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suggesting that they should accept the reality and exchange



Recently, the United States invited the finance ministers and global business leaders to go to Bahrain to hold an economic seminar on the theme of "peace and prosperity" to discuss the contents of economic cooperation in the "Century Agreement" for peace in the Middle East. The so-called "century agreement" was after Trump took office and instructed the White House senior consultant Kushner to produce an "American plan" aimed at comprehensively solving the Palestinian-Israeli issue. However, the "Century Agreement" has been questioned by all parties since the day it was revealed. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that after learning of certain details of the "Century Agreement", Russia believes its prospects are worrisome. Jordan’s Charter newspaper stated that the Middle East peace plan should be comprehensive, not fragmented and lose sight of one another, and should address the return of Palestinian refugees and Jewish settlements. The New York Times commented that Trump’s attempt to solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem with businessman thinking did not capture the key. Palestinian President Abbas simply said bluntly that the "Century Agreement" is actually a "century slap in the face" and cannot be accepted by Palestine. The Palestinian side will not participate in the Bahrain seminar.

Why has the "Century Agreement" been questioned before it was fully realized, and even labeled as a failure? In this regard, the Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Erekat, said: "The so-called Middle East peace ‘century agreement’ is not in line with the requirements for peace.”

First of all, the makers of the "Century Agreement" are not neutral. After taking office in 2017, Trump made major adjustments to the US Middle East policy, including recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and “migrating”, signing a notice to officially recognize Israel’s “sovereignty” over the Golan Heights. At the same time, the United States has also cracked down on Palestine from all sides, including closing the PLO office in Washington, stopping the provision of $200 million in economic assistance to the Palestinians, and cutting off $25 million in aid to relevant institutions. All of these have greatly damaged the image of the "referee" in the Middle East, which has been deliberately shaped by the United States. It is more like a "black whistle." It is conceivable that any agreement issued in this context will have doubts about its neutrality and impartiality and will not convince the parties.

Secondly, the "Century Agreement" attempted to use "investment for peace" did not find the crux. The international community has always recognized “land for peace”. The “century agreement” of the US “official propaganda” has to test the “investment for peace”, that is, by providing 68 billion U.S. dollars to Palestine, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon. Inducing Palestine and related parties to make political concessions. The White House senior adviser Kushner also said that the Palestinians "deserve a better life", suggesting that they should accept the reality and exchange for money. However, economic issues have never been the crux of the Palestinian-Israeli issue. Political problems such as the founding of Palestine, the status of Jerusalem, and the return of Palestinian refugees are the main obstacles to peace between the Palestinians and Israelis. As the Palestinian Prime Minister Mohamed Ashtiye said: "The programme to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict must be political...based on the end (Israel’s illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories)."

Third, the relevant provisions of the "Century Agreement" are contrary to the basic spirit of international law. Jason Greenblatt, the US president’s special representative for international negotiations and a direct participant in the "Century Agreement," recently hinted that the agreement will not include "building two countries based on the 1967 border." This is obviously contrary to the consensus reached by the international community: the Palestinian-Israeli divide agreement adopted by the United Nations in 1948 has established the basic spirit of the Palestinian-Israeli independence. In 1991, the Madrid Middle East Peace Conference and the 1993 Oslo Accord were formally established. The principle of "land for peace", UN Security Council Resolution 2334 in 2016 reaffirmed Israel’s settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, "violation of international law", and in April this year, a group of former European senior officials jointly issued an open letter calling for "regardless of Trang What does the general government’s Middle East peace plan look like, Europe must continue to support the 'two-state plan' and so on. Therefore, as Erekat said, any solution that deviates from the framework of international law and the UN resolution will be a “mirage”.

In fact, the "century agreement" has long been doomed to its fate. The Middle East issue is extremely complicated. The Trump administration’s actions in the Middle East have greatly weakened the credibility of the United States. In addition, with the passage of time, Trump’s first term is coming, if it is delayed until the end of this year. Without substantial progress, I hope to be more embarrassed. After all, just as the Trump administration overthrew almost all the agreements reached by the Obama administration, the international community will also suspect that the "century agreement" will change due to the presidential election, so at least it has to wait until the new round of presidential elections is settled. On June 5, the official WeChat of the National Health and Health Commission issued a notice saying that according to the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Health and Health Commission, 28 departments jointly issued the Memorandum on Joint Disciplinary Cooperation on Responsible Persons Who Are Seriously Harmful to Normal Medical Order. 177 people, such as Wang, were listed as serious harm to the normal medical order. The list information has been pushed to the joint disciplinary departments by the National Credit Information Platform to jointly implement joint disciplinary measures. At the same time, the article also published some typical cases collected by the Public Security Administration of the Ministry of Public Security and the Executive Board of the Supreme People's Court, hoping to reduce such behavior.

