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The Beijing News (Reporter Li Yifan Tang Yue) The “Water to Hydrogen” technology that Zhejiang Youth Automobile Group undertook in Nanyang, Henan Province continues to attract attention. Today (24th) morning, it was reported that Pang Youth responded to outside questions and said, "Technology is mature, not a compilation." However, the Beijing News reporter hereby asked the secretary of Pang for verification. The other party said, "We have no formal response and we have not said that this technology is available." The "Nanyang Daily" reported on the front page of May 23, the water hydrogen of the Youth Automobile Group. The engine was officially launched in Nanyang City. On May 22nd, Zhang Wenshen, secretary of the Nanyang Municipal Party Committee, went to the site of the hydrogen energy vehicle project and praised the latest achievements in the hydrogen energy vehicle project.

Today (24th) morning, it was reported that Pang Youth said in response to the matter: The technology of water-hydrogen fuel vehicles has matured and will not delay the progress of the Nanyang project. Subsequently, the Beijing News reporter contacted the secretary of Pang Youth of the Youth Automobile Group. The other party replied on the phone that he already knew the matter. "There have been many people calling me in the morning, we will have a reply later, we are in a meeting." Just now, the above secretary replied to the Beijing News reporter, reporting the news. The reporter, I know with Pang Youth, I took a call in the morning and took care of it. In addition, it added, "We didn't formally respond, nor did we say that this technology is there. What kind of technology is there? We will speak later, I will be prepared to respond to this matter. Now this report is so much, definitely To respond." Southwest of Nanjing, the Yangtze River. The cradle of China's radar industry - the 14th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. is located here. Generations of "Radar Man" set sail here, uphold the belief that "science and technology to serve the country", and determined to polish the "eye of China" and watch the sky, sea and sky for 70 years.

The reporter recently walked into 14 places and listened to the stories of the three generations of old, middle and young scientists telling stories of struggles in different periods. "Radio Academician" Zhang Guangyi: Looking north at the north, "shooting" Sirius has a surface area of ​​1,000 square meters. There are two and a half large basketball courts. It is quietly lurking in the depths of a large mountain in the northwest. Air target. This "big behemoth" in a camouflage coat is the first large-scale ultra-long-range phased array radar in New China. It is also a major project of the 84-year-old "radar academician" Zhang Guangyi who participated in the early years. "That was December 27, 1969, and we will never forget. In accordance with the instructions of the superiors, we asked us to submit a radar development plan that was internationally known as 'singular' in half a month." Zhang Guangyi said .

This was followed by a series of R&D, experiments, and commissioning... During the eight years from 1971 to 1978, Zhang Guangyi and his team members spent half a year at the radar base in the northwest, growing with the radar. In the midsummer, the test cave is humid and hot, and the winter is cold. The cold wind in the ravine is like a steel needle. The brick building is a simple dormitory. Bathing is undoubtedly a luxury. For a long time, the two places can be separated, and the contact can only be written. Six days before his daughter's birth, Zhang Guangyi rushed back to Nanjing home from the base after two days of boating, and returned in a hurry two weeks later. "There are too many families, but the technical breakthrough must be divided against time." In eight years, Zhang Guangyi and the team members did not waver, just put everything in their hearts until the first large ultra-long-range phased array radar came out.

Remote frequency scanning three-coordinate radar, large ultra-long-range phased array radar... For many years, Zhang Guangyi's multiple radar projects have continuously improved and expanded China's defense system. "I always yell at my students. Others will never let the cutting-edge national defense technology be handed over. You must have the tenacity of not forgetting the green hills, and dare to explore the cutting-edge technology 'no man's land," in order to follow the run and run to the lead. Zhang Guangyi said. "Star of the Forge" Xing Wenge: Shipborne radar defends the formation of azure sea and sea formations, escorting the sea, and the withdrawal of overseas Chinese. In recent years, the Chinese navy has frequently revealed its greatness in the international ocean arena.

In the process of the Chinese fleet heading for the blue, a group of "warship escorts" have been silently guarded. One of them is China's shipborne radar business leader and 14 chief experts, 54-year-old Xing Wenge. From the project in 1997 to the completion of research in 2007, the "China Aegis Sea Star" radar was launched, with functions such as airspace, sea search, and multi-target tracking. Xing Wenge said that "Ocean Star" is the largest natural dark blue colored diamond in the world. It is named to express the quality of this radar. In order to achieve this goal, Xing Wenge and the team together with the stars wearing the moon, in the experimental stage to overcome the "sea clutter" and many other shipborne radar world problems.

"We carried a hundred ‘anti-spit bags’ on board the ship, seasicked out and spit, spit and then buried in the scientific research.” When I first got on the boat, Xing Wenge and the team members often suffered from seasickness and vomiting. "Every time you deliver the ship, you have to get up at 3 in the morning, eat in the cabin at 7 o'clock, and go to sleep at 10 o'clock in the evening. On the dark night, boarding the ship, there is only a narrow wooden board on the barge and the shore, which makes people feel scared. "Xing Wenge persisted in the scalp and gradually adapted to life at sea." "Radar designer is a 'Wanjinyou' job, everything must be understood, no details can be let go. In front of the task, there must be a general concept, and must not care about personal gains and losses." Xing Wenge said that this is his team to conquer the blue The magic weapon of the ocean. "Inventor Daren" Yin Kuiying: Let radar technology benefit the lives of the people

Accurately forecasting the weather, optimizing rail transit, and facilitating the lives of people with disabilities... In recent years, radar technology has been shared by the people, bringing convenience to the people's lives, and has also spawned a group of "inventors", Yin Kuiying is one of them. In 14 intelligent laboratories, a volunteer with a forearm disability, a sensor bracelet above the arm, is manipulating a pair of robots. Apples, glasses, eggs... With the "ideas", this volunteer who has lost the ability to grasp can control the fine movements of each mechanical finger. Applying radar signal analysis to brain waves, this "spiritual hand" transmits brain waves to the nerves, and then the nerves give commands to the muscles to release the bioelectrics, which in turn captures the bioelectrical signals.

"There was a time when the experiment was done as a konjac. Everyone asked about it. Can you help the disabled to be volunteers? To increase the simulation sample, my husband and wife have come in handy." Yin Kuiying said. Go to Huawei! The university issued a strong writing force for Huawei recruitment, which ignited the blood of many young people. "There is no scars, how thick and thick the skin is. It has been hard to get angry since ancient times." Huawei on the cusp of the wind, the news is flooding, we can do it. How many? On May 23, Zhejiang University official WeChat issued a message "Go to Huawei!" ", widely spread in the circle of friends and WeChat. Originally, this was just an ordinary recruitment; originally, Huawei was only an ordinary member of the recruiting army; originally, Zhejiang University chose Huawei as a job choice. But at a special time, "going to Huawei" is particularly eye-catching.

Zhejiang University's appeal: Go to Huawei! On May 23, Zhejiang University publicly supported Huawei, and the official WeChat sent a message to Huawei! ", encourage graduates of the school to join Huawei. Go to Huawei! The university issued a document to force Huawei to recruit. In the hot blood of young people, Huawei has become one of the most desirable companies for graduates of Zhejiang University. From 2016 to 2018, 287, 446, and 444 Zhejiang University graduates joined Huawei. A graduate of Zhejiang University, who is currently working at Huawei, said, “When I was at Zhejiang University, I always paid attention to Huawei as a company. I also dreamed that I could become a member of Huawei and contribute to independent innovation and technology independence. Very lucky, my dream has come true."

On May 17, He Tingbo, president of Huawei's chip company, Hess Semiconductor, issued an internal employee letter stating that Hisilicon will launch the "prepared tires" program. Subsequently, Hess successively released a global recruitment notice. Zhejiang University said that the opportunity to join Huawei is in sight. After seeing the move of Zhejiang University, a Huawei employee posted a message in the heartfelt community and praised Zhejiang University for its strength. Go to Huawei! The university issued a document to force Huawei to recruit young people to ignite the blood. "Daily Economic News" noticed that in addition to Zhejiang University, on May 22, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Huawei's strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will further deepen the training of personnel, scientific research. Cooperation in the transformation of results, and exploring cutting-edge science for the future.

