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six or seven security guards suddenly tied his hands and fee



On the 7th college entrance examination, a 30-week social candidate took part in the college entrance examination at the Mianyang Middle School in Sichuan. The school specially sent people to escort, and the test center prepared a separate test room for the candidate. At the same time, in order to ensure safety, the medical security vehicle of the test center is equipped with a maternity nurse and a fetal heart rate tester. Red Star News learned that pregnant candidates are 26 years old, graduated from college, but want to study medicine, so she insisted on taking the college entrance examination. On the morning of the 7th, a duty officer at the test site of Mianyang Middle School introduced the test. The candidate also accompanied the family and the school teacher on the 6th to see the examination room. At 8 o'clock on the 7th, the school specially sent people to drive, and accompanied by a teacher to the test center, the duty officer also directed his parking.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the Red Star reporter went to the Mianyang Middle School test center, and the candidate entered the examination room accompanied by the school teacher. The teacher from the Experimental Middle School of Mianyang High-tech Zone, who accompanied him, said that the candidate was born in 1993 and is now 26 years old. In 2011, the candidate took the college entrance examination as a student of Nanshan Middle School, and was admitted to Sichuan University. He graduated from the university in 2015 and participated in the work. The teacher told Red Star News that in May 2018, the candidate was married. Because the candidates are both medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies, the family hopes that she can study medicine.

“In July last year, candidates and parents contacted me and started to go to our school for tutoring. However, after the accidental pregnancy, she is now pregnant for more than 30 weeks, and the expected date of birth is July 22.” The teacher said that after the pregnancy, the school was in time. Reported to the education department, the education departments at all levels attach great importance to it. In order to take the college entrance examination, the school is accompanied by a teacher. At the same time, in order to prevent the accident from affecting other candidates, the test center prepares a separate person's examination room for the candidate. According to reports, in order to ensure the safety of the candidate, the medical security car of the test center specially equipped her with an obstetric nurse, a fetal heart monitor, a production package, etc. If there is an emergency, it should be handled at any time and dealt with in time. According to Li Dan, an obstetric nurse, she and her doctor are from the Mianyang City Third Hospital. In order to ensure the safety of the candidate, the medical security vehicle will be parked near the candidate's examination room. The car is equipped with fetal heart monitor, oxygen inhalation, etc. drug. If there is an emergency, handle it at any time and deal with it in time. At the same time, the hospital immediately opened the green channel, and the team of obstetric experts was on call.

"She has a very good grade. It should be no problem to take a good university," her teacher said. There is also a fugitive named Huang Longxi. According to the above-mentioned authoritative sources, Huang Longxi is the son of Huang Zhixian, suspected of forced trading, precisely because of the establishment of a "security team", the implementation of threats to owners who refuse to pay property fees and other illegal activities. In fact, almost all of the projects handled by Huang Zhixian have disputes and disputes. A person close to Huang Zhixian told China News Weekly that Huang Zhixian’s industry is very big, but all the things of the company need to be decided by himself. The company lacks the management and rules and regulations of modern enterprises, which leads to “everything is done. Half pull project." In Putian, not everyone knows the name of Huang Zhixian, but the name of “Tuxiaxian” is a household name.

Huang Meiqiong is the owner of Phoenix Villa Resort and the neighbor of Huang Zhixian's husband and wife in Jiangkou Town. She told China News Weekly that Huang Zhixian was a poor family when he was a child. He was sent to other people for foster care at the age of three. At the age of 15, he dropped out of school to sell the fish in the market, which he was nicknamed “Tuxianxian”. The soil strip is the Putian dialect, referring to a less evolved amphibian. "It is usually hidden in the cave. Before the event, it will first detect the head and retract it. If it feels safe, it will jump out and run with the tide, so it is called jumping fish." Several times with Huang Zhixian Chen Sheng (a pseudonym) who has dealt with the magazine told China News Weekly that Huang Zhixian’s style of work is exactly the same as that of the soil.

He Xiaolong, secretary of the Phoenix Villa Resort Committee, saw an old photo taken many years ago in the "Fujian Xianxiang Overseas Chinese Literature". On the photo, Huang Zhixian and many political figures from Fujian Province took a group photo and lived in the middle. The article under the photo mentioned: In 1985, Huang Zhixian, a poor peasant, was a bare-handed man in Hong Kong. In the harsh competition for survival, he relied on amazing perseverance and outstanding talents to quickly stand out in Hong Kong. After the success, Huang Zhixian returned to the countryside to serve the mulberry, and will spend 200 million to develop Putianyu. A number of interviewees told China News Weekly that Yuyu is nominally a tourism development. In fact, Huang Zhixian’s smuggling base – from Hong Kong to refrigerators, color TVs, cars, and then distributed through villagers’ fishing boats.

