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BEIJING, June 4 (Xinhua) According to the Australian News Network, a series of attacks against foreign students occurred in Melbourne, Australia, including Chinese students. The relevant departments now take the safety of foreign students from Australian universities as a priority. Australian Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan said that the Ministry of Education will be required to work with other Australian institutions to better ensure student safety.

In the 18-day period, Victorian police received 13 beatings and knife robberies from foreign university students in Melbourne. Tehan condemned the behavior of these criminals as a target for international students and pointed out that these students are welcome in Australia and should be safe on campus and in the community.

Tehan said: “Our government wants to ensure that all students who come to study in Australia live in a safe and supportive environment. Violence against international students is a priority for all levels of government and law enforcement agencies. The problem. In 2018, the number of international students studying in Australia reached 690,000, of which 380,000 registered to study in 40 universities in Australia. In 2019, Tehan said that the Australian Ministry of Education will consult with international students to better address the mental health problems among international students. Earlier, there were reports that there were many cases of suicide by overseas students in Australia. Now, after a series of attacks, this nationwide consultation will extend to finding ways to better ensure the safety of international students.

According to reports, Australia is about to surpass the United Kingdom, becoming the second most popular destination for international students, and the income of the study abroad industry has reached A$34 billion. Tehan said that Australia was originally known as a safe destination for studying abroad. 95% of international students list personal safety as one of the reasons for choosing to study in Australia.

Recently, Monash University students have been subjected to many robbery cases, and thieves often choose students who appear on their own. Many of the students from the school are from China. The police recently confirmed that the victims ranged in age from the early 20s to the early 50s. They reported theft of property including mobile devices, backpacks, wallets and credit cards. The case occurred between April 25 and May 12, local time, 2019. Similar cases have occurred in Clayton, Burwood, Mulgrave, Mount Waverly, Glen Waverley, Box Hill, and Oakleigh. On May 23, the US House of Representatives passed the amnesty reform of the US retirement system and the new 401(K) pension plan with 417 votes to 3. The retirement bill, called the Security Act, is the first cross-party support in 13 years. House Neighbourhood Committee Chairman Richard Neal said it was the most important retirement bill in 15 years. After the Senate passed, the bill is expected to be submitted to President Trump for signature. According to industry insiders, the reforms that have just been adopted have mainly changed at two points. One is to require companies with more than 5 employees to provide employees with 401(K) opportunities, and the other is to limit the age of withdrawals from 70 to 72. year old.

The latest change in the “Safety Act” passed by the House of Representatives includes the following new changes: cancellation of the age limit of 70 years and a half, can no longer save money to the Individual Retirement Age Account (IRA); mandatory regulations must start from 401 (K Or the minimum age for IRA pensions, from 70 to 72 years old; allow the company's long-term employment of part-time employees to participate in the 401 (K) program; encourage 401 (K) plan to provide annuities, currently rarely provide annuities, is Because the employer is worried that the selected insurance company will get into a lawsuit if it goes bankrupt;

Parents can withdraw up to $5,000 from their retirement accounts when their child is born or adopted; parents can withdraw up to $10,000 from the 529 program (US 529 Education Savings Fund and Prepaid Tuition Program) to repay student loans.

What does the new bill mean for individuals? Non-profit organizations pointed out last year that 40% of adults in the United States do not have retirement savings. Chad Parks, founder of Ubiquity Retirement + Saving, a US pension fund, said that part of the reason for many people not having a 401(k) plan is that "almost half of Americans are unable to save money for retirement when they work, small businesses. Hesitant to provide employees with a 401(k) or wage deduction retirement age account (IRA) program. The new bill will provide retirement savings for millions of small business employees while encouraging small businesses to provide employees with a 401(k) plan.

The new bill also allows more part-time employees to participate in the 401(k) program. At present, employers usually do not provide plans for part-time employees who work less than 1,000 hours a year. But the new bill encourages employers to offer part-time employees who work more than 500 hours a year for more than three years. If the employee chooses to deposit 4% of the monthly salary in the designated account, the employer will deposit the corresponding amount and the matching share into the employee's account when paying the salary, which will actually double the employee's account deposit. As for whether the reformed proposal can really benefit the people, Chinese people in the industry have different opinions. Zhang Guoxing of Huaxing Insurance believes that the positive effect of the bill, Lin Risheng, vice chairman of the Chenguang Foundation, believes that "the wish is good, but it will not be effective."

Different opinions on the above two changes, Chinese financial analyst, Chen Guangsheng, vice chairman of the Chenguang Foundation, first explained from the perspective of 401 (K) history, indicating that 401 (K) is due to the fact that enterprises and the government can no longer afford the life of retirees, the purpose It is to hope that the people will save themselves and prepare their own living expenses for retirement. "From the statistics, the current Americans' savings and the proportion of people willing to save are very low. This will be a big crisis in the future. Imagine if there were a large number of people in the future who did not have the money to support the elderly. What is it? The 401(k) reform, a very simple explanation, is that the main purpose is to encourage everyone to deposit. But what happens?"

Lin Risheng started from his own experience in the field for more than a decade. He believes that the core problem is that there are not many people who are willing to join 401(K). "We Chinese people accept the concept of saving, but many other ethnic groups do not think so. In other words, some changes made in these 'small places' will not fundamentally start the motivation that most people simply don't want to save and join 401(K). On the contrary, it will increase the burden for small business owners. Time, money, and procedures are all ready, but no one wants to join, and can only be left empty."

