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Today, WeChat is no longer just a chat tool. It is also increasingly popular to buy things through WeChat, but it also has a "trap". Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Hanbin Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Ankang City that a man pretending to purchase online through WeChat, “black-selling” buyers after receiving money, and implementing more than 10 online frauds.

In February of this year, Su Mou, a resident of Conghua City, Guangdong Province, saw a message on the sale of limited edition sneakers on a website. He left a comment in the comment area, and then the seller contacted Su Mou. The two sides added WeChat and negotiated the price. Su Mou immediately transferred 3,600 yuan to the other party. Who knows that the left and the right wait for the seller to deliver the goods, and then Su Mo has been "blacked out" by the other party. Realizing that after encountering telecommunication network fraud, Su Mou reported the police to the public security organs. According to New Zealand Tianwei.com WeChat public number, many overseas travellers have encountered situations where they can help bring things. Familiar friends and relatives will not say it, but sometimes we will encounter such a request.

"My friend's sister's sister has two parcels. Can you help bring it back to China?" "My four sons in his hometown are in New Zealand. Can you help bring something in the past?" More exaggerated: "Only help." With a suitcase, I have all the money for your outbound travel!" Some people think that being helpful is a virtue, and even the benefits are good, why not? Please pay attention! Promise a similar help, you may put your life into it! Last week, a Chinese female student was found guilty by a British court and faced imprisonment. The reason was that the British Customs found a full 10 kilograms of marijuana in her “help belt” suitcase.

According to the Edinburgh Evening News, the Chinese female student Long (a pseudonym) is a student of art at Edinburgh University and is 21 years old. Last winter, her mother told her that she met a wealthy Chinese businessman on the Internet. She usually has a busy business and hopes to bring some luggage back to the UK. The merchant also said that by returning this baggage from Barcelona to Scotland, the travel expenses for their trip to Barcelona will be all-inclusive. Long's mother thought it was a good deal. She asked her if she would go on a free trip with her. Anyway, it was a baggage. Long did not think much and agreed. “My mother rarely travels, and my school’s coursework is completed. After the last semester, I’m thinking about it.”

So Long and her mother went to Barcelona and played all the scenic spots there, very happy. During that time, the Chinese businessman met with them and sent the suitcases that needed to be “helped” to the hotel where they lived. At the end of the journey, Long flew back to the county of Renfrew, Scotland, England. However, she was stopped by the local customs and asked to open the package for inspection. Subsequently, the customs opened the baggage that “helped to bring it”, took off the towel stuffed on the face and found that there were 10 packs of marijuana inside. The police brought Long to court on charges of "intentionally carrying marijuana banned." Long denied the prosecution’s allegations during the trial. She said that the suitcase is not her own. She doesn't even know the suitcase password, and she doesn't know that there is marijuana inside.

"My mom said that if I can bring this suitcase back, this person can pay our travel expenses. I just think it is a help. I really don't think much. I am her only child. "We have very good feelings." However, the final jury still unanimously found her guilty. According to British law, she holds and carries B-class drugs such as methamphetamine, marijuana, codeine, barbital, synthetic cannabis and ketamine. Judging 5 years in prison and imprisonment, there is no upper limit to the fine... Waiting for the woman who is originally a promising female student may be in prison! Even the swindlers are "drug-stricken". Don't be fooled in this case! Drug Mule refers to people who smuggle drugs. They are not real drug dealers, but they are only used as tools for transporting drugs.

Drug dealers like to use drugs to smuggle drugs: because this way is concealed, drug dealers can more closely approach potential drug lords, even if drug lords are exposed during drug trafficking, it is difficult to trace the drug dealers themselves... Drug lords are often tempting with generous rewards. For those who have encountered serious economic and debt problems, although the risk of drug lords is high, but the attraction is huge, many people are willing to take risks... However, in recent years A new type of means has begun to emerge: some international criminal gangs have begun to deceive the international students, the elderly and other groups with the guise of "delivery free travel" and "helping to receive parcels to pay back the hardships", so that they are unwitting. In the case, when it is "drug".

