seems to have become a "magic" that Argentina can't break. Experts believe that political factors have led to a sharp turn of policy and lack of continuity issues. Fiscal discipline has been ruined, excessive currency has led to bankruptcy of local currency credits, and social welfare system reform has lagged behind. This is an important reason why the Argentine economy has been deeply mired in the “middle income trap”.

First of all, at the political and economic level, Argentina often has a "quick turn" problem in the left and right wing policy, that is, the next government completely overthrew the previous government's practice, resulting in a lack of continuity in its policies and the prevalence of extremism. During the military government in the 1970s and 1980s, the Argentine government highly intervened in economic development and adopted a protectionist development model of import substitution for a long time. In the 1990s, Argentina completely turned to the neoliberal development model because of government intervention, large-scale privatization, and relaxation of government regulation, which led to a series of problems such as bankruptcy of local enterprises and increased financial risks.

Argentine economist Pablo Salvador said that Argentina lacks economic policies based on long-term development considerations. In order to win the support rate, the next government often amplifies the problems left over by the previous government and adopts a completely different new policy, which affects Argentina's investment environment and is not conducive to stable economic development. Secondly, the fiscal discipline has led to an indiscriminate expansion of debt. Failure to comply with monetary policy discipline has led to bankruptcy of the local currency and long-term depreciation. The economy is heavily dependent on the US dollar.

Argentina has long relied on foreign debt, and the indefinite expansion of debt led to two debt crises in Argentina in 1982 and 2001. At the same time, Argentina has been spamming money all the year round, and the fluctuations in the exchange rate of the local currency peso have been common in history. Due to the lack of confidence in the Argentine currency, both the business and the public have generally developed the habit of saving the dollar.

Relying on the depreciation of the US dollar and the local currency has become a vicious circle that is difficult to break. The size of foreign exchange savings of the Argentine people abroad is even several times that of the central bank. Household savings cannot help the country increase production and cope with the crisis, and the depreciation of the local currency will bring a series of negative effects such as inflation.

Third, at the social level, Argentina’s welfare system reform has lagged behind and has not dealt with the gap between the rich and the poor and social mobility. Argentina’s social welfare treatment has surpassed the development stage, causing both public financial pressure and heavy burden on employers. The original intention of the social welfare system is to protect labor rights, but it has the opposite effect in Argentina, and once the welfare declines, it will lead to various social contradictions.

Martin Burgos, director of the Policy and Economics Department of the Argentine Cooperation Cultural Center, said that the income of the richest people in Argentina is about 120 times that of the poorest. This extreme gap between the rich and the poor exacerbates social conflicts and blocks social mobility. An important reason hindering the sustainable development of the economy.

Agustin Salvia, a professor at the Catholic University of Argentina and an expert on social debt, said that Argentina must systematically reform its finances, taxation, employment, and internal markets in order to cross the “middle income trap”. "Moscow is ready to enter the Chinese market to replace the United States." Russia’s “Viewpoint” reported on the 18th that China is not only preparing to increase its purchase of oil and natural gas from Russia, but also agricultural products such as food. However, there are still some difficulties in the entry of Russian agricultural products into China.

According to reports, China is already preparing a large amount of agricultural products and food from Russia. But the real problem is that Russia has no corresponding supply capacity. For example, Russia expects to export 2 million tons of soybeans to China by 2024, while Russia exports 817,000 tons of soybeans to China in 2018, which is a big gap.

In addition, the export of Russian agricultural products to China is also subject to China's import and export regulations. For example, the Chinese government initially approved the export of only 10 Russian dairy companies to China, and in April this year the list expanded to 33 dairy companies. The logistics problem is also a major obstacle. Due to the lack of special transport vehicles, Russia is unable to transport frozen chicken legs to China in large quantities.

In order to solve the export problem, the Russian government and agricultural enterprises have taken various measures. Russian satellite news agency reported on the 18th that the first vice chairman of the Amur State Government, Polova Ikina, said at the 6th Russia-China Expo in Harbin that the Amur State intends to expand the supply of soybeans to China. "We have Nearly 2 million hectares of fertile land, planting more than 1 million tons of soybeans per year, of which 400,000 tons are exported to China. Meanwhile, China Jiawo Beidahuang Agricultural Holdings Co., Ltd. and Russia Far East Development Fund plan to invest nearly 10 billion rubles in Russia. Established an agricultural holding company in the Primorsky Territory. In the Saratov region, a plant that can process 1 million tons of soybeans and 10 million tons of corn is ready for production.

In the face of logistics problems, the general manager of the Russian Export Center, Slipnyov, said during the Expo that “the export center is currently working to build a fixed-cost fixed logistics solution to ensure export transportation, especially the railway transportation program, which is transported in the food industry. Speed ​​is the key.” At present, 23 Russian companies have the qualification to export poultry products to China. ”

According to a report by the Russian Business Consulting Daily on the 17th, COFCO is negotiating to acquire a 25% stake in the KSK Grain Terminal in Novorossi, one of Russia's largest Black Sea grain terminals. The director of the Russian Agricultural Market Research Institute, Rerico, said that the terminal will allow COFCO to increase grain purchases and export deliveries to Russia. Chinese companies will be able to supply Russian food to Africa and the Middle East, and supply directly to China after obtaining food certification in Russia. For this news, a spokesman for COFCO International in Geneva declined to comment.


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  • Acting Minister of Defence Shanahan, did a great job, decided not to seek to pass the appointment process, so that he would have more time to take care of the family, I thank him for his outstanding service, and appointed Army Minister Mark
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