Huang Zhixian served as the Executive Committee of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Putian Municipal Association, and the President of the Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Some media have reported that he has been involved in social welfare because he has been awarded a "philanthropist" for supporting Ci Tung Hospital, special education schools and welfare homes, glorious homes, orphans, disabled people, destitute households and poor students. He was elected as the honorary president of the Putian City Charity Federation. In 2012, with the approval of the Putian Civil Affairs Bureau, Huang Zhixian established the “Pu Tian City Charity Federation Huang Zhixian Branch” in his own name. The Straits Metropolis Daily reported that Huang Zhixian was not only a successful entrepreneur, but also good at family education. Five of the six children were admitted to the world's top universities, two of whom were admitted to Oxford University and two were admitted to London. University, one person admitted to Cambridge University.

Putian has a dialect that "connects to the tendons", which means being mad. In the local forum, many netizens used this word to evaluate Huang Zhixian. "He has bodyguards every time he travels." Yang Huiyin, owner of Phoenix Villa Resort, told China News Weekly that Huang Zhixian needs three cars to go out, even if it is less than 200 meters from his villa to the office building. In August 2018, Huang Zhixian was criminally filed. The above-mentioned authoritative person told China News Weekly that in November 2014, victims were beaten and bound by security guards during the negotiation process with Hong Kong Peak Real Estate, and they restricted personal freedom for several hours. There is evidence pointing to Huang Zhixian. Suspected of involvement in the case.

"Huang Zhixian is suspected of illegal detention because of me." In the Phoenix Villa Villa, China News Weekly saw the suspected victim Guo Kaining (a pseudonym). The Putian-related black tycoon formed a security team to confront the police. It was called "the director above the director" in the Phoenix Villa, a building that was being demolished. Photographs/Reporter Huang Xiaoguang Guo Kaining provided materials showing that in 2010, he signed a “Announcement of Mingbang Haoyuan Commercial Housing” with Gangfeng Real Estate, and subscribed for two floors and paid an appointment fee of 3 million. What Guo Kaining did not expect was that after a few years of rising house prices, Gangfeng Real Estate was reluctant to sell at the agreed price, and requested cancellation of the transaction on the grounds that the overdue payment was overdue.

"First use the appointment form to sell the funds, wait for the house to be covered, the price has risen, and you are not willing to sell it, forcing you to retire, not returning the contract." Wu Shirong, a lawyer, believes that this is legally suspected of forced trading. . Guo Kaining told China News Weekly that he and other buyers wanted to find the theory of Gangfeng Real Estate. The staff said they had no right to be the master. They also could not see Huang Zhixian. Until 2013, Guo Kaining and his wife introduced Huang Zhixian at the Villa Phoenix Villa through the introduction of acquaintances. Huang Zhixian agreed to pay back 6 million yuan to recover the house, but later repented. Since then, Guo Kaining has communicated with the sales staff several times, but has never seen Huang Zhixian. Until November 11, 2014, the sales department suddenly contacted him: "The boss asked you to go directly to the mountain office to find him."

After Guo Kaining went to the villa, six or seven security guards suddenly tied his hands and feet with wires, and he was beaten with blood. A few hours later, Guo Kaining was escorted by the security guard to the Phoenix Mountain Police Station to sue him for private residence and extortion. After Guo Kaining was released, he asked the police station to file a case concerning his illegal detention, but there was no result. Until recently, Guo Kaining saw the wanted order and asked the insiders of the police to know that Huang Zhixian was suspected of illegal detention because of himself. The authoritative person disclosed to China News Weekly that after Huang Zhixian was criminally filed, at least four people were arrested by Hong Kong Peak Real Estate including legal representative Lin Guangyan.

"The reason why ‘土条贤' went to the wanted place today is entirely because of his arrogant and aggressive character.” Chen Sheng, who is familiar with Huang Zhixian, told China News Weekly. Chen Sheng introduced to the reporter a kind of local snacks in Putian - the tofu was tofu, and the tofu was boiled to the honeycomb shape on a large fire. After a little cool, put the black-gray strips and turn to a small fire. As the water temperature rises, the soil strips are so nowhere to hide, they will drill into the relatively cool tofu and eventually die in it.

Chinese children born in Canada have been native to English and French since childhood, and their parents' native language, Chinese, has become a foreign language. Parents of course do not want their children to not speak the language of the ancestral home, do not understand Chinese culture, and therefore teach their children to speak Chinese. Most of the Chinese children around me speak Chinese, and they are quite standard Mandarin, but it is difficult to write in Chinese characters. Even if you write a message, sometimes the meaning you want to express is vague. My four grandchildren and granddaughters are all of this kind. They can speak an impeccable mandarin and return home to visit relatives several times. Strangers do not know that they are overseas Chinese. However, when you write a essay, you will be "exposed". From wording to sentence structure, don't be awkward. Sometimes when you travel back to write a travel note, you won't use Chinese to express it. Take an English word or phrase to recharge it.