Recently, the Lianhe Zaobao broke out. Some Malaysian drug trafficking groups have made "advertising" on Facebook, saying that as long as they are willing to help them "gift" to foreign countries, they can not only make money, but also travel for free. Earlier, Australia also reported news that international criminal groups are using Sydney high school students as “scorpions” – criminal gangs contact these teenagers through social media to provide them with a “home” address to accept “packages” and then give a few The return of a hundred Australian dollars. Tim Fitzgeral, Regional Director of Australia's New Chau Customs, said that the surface of these parcels appeared normal. "Students received parcels, motorcycle helmets, Led lights and shoes, but in fact, ephedrine (which can make ice bans) Things are hidden in these items."

The police said, "The reason why criminal groups target these students is because students are deceiving... For students, they may face 25 years of imprisonment and affect their future life, including university applications, work, and even travel abroad. "The young people who are deceived are not only helpful but also have a heart. Last year, a 67-year-old retired man from Preymouth, New Zealand, was stopped at Perth International Airport in Australia and found 2.5 kilograms of cocaine in his baggage. The old man was scared on the spot. It turned out that the old man was a retired beekeeper who traveled around the world before landing in Brazil to Perth, Australia. He said that he never thought that he was cheated. Before he was in São Paulo, he met a Nigerian. He asked him to help bring a bag. He didn’t even think about it and agreed. I did not expect to open it and have a look.

"Our education in that year was to trust, the door was not closed, and the cars rarely locked the door..." "I never looked at (drugs), I don't even know if cocaine is a color." However, the old man was still Imprisoned for 18 months. The drug dealer who pitted him has not been traced yet. Returning to China during the holiday period Traveling with luggage must be cautious! Now is the year-end holiday, many Chinese friends will have the intention of returning to China or leaving the country recently. Here, Tianwei bacteria should solemnly remind everyone that when you return to China, please be cautious!

The following matters need to be extra careful: According to the British "Financial Times" reported on the 23rd, the United States' largest meat processor Tyson Foods has initiated negotiations, intending to invest billions of dollars in Kazakhstan to build beef production base, thereby avoiding the trade war background Chinese tariffs. In July last year, China countered the US tariffs and imposed a 25% tariff on US beef. This also allowed the US to export beef to China with an overall tariff level of 37%.

According to the report, three people familiar with the matter said that Tyson is negotiating with Kazakhstan to build a beef processing plant, and Kazakhstan is now building itself as a big agricultural country around China to attract foreign investment. According to a person familiar with the matter, Tyson will initially invest 200 million U.S. dollars in Kazakhstan, and the total investment will reach billions of dollars, and the annual output of beef may reach 5 million tons.

Tyson’s 12% of total sales last year came from overseas contributions, and recently it reached a $340 million deal with Brazilian food giant BRF to acquire the latter’s chicken processing plants in Thailand, the Netherlands and the UK. In the context of the recent ravages of African pigs, China's demand for imported pork, beef, chicken and fish is expected to increase further. Tyson White, CEO of Tyson, said that "the ship that meets the demand is not only from the United States, but also in other parts of the world."

1. Don't bring anything to strangers or people who don't believe it, even acquaintances should be cautious; 2. If you must help people bring things, all things must be taken apart and do not accept any sealed objects; 3. Do not accept any Customs prohibited items, such as meat products, excessive tobacco and alcohol, luxury watches and jewelry luxury goods; 4. Health care products or alcoholic items that can be legally passed, try to buy with the client to ensure that the goods have not been dropped; 5. Do not Help anyone carry commercial items. 6. Try not to write your own name and address on the suitcase.

On May 20, the Hanbin Branch of the Ankang Public Security Bureau received a report from the Guangdong Conghua Police. The suspect of the online fraud, Xu, may have been hiding in Ankang City. The Hanbin Public Security Bureau immediately organized the police involved in the network crime prevention and investigation center to conduct research and analysis. Through a large number of investigations and analysis, the police quickly identified Xu’s hiding place and captured it. After the trial, the suspect Xu confessed to the criminal act of Su Mi, a victim of cyber fraud in February of 3,600 yuan. After further deep investigation by the police, Xu also accounted for more than 10 other online fraud cases that he has implemented, and the victims are spread all over the country.

