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Don't think that this beauty egg is just a small sponge.



"This is not a thing, rest assured, I am a decent person." This is the phrase that "decent person" Liu said the most, but as a person who is untrustworthy, his actions are not decent. On June 6th, the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily was informed that the executive judge of Haidian Court went to Qianli and successfully detained Liu, the executed person who had disappeared for nearly three years, in Shenzhen, and effectively safeguarded the legal authority. The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that the case was a civil lending dispute case. Since the executed person Liu had no property to be executed under his name, and Liu was hiding from hiding, the execution of the case was once stagnant. The applicant claimed that Liu recently appeared in Shenzhen, frequently entering and leaving five-star hotels, high-end clubs and other places. On the one hand, the embarrassment of the applicant's life is distressed, and on the other hand, the executor's happy and happy, drunken fans. After obtaining the clues of the executor Liu, the executive judge of the Haidian Court immediately took the opportunity to rush to Shenzhen, thousands of miles away, to find Liu’s whereabouts. "Decent person" who owes money

After arriving in Shenzhen, with the assistance of the local court and the police station, the executive judge found out that Liu was a consultant named Yongsheng Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. after detailed investigation. The company has long been working in the CBD center of Futian District, Shenzhen. There are still several safes and office supplies that have not been taken away. According to the property company, Liu was very vigilant. Every time the property company notified Liu to take office supplies, Liu always said that people were in the field, but often appeared in the company one or two hours later, how to contact the property to remove office supplies. Sure enough, when the property company told Liu that he had to take office supplies within a limited time, Liu said that he was not in Shenzhen, could he let his assistant go.

The executive judge analyzed that Liu was tempted. If he stressed that Liu must come, it might cause him to be alert and lose this valuable opportunity to arrest. The executive judge told the property company to reply to Liu’s “the assistant only has the authority to take away the office supplies and cannot take the safe.” Although Liu insisted that he did not return, he only arranged an assistant to pick up office supplies, but the executive judge speculated that he might come to take the safe himself. For this possibility, the executive judge conducted a detailed site investigation of the office environment and entry and exit routes of Yongsheng Capital Company in the office building, and formulated an action plan. On the morning of May 31, the agreed time has passed, and Liu did not show up. But at this time there was a black Mercedes-Benz RV outside the hall, and Liu’s assistant came out. Liu’s assistant turned a few laps in the hall to confirm that he was not in danger and returned to the Mercedes Benz.

A scene of surprise appeared, and Liu, wearing a luxury brand, came down from the Mercedes-Benz and went to the office building. After Liu reached the predetermined position, the executive judge and the bailiff swarmed and held Liu firmly in control. The borrowing of money did not come. The debt was reversed. When the execution of the judge explained, Liu was initially unhurried, constantly emphasizing that he was a "decent person" and would not deliberately evade legal responsibility. Moreover, he said that his friends are well-known personalities in Shenzhen and hundreds of millions of people in Shenzhen. This little money is not a problem at all, just call a friend to ensure that it can be resolved. So the six-hour "emotional exchange" began. Liu’s phone calls one after another. The friend’s net worth is higher than one, but his good friends have all sorts of reasons, and none of them can help him out.

Near noon, the corridor was noisy and the sound was getting louder and louder. The property company said that two people wanted to see Liu, saying that Liu also owed them money, and asked the judge to help bring the money back. Upon inquiry, the two individuals were employees who sent bottled water to Yongsheng Capital and were responsible for daily cleaning, but the company has been in arrears with cleaning fees and bottled water. I heard that Liu was in the office and heard the news and hoped to return the money. Due to the lack of arrears, Liu was voluntarily settled after the court was present. Time passed by, and Liu also became frustrated and even desperate from the original vows. Due to Liu’s refusal to perform the obligations determined by the effective judgment and suspected of refusing to perform the effective judgment, the enforcement judge decided to take detention measures and handed over the investigation materials to the public security organ for investigation. "OMG" "buy it to buy it"... behind the beauty of the blogger "magic" brought goods, the market of more than 450 billion yuan is coming!

In the past two years, the Yan value economy has exploded, and Amy has been divided into men, women and children regardless of age. The beauty consumption that accompanied this boom has ushered in a full-scale explosion. In 2018, Chinese people's beauty consumption on an Internet platform increased by 60% year-on-year, and per capita purchase of 3.3 lipsticks per year. Chinese cosmetics companies have revenues of 319 billion yuan, a growth rate of 12.3%. Who actually detonated the beauty industry? How much is people willing to spend on this face? The rapid development of market demand, industry development can keep up? The CCTV Financial "Deep Finance" column reporter conducted a survey into the beauty industry.

1. They are "humanoid grass machine" "OMG" "This is too good to watch it." "Buy it and buy it to buy it"... This believes that countless "beautiful people" love and hate Many people have heard it. In 2019, Li Jiaqi, known as the "People of Lipstick", was born. Using his iconic "OMG" to attract fans in the live room, shouting "You are the devil?" while hollowing out his wallet. According to statistics, in the past year, Li Jiaqi has played more than 300 live events. Since May last year, the number of orders has exceeded 7 million, and it has even set a stunning result of selling 70 million cosmetics. Sure enough, the purchasing power of women is not to be underestimated. Does this have your contribution?

There are not many beauty bloggers like Li Jiaqi, and Huang Dan is one of them. Huang Dan has been in the business for a year and a half. From the makeup artist who does not speak Mandarin, he has accumulated 190,000 fans. The most powerful sales record was a live broadcast of more than a thousand essences. According to Huang Dan, such a result can only be regarded as a waist anchor on the live broadcast platform, which is a medium level. The most powerful anchor is called the head anchor. The popularity of beauty bloggers is not limited to live broadcast platforms. In a well-known short video platform, Li Jiaqi has also been enthusiastically sought after. In the short period of two months after logging in to the platform, Li Jiaqi quickly expanded his territory and increased his powder by more than 14 million, winning 96.3 million.

According to statistics, there are more than 6 million e-commerce beauty bloggers like Li Jiaqi, and the daily video playback of beauty videos is more than 600 million. The beauty content covers more than 80 million users. how about it? Have you been shocked by this set of data? I don’t think that behind the pursuit of beauty and the pursuit of beauty is such a huge industry! It seems that overnight, the consumer army has joined the ranks of buying and buying with beauty bloggers. Chen Lei, general manager of Taobao Content E-commerce Division: Due to the people's longing for a better life, the industry is indeed changing. It’s a big trend to love beauty or to make yourself more beautiful. Whether it’s the net red model on Taobao or the corresponding makeup in Taobao today, in the whole makeup field, it The market demand, I think it is an outbreak phase in China.

According to data from Tmall, the beauty consumers on Tmall have exceeded 300 million in 2018, and the sales growth rate has exceeded 60% year-on-year, including more than 50 million post-95 consumers. Among them, lipstick is the most beautiful beauty product covering the age group. From the 70s to the 95s, they are willing to buy, and after 80, it spends most of the beauty industry's outbreak, and the diversification of beauty products makes consumers overwhelmed, but they have made many "slash youths" and even More "Wei Dad" succeeded in "slashing the career". what on earth is this kind of happenings? 21:45 tonight CCTV financial channel "Deep Finance" gives you the answer.

2. Hundreds of flowers, "Yan value economy" RF, electromagnetic waves, negative ions... These sounds are very professional terms used in high-tech fields such as electronics and medicine, but you can think of one day in everyday life. I heard and used it in my life? Along with people's pursuit of “face value”, people's enthusiasm for technology skin care is also unprecedentedly high. More and more beauty “black technology” has entered the homes of ordinary people, and these terminology has become one of the selling points of home beauty instruments. In 2014, the appearance of a steaming face in the country ignited the enthusiasm of consumers for home beauty equipment.