According to statistics from previous economic reports in the 21st century, among the top 10 universities in China, 8 of them have the largest number of graduates from a Guangdong company, Huawei. The eight schools were Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, China University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University and Harbin Institute of Technology. Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Sun Yat-sen University did not disclose complete and specific data. Comment: "China is promising, who is who I am, young people in the CCP, no regrets in life." What is the reaction of netizens or students from Zhejiang University? Look at the comments: China is promising, who is who I am, the youth of the Communist Party, no regrets in life. Go to Huawei! The university issued a strong writing force for Huawei recruitment. I ignited the young people. There is a Zhejiang master who joined Huawei in 2011. At the bottom of the article, I would like to thank the alma mater for his support and welcome the schoolmates.

The voice on Weibo is also very high, but some netizens lament that "there is a patriotic enthusiasm in the air, but it is not enough." Influenced by the publication of Zhejiang University, Jiangxi University Tourism is also on Weibo this afternoon @江大学, calling for "graduation, go to Huawei!" Huawei employee letter first announced: girlfriends stop quarreling, family members do not want to be deserters are not Huawei, I don't feel what Huawei is going through.
On May 23, Huawei’s heartfelt community official posted a post titled “We·Huaweiren”, which became a true portrayal of 180,000 Huawei employees and represents the most authentic voice of every Huawei. A Huawei employee said that it is very late to work overtime every day. The girlfriends don't understand this very much. They have been complaining and quarreling, but since the United States has continued to increase the number of restrictions on Huawei, the girlfriend stopped quarreling with him.

"She volunteered to ask me, I am afraid that the US sanctions are not afraid, and the pressure is not big; she also said that I will not quarrel with me anymore, do my strong backing and warm harbor, let me work with peace of mind and win the United States for the company. This is a contribution.” Another family member of Huawei’s employees was unable to take care of the family because of his work in different places. He had been persuaded to leave his post. “After these two days, the family members advised me not to be a deserter.” Huawei employees said, "People should be a bit sturdy in this life. You will insist on a few months. You will feel like a deserter at this time." On the day of "520", the wife of a Huawei employee wrote a letter to his husband, "Doing a Good Rear." Her husband has been working at Huawei for 12 years. The wife said in the letter, "Today our Huawei has encountered this hard battle. We will not do the tricks, do not fight the soldiers, use youth, use blood to win this battle, and create a beautiful tomorrow for Huawei."

What talents does Huawei need? On May 21, Huawei Haisi issued a social recruitment notice in the official official number, recruiting a large number of talents in chip and related fields. According to public information, HiSili is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huawei and supplies only to Huawei. At present, Huawei has 180,000 employees worldwide, including 45% of researchers. The annual R&D investment accounts for about 15% of sales, and the R&D investment invested in 2017 is as high as 1.4 trillion yen (about 87 billion yuan). Most of them are used in the fields of semiconductor, 5G communication and artificial intelligence. The investment of Huawei has surpassed the entire semiconductor industry in the United States including Intel and Qualcomm.

According to "Nihon Keizai Shimbun", Japan's high-tech research firm Techanalye once dismantled Huawei's "Mate20 Pro" and Apple "iPhone XS" phones. A comparison was made between the performance of the core semiconductor chips that control the operation of the entire handset. The company said that it can be confirmed by dismantling that "HiS Semiconductor's fine circuit design capability has the world's top level." "Give the burden on young people, never underestimate every 'singular whimsy', boldly think, boldly try, and fail the masters." The laboratory researchers told reporters that 14 encouraged everyone to use radar technology for internal entrepreneurship. Many projects have received matching funds.

In recent years, 14 domestic professional teams such as Northwestern Polytechnical University, Tsinghua University, Huashan Hospital, and Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital have built a hand muscle feedback sample library, developed a simulation training app, and used deep learning techniques to assist people with disabilities to recover their action memory. . “The social relations of many people with disabilities have retreated to their homes. We invented this product and hope that they have the opportunity to find a job and integrate into society.” Yin Kuiying said, standing on the shoulders of the older generation of radar people, they used their spare time to “open their minds”. The hole stimulates innovative thinking and allows the masses to share more of the dividends brought about by technological development.


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