At present, the suspect Xu has been transferred to Guangdong Conghua Police, and the case is under further investigation. The police reminded the masses that online transactions need to be cautious. When shopping in the WeChat circle of friends, the buyer needs to pay the store before shipping, there is no platform guarantee in the middle, and the transaction is risky. Once found to be cheated, you should call the police as soon as possible and keep a chat with the seller as evidence of rights. According to the British "Guardian" report, the UN General Assembly supported an overwhelming 116-to-6 vote to condemn Britain's occupation of the remote Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean. The Guardian believes that this result of the vote has made the British diplomatically isolated and has measured that the influence of the United States on the world stage has been seriously degraded because the United States has been active in the United Nations and has direct talks with countries around the world to support the United Kingdom. Continue to control the islands. The US military also has a military base on Diego Garcia, the main island of the Chagos Archipelago.

Although the United Kingdom and the United States conducted fierce lobbying at the meeting, they tried to avoid the number of countries in the 193 member states that supported the United Kingdom fell to single digits. But at the meeting, only the United States, Hungary, Israel, Australia and Maldives supported the United Kingdom, and 56 countries abstained, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland and Romania. Other European allies, including Austria, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, voted for Britain to abandon its sovereignty over the Chagos. Taking into account the concerted actions and efforts of the United Kingdom and the United States, their fiasco at the UN General Assembly even surprised Mauritius.

The Ambassador of Mauritius to the United Nations, Jagash Koonjul, told the Guardian, “Even if we did not expect the UK’s support rate to drop to single digits. More importantly, despite the enormous pressure from countries and the United Nations. However, this has happened." It is reported that the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravin Janos, attended the debate at the conference. British diplomats said that this non-binding resolution will not have any real impact. But it did cost Britain a political price, exhausted the support of the United States at the UN General Assembly, and made people unhappy with Britain's permanent seat in the UN Security Council. Britain lost its seat in the International Court of Justice two years ago, and Mauritius now intends to challenge Britain’s membership in the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission.

After the independence of Mauritius in 1968, the United Kingdom still occupied the Chagos Archipelago and paid more than 4 million pounds to Mauritius for this purpose. These islands, known by the British Foreign Office as the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), include Diego Garcia, where the US military has a military base that is an important military base for the US military in the Indian Ocean to park nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers. The ability to repair all types of ships is fully capable of supporting US aircraft carrier battle groups, amphibious landing formations and strategic bombers in the Indian Ocean. The US Air Force has established an air force satellite control website, a GPS satellite monitoring station, and a high-frequency global station. The Navy also has computer and telephone communication stations and a large number of communication facilities. The 3,650-meter runway can be used by US Air Force bombers and aerial tankers. . B-52 and B-2 bombers have also been deployed here. During the Gulf War and the Afghan War, heavy bombers such as the US B-52 took off from here for air strikes. Due to its importance, the base was strictly protected. The island is equipped with a large number of air defense radars, which detect more than 400 kilometers of large targets at high altitudes. If the AWACS aircraft is taken off from the island airport, its monitoring range can reach thousands of kilometers.

The British Foreign Office has emphasized the importance of establishing a partnership with the United States at the Diego Garcia military base. A spokeswoman said: "The joint defense facilities of the United Kingdom and the United States in the British Indian Ocean territory help protect people in Britain and around the world from terrorism, organized crime and piracy. As the US government has made clear As such, the status of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) as a British territory is critical to the value of common facilities and our common interests, and such arrangements cannot be replicated.” The spokesman added: “We still The matter was submitted to the International Court of Justice and the UN General Assembly. The International Court of Justice should not consider that the basic principles of bilateral sovereignty disputes have been circumvented without the consent of the two countries, which may have wide-ranging implications for all UN member states."

Despite the controversy, the British Foreign Office is still eager to maintain good relations with Mauritius, one of the Commonwealth countries. The UK believes that the defense and security of BIOT is crucial because these islands are close to some of the world's busiest waterways. Among them, Diego Garcia is a key location for monitoring and handling drug trafficking, piracy and crime in the Indian Ocean and is used as a base for humanitarian support.


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