The list of people who seriously endangered the normal medical order and the letter of distrust has quickly caused heated discussion. Many netizens will be called blacklists, and they are curious about which actions may lead to the parties being included in the list. According to the official WeChat news of the National Health and Wellness Committee, a total of 177 people were included in the list. The public case shows that the object of punishment is mainly to beat the medical staff, burn paper money in the hospital hall to interfere with the normal work of the hospital, entangle the patients and illegally recruit patients for other hospitals.

At 14:00 on December 10, 2018, Wang Mou was quarreling with the nurses in the outpatient building of the West District of Tongren Hospital in Dongcheng District, Beijing. After the quarrel with the nurses due to the hospitalization payment of relatives, he used a folder, stool and other items to throw a number of nurses, resulting in medical care. Persons Li and Liu were injured, seriously affecting normal medical order. The local public security organ investigates and collects evidence, and the procuratorate initiates a public prosecution. On February 22, 2019, the court ruled that Wang was guilty of murder and was sentenced to eight months in prison and suspended for one year.

On February 12, 2019, the patient Huang (69 years old) underwent surgery due to illness in the Nanling County Hospital of Anhui Province, and died after being rescued. At 8 o'clock on the morning of February 14, 2019, nearly 100 people gathered by Wang and Yang and other family members in the outpatient hall of Nanling County Hospital. Then they burned paper money, shouted slogans, insulted medical staff at the entrance of the outpatient hall, and prevented other patients from seeking medical treatment. , seriously interfere with the normal medical order of the hospital. After investigation and evidence collection by local public security organs, eight people were placed in administrative detention for eight people, including Wang Mou, Yang Mou, Xu Mou, Yang Mouxin, Liu Mou, Xu Mouying, Huang Mou and Guan Mou. Other relevant personnel were criminally detained.

At 7 o'clock on March 18, 2019, Zhou was near the front door of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital in Dongcheng District, Beijing. He blocked and entangled the people who had visited the past and illegally recruited patients from other hospitals in Beijing to disturb the order of public places. After investigation and evidence collection by the local public security organs, Zhou imposed administrative punishment on administrative detention for five days. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that on September 25, 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a Notice on Printing and Distributing the Memorandum on Joint Disciplinary Cooperation for Responsible Persons Who Are Seriously Harmful to Normal Medical Order.

The Memorandum mentioned that the joint disciplinary object refers to a natural person who is punished by administrative public detention for committing or participating in criminal activities related to medical crimes, or is subject to criminal responsibility by the judicial organs and seriously endangers the normal medical order. "The untrustworthy behavior mentioned in this memorandum that seriously jeopardizes the normal medical order refers to the destruction of the hospital source, etc., which disrupts the normal medical treatment order of the hospital.

The criminal activities related to medical treatment, as well as the Opinions of the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and the former National Health and Family Planning Commission jointly issued by the Supreme People's Court on April 28, 2014, on the Opinions on Punishing Punishment of Medical Crimes and Maintaining Normal Medical Orders According to Law 6 categories of criminal activities related to medical treatment. "6 types of criminal activities involving medical practitioners mainly include the following situations: deliberately injuring medical personnel in medical institutions, damaging public and private property; disrupting medical order; illegally restricting the personal freedom of medical personnel; insulting and intimidating medical personnel; illegally carrying guns, Ammunition, control equipment or dangerous goods enter the medical institution; instigate others or commit crimes involving medical offences in the name of others.

The object of punishment will be restricted to recruiting (hiring) as a civil servant or a staff member of the institution as to the specific disciplinary measures. According to the Memorandum, there are mainly 16 items, including the National Development and Reform Commission, the People's Bank of China, the Health and Health Commission, and the Central Organization. The Ministry and other departments jointly implemented. Specifically, the person responsible for restricting the act of dishonesty enjoys various preferential treatments, such as restricting subsidy fund support; guiding the insurance company to adjust the property insurance rate according to the risk pricing principle; and using the untrustworthy behavior that seriously jeopardizes the normal medical order as a restriction to enjoy preferential policies. Important reference factor.

In addition, those who are listed will also be restricted in the examination of civil servants, careers, etc.: restrictions on the legal representative of state-owned enterprises, directors, supervisors, senior management; restrictions on registration as the legal representative of institutions; restrictions on recruitment (employment) For the civil servants or staff of the public institutions; timely revoke the relevant honors according to the procedures, cancel the disciplinary object to participate in the evaluation of the first evaluation qualifications, and not to grant the "moral model", "labor model", "May 1 Labor Medal" and other honors to the disciplinary object.

In addition to work, some of the "Lao Lai" living expenses will also be limited. The Memorandum mentions that if the payment obligation determined by the effective legal instrument is not fulfilled in the period specified in the execution notice and the people's court adopts the measures restricting consumption according to law, or the obligations determined by the ineffective legal documents are not fulfilled by the people's court according to law, the letter of credit is enforced. The list of people, restricting their high consumption of planes, train soft sleepers, G-head EMU trains, other EMU trains, etc., and other non-life and work-related consumer behavior; untrustworthy perpetrators who seriously endanger normal medical order It will be included in the national credit information sharing platform and notified to its unit.