At the moment, the world is paying close attention to the trend of the escalation of Sino-US economic and trade frictions provoked by the US bully. The attitude of the Chinese side has always been clear: not willing to fight, not afraid to fight, have to fight if necessary. In this regard, the vast majority of Chinese people are very determined and determined to unite and unite. However, a small number of people have obtained "chondrosis", lost their national integrity, and advocated the "controversy of China's disadvantages and appealed to all people to compromise", confusing the audience, disturbing the grievances and dispelling the hearts of the people. In this regard, we must clearly say "no" in a clear-cut manner, and we will vigorously carry out the struggle and let the "surrender theory" become a street mouse.

Numerous facts show that Sino-US economic and trade frictions and the wrangling of China and the United States on other issues are essentially the contest between progress and backwardness, equality and hegemony, free trade and protectionism. China stands on the side of international morality and the trend of the times. The "surrender theory" unconditionally touted the US government's policy of China's trade bullying and the "rationality", "legality" and "necessity" of power politics, and unilaterally pushed the responsibility of Sino-US trade war to China and accused China of " "There is no reasonable basis for resisting the US trade bullying." It is a flattering act of flattery, and it is a ridiculous theory of reversing black and white. The US government has arbitrarily trampled on international economic and trade rules and shocked the multilateral trading system, creating enormous uncertainty for the world. China’s position is not only to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests, but also to maintain the prospects for world economic development and safeguard the common interests of all countries in the world. The so-called "following the trend of history", China's efforts are getting more and more recognition, and the US government, which is arrogant and arrogant, is destined to "take a basket of water."

Some Chinese children are not as good as my grandsons and granddaughters. They write a Chinese character with few arms and legs, and see Chinese characters like a "eyes". A middle school student born in Ottawa went back to Tianjin to visit his grandmother and lost his way when he was alone. He stood next to a street sign and stunned for a passing uncle: "Where is Chongqing Road?" The uncle pointed to the street sign and said, "You don't know how to read? You are in front of Chongqing Road." The middle school student also I really don’t know a few Chinese characters, I can only laugh at myself. Since many parents have the willingness to send their children to learn Chinese, Chinese schools are everywhere in Canada, and new Chinese schools are constantly being established.

My four grandchildren and granddaughters have entered the "Tiantian Chinese School" to study Chinese. Since I was able to hitchhike, I was invited to teach a Chinese in the third grade class of this school. Now recalling, it is quite interesting. The school stipulates that students cannot speak English and French as soon as they enter the school. They must speak Mandarin. However, some children can't adapt to it. Under the class, there are sometimes English in class, and even ask questions in English. I will always show the sword of Shang Fang: "Speak Chinese!"

After 70 years of wind and rain, China has both deep strength and great potential, as well as strong anti-attack and anti-risk capabilities. As long as we concentrate on our own affairs, we have the confidence, determination and ability to cope with various risk challenges. . The most common trick of the "surrender theory" is to put the best side of the United States and China's worst side together for a "scientific comparison" and conclude that "the end is over, this is China's end." For example, some individuals took the approach of “discussing the rules” from the research report of the Chinese research institutions, and extracted some of the paragraphs that best reflected the resistance of the US side to the Chinese side, and magnified the interpretation. This is an upgraded version of the cliché of "Singing the Decline of China". It is a false perception that lacks objective evidence and is simply untenable. For China-US economic and trade talks, China hopes to reach an agreement, but will never trade with its core interests. The volume of the Chinese economy is here. The dignity of the Chinese nation cannot be deceived. No one should expect us to swallow the bitter fruit that harms China’s sovereignty, security, and development interests.

Tell those who are beautiful and beautiful, don't be an accomplice of the US government's bullying, don't try to use the "surrender theory" to dispel the Chinese people's resistance spirit, obsessively obsessed, and willingly walk in front of the abyss. I also hope that the Chinese people will brighten their eyes and recognize the true face and sinister intentions of the "surrender theory". Everyone will call and let them never dare to come out and swindle and confuse people. Finally, revisit a poem together: "If we don't fight, the enemy kills us with a bayonet, and we must point our bones and say: Look, this is a slave!"

I love to watch the street scene in front of the "Everyday Chinese School". Regardless of the spring, summer, autumn and winter, regardless of the wind, frost and snow, every Saturday after 8 am, on the wide avenue in front of the school gate, there will be a variety of vehicles driving through the car, almost all of them are overseas Chinese, the car is their children. Occasionally, whites or blacks drive over, and they also send their children to learn Chinese. After 12 noon, the old scene reappeared, and the traffic of picking up the children rolled again. I am very pleased that the Chinese school came into being in Canada. It is a great feat for the Chinese and overseas Chinese to master and continue the language and writing of the ancestral home. Don't look at only 4 lessons in the morning, only once a week, but the days are afraid of long-term calculations, and the water is afraid of long-term flow. I believe that the words in the children's minds can flow into the river in a few years.




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