"It won't have much effect, and it will disturb people. For many small business owners, it will cause a lot of trouble, and our economy depends on these small business owners." Lin Risheng believes that this reform is nothing more than a "small move of everyone's will". It is necessary to start with "injury and hurt the bones" and carry out reforms in order to improve the current situation. This "bone and bone", which he considers to be Social Security. “Sometimes, the best reform is not innovation, it is an improvement on the original basis. Our social security benefits are solid. But the current situation is 'grab the money of Peter to Paul', that is, I steal from your pocket. Money, give it to others. Simply put, the social security benefits we pay now are not for our own account to give ourselves a pension, but for our previous generation to support the elderly."

In the Clinton era and the Bush era, the United States proposed a reform plan for social security benefits. The core revolves around whether fees enter private accounts. In the end, because of the big changes, the controversy is too big and the proposals have not been passed. 401(K) is a plan for personal savings and pension, Lin Risheng believes: “The previous reforms focused on giving employees a lot of protection, giving employees more flexibility and protecting their rights.” The recent reforms, “around the cost, not only all The cost must be transparent and reasonable (cheap and good)."

Huaxing Insurance Zhang Guoxing, from the perspective of consumers who have joined 401(K), believes that this reform has positive positive significance. Business owners offer employees the opportunity to join 401(K), which is much more affordable than their own 401(K); and the increase in age restrictions increases the freedom of consumers to use savings and tax breaks. (Original title: New version 401K! The most important retirement change in the United States in 15 years! affects every Chinese in the United States!)

In the province of women and children, a child doing nuclear magnetic resonance examination Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter Li Manying correspondent Zhou Jianyue Wen Honglei Huang Jieying Gaochun Photography: Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter Wang Yongsheng Wuchang's Ms. Liu reported yesterday that her son Tong Tong (pseudonym) needs to do because of illness MRI, but what makes her physically and mentally exhausted is that Tong Tong is always awake when doing MRI, and has not checked successfully for 4 consecutive days. A visit by Chutian Metropolis Daily found that Ms. Liu’s experience was not a case. Due to the high noise of nuclear magnetic resonance, the examination time is long and the patient needs to remain still, and some children are difficult to successfully check.

The MRI of the boy always wakes up. Ms. Liu said that when the child is 1 year old and 3 months old, the right arm and the right leg appear soft and weak several times. The usual reaction is slower than the child of the same age. She and her husband advised the doctor. Next, an MRI was arranged for the child. However, Tong Tong wakes up when he checks, and does not cooperate when he wakes up. He has not succeeded.

Ms. Liu said that the doctor had to let the child boy not sleep for 2 hours before the examination. At first, she thought about using sedatives anyway, and saw that the child did not wake him up when she fell asleep. Unexpectedly, the children with relatively good sleep wake up when they check, and can only wait until the next day to re-examine. For the next three days, Ms. Liu was worried that the continued use of sedatives would be bad for the body, which would lengthen the time when the children did not sleep and reduce the dose of sedatives. As a result, the children still woke up during the examination.

Coincidentally, the 6-year-old girl star (pseudonym) can not cooperate with MRI because of mental retardation. After taking a sedative to fall asleep, she woke up on the way to an MRI, and then kept swinging her body and could not complete the examination. Most of the children had a successful interview with the reporter and learned that the MRI that everyone is currently exposed is often accompanied by no small noise, and the inspection time is relatively long. Children with younger ages have poor tolerance to noise, and the fear of examinations, once they are awake, they tend to move and not cooperate.

For these children who do not cooperate, the hospital often adopts two measures: “deprivation of sleep” and the use of sedatives. “Deprivation of sleep” means that according to the age of the child, the parents are guaranteed that the child does not sleep for a period of time before the examination; the sedative is determined by the doctor according to the weight of the child and the actual situation, and is used before the examination.” Wuhan Children's Hospital Yao Hongli, deputy director of CT&MRI Imaging Department, said that some parents are distressed by children, and they are reluctant to let their children fall asleep. Some people worry that sedatives are not safe. As a result, they not only affect the inspection results, delay the diagnosis, but also repeatedly toss and let parents and The medical staff is exhausted.

“Our department has about 100 minors undergoing MRI every day. On average, 4 to 5 children are unsuccessful in the day, and there will be 10 to 13 at most.” Yao Hongli admits that in the unsuccessful examination Most of them are due to insufficient sleep, or the sedatives are not used on time. The doctors appealed to parents to improve their cooperation. "There are also very few children who are dozing off and using sedatives. It is still unsuccessful to check 2 times or more." Yang Wenzhong, director of the Medical Imaging Department of Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that for these children, The doctor takes care when scanning.

Yang Wenzhong said that they would choose to check during their deep sleep period based on their sleep characteristics. In addition, it will increase the sound insulation thickness and comfort of the headphones during inspection. Some children like to sleep with their parents, and the doctor will let the parents follow the entrance to the examination room...

Yang Wenzhong said that sedatives are non-narcotic drugs. The dose is strictly based on the patient's body weight. It is safe to be widely clinically verified. After the examination, there will be a half-hour to one-hour observation period until the child wakes up safely. It is not necessary to allow some parents to worry that sedatives are not safe. When the examination is unsuccessful, he hopes that the parents will improve their cooperation and give the doctor and the child more understanding. As long as they are not in compliance with the doctor's advice, they can generally check the success.


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