According to the National Development and Reform Commission, the joint disciplinary implementation method will be provided by the Ministry of Public Security to the Health and Health Commission to provide information on the list of untrustworthy actors who seriously endanger the normal medical order. The Health and Health Commission provides the list information to the departments involved in the joint disciplinary through the national credit information sharing platform. After receiving the relevant list, the relevant departments will punish them according to the content agreed in the Memorandum.

During the period, a regular notification mechanism for disciplinary effects was established. Relevant departments regularly reported the implementation of joint disciplinary measures to the National Development and Reform Commission and the Health Care Committee through the national credit information sharing platform. The notice also mentioned that the Memorandum also established a joint disciplinary withdrawal mechanism. The time limit for the implementation of joint disciplinary action shall be counted from the date on which the person is punishable by public security or criminal punishment, and shall be completed for five years. In the event of another untrustworthy act that seriously jeopardizes the normal medical order, the penalty period is cumulatively calculated. At the expiration of the disciplinary implementation period, the joint punishment will be withdrawn.

The first scene of Shenzhen Broadcasting and Television Station, June 6th, 2019, said that doctors should be benevolent and benevolent. A small number of unhealthy medical practitioners often use the name of practicing medicine to harm the interests of the public. Recently, Bao'an District People's Procuratorate issued a case announcement, which showed that in the process of examination and surgical treatment of patients in Bao'an District Xixiang Pengshen, in order to obtain illegal benefits, the use of "malicious exaggeration, deliberately cutting large wounds and using Means of making pain in appliances, etc., tricking, threatening, and intimidating patients to pay more for treatment. Recently, 18 people in Pengshen clinic were charged.

According to the announcement of the Baoan District People's Procuratorate, the case of Chen Jingui and other 18 people suspected of forced trading, fraud, and illegal birth control surgery was recently transferred to the Shenzhen Baoan District People's Procuratorate for review and prosecution by the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Baoan Branch. In December 2015, Chen Jingui opened the Shenzhen Guoan Clinic at 4734 Bao'an Avenue, Gushu, Bao'an District, Shenzhen. After that, Chen Jingui wrote off the Guoan clinic and changed his name to Pengshen Clinic. Chen Jingui and other people in Pengshen clinic first deceived patients to agree to treatment at low prices. In the course of patients undergoing examinations and operations, intimidation patients may be infertile, deliberately cut large wounds, without adding money during surgery, and using equipment to create dramas. Pain and other means, deceive, threaten, intimidate patients to pay more treatment, and even force patients to directly swipe the card on the operating table or WeChat to pay a high fee for temporary addition. Chen Jingui and others formed a criminal gang of evil forces, which seriously disrupted social order.

As early as 2016, some citizens reported to our column group that they had visited the former Guoan clinic. They had to do a simple minor operation, but under the doctor’s "recommendation", they finally spent one. More than a million dollars. On January 10, 2016, Mr. Wu, a 25-year-old citizen, said that he had done some tests on January 4th at the Guoan clinic in Gushu. The doctor suggested that he do circumcision and genital extension. Since I graduated from Shenzhen last year and worked on a small amount of money, he was hesitant and wanted to do only circumcision.This clinic is black! Deliberately cut a large wound and force the patient to swipe the card on the operating table

After a series of examination results came out, the doctor told him that his organ sensitivity was too high, and there was prostatitis. At the same time, the examination showed that Xiao Wu’s sperm count, viability and vitality were low, suggesting that he In addition to circumcision, do some sensitivity-reducing treatments and care, and check regularly.This clinic is black! Deliberately cut a large wound, forced the patient to swipe the card on the operating table. However, after the first day of surgery and treatment, the doctor still recommended him to review it every day for the next few days, and then do prostate and semiconductor treatment, some treatments are repeated. Many times. In a few days, Xiao Wu spent more than 10,000 yuan.

Xiao Wu said that the more than 10,000 yuan that he had worked for half a year was basically spent in this way. I don’t know when these high-priced treatments will be the first time. Therefore, Xiao Wu has doubts about whether it is necessary for other treatments other than circumcision. The reporter and Xiao Wu went to this clinic to get to know the situation. After consultation and communication between the two parties, the person in charge of the outpatient department said that they would strive to reimburse Xiaowu for one-third of the expenses within the scope of the reimbursement of the rural “NRCMS” regulations. Finally, Mr. Wu told our reporter that the hospital eventually reimbursed him for one-third of the treatment costs and returned 4,000 yuan! Xiaobian repeats here: the routines of this black and evil clinic include: intimidating patients, Deliberately cut large wounds, do not add money during the operation, do not suture, use equipment to create severe pain, and even force patients to directly swipe the card on the operating table or WeChat to pay a temporary high fee.


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