Don't look at the beauty of this beauty instrument, but its function can not be simple. According to the staff, it can crush the water molecules into small molecules by high-pressure negative ions, which is more conducive to the absorption of the human epidermis and achieve the effect of skin care and nourishing. In the same year, the product sold nearly 10 million units on the e-commerce platform once it was listed! In the past, many consumers also chose to do maintenance in beauty salons, but the high cost of nourishing the skin in beauty salons also discouraged many beauty lovers. Nowadays, the company has reduced the mature technology, so that more consumers can move the beauty instrument home, and enjoy high-quality skin care and beauty technology at home. This is simply the gospel of beauty lovers!

And the steam face meter is also accepted by more and more Chinese consumers, including radio frequency meter, face wash, and face-lifting instrument. A set of data from Ali shows that sales of beauty and body instruments increased by as much as 56% in 2018. The search volume of “Black Technology Skin Care” increased by 430% year-on-year. Among them, the fastest growing are RF instruments (156%), face wash (117%), and thin face meters (104%). Xiong Zhongxun, general manager of Guangzhou Meibo City: After 00, 90, and 95, it is currently a trend-oriented consumer group. They demand higher quality and require customization. With the advancement of technology, especially the arrival of the 5G era, many AIs Intelligent technology has gradually begun to showcase in Meibo City, especially in beauty equipment. In the next two years, we are ready to build a national augmented reality platform.

The consumption upgrade in the beauty industry is not only reflected in these “black technology skin care”. In fact, in recent years, the sales of beauty tools such as makeup brushes and make-up eggs have skyrocketed in the domestic market. Now, which little fairy has no handy makeup tools on the dressing table? In a lot of makeup tools, the little beauty eggs are not so eye-catching. However, it is such a small beauty egg, helping consumers create a natural makeup look, but also helped Mai Leyi couple to create their own beauty brand. Three years ago, Mei Leyi, a beauty artist with more than 600,000 fans, took advantage of Guangzhou and created her own beauty brand with her husband. The first product sold was this little beauty egg.

Don't think that this beauty egg is just a small sponge. In fact, this beauty egg is made with a lot of attention. Regardless of the material, shape, weight, etc., all have been continuously improved and rigorously tested by the company, so that every little fairy who loves beauty can get the best products. Although it is hard to make products with heart, the reward is also very happy. This is the most experienced person in the beauty industry.

The market of 3.4571 billion yuan is coming soon Chinese people's pursuit of beauty can't be underestimated. Many international cosmetics companies have also tasted the "sweetness" here. L'Oréal, the world's largest cosmetics group, recently released its first quarterly earnings report for 2019, which showed that the group's revenue was 7.55 billion euros, a year-on-year increase of 7.7%. Among them, the emerging markets Asia Pacific region has created 32% of the revenue for the group, mainly from China. In 2018, L'Oreal China's performance growth rate reached 33%; South Korea's LG Group, in the fourth quarter of 2018, the overseas market also achieved a 47% year-on-year growth, China is 7 percentage points higher than the average; Japan Shiseido in the Chinese market Performance, an increase of 32.3% compared to the previous year.

CCTV Finance's "Deep Finance" survey found that China has now become a strategic highland for global beauty brands to seize, in order to get more cakes, international companies are also increasing. In the past two years, cross-border and joint names have caught up in the beauty industry. The eye shadow of the British Museum, the BB cream of Wangwang Snow Cake, the lipstick of Coca-Cola, etc., each became an explosion, earning enough attention. While major brands continue to cater to the tastes of domestic consumers, they also show that the domestic value economy is breaking out! During the interview, the reporter found that some international big names are actually under pressure. Because the domestic cosmetics catch up fast in recent years, and consumers are not as obsessed with international big names as in the past, they began to work hard to find more domestic beauty products with bright spots. Professional institutions predict that the size of China's cosmetics retail market is expected to reach 457.1 billion yuan in 2024. The rising consumption power of ordinary people, the entrepreneurs who dare to dare to do, and the clusters of fast-gathering industries make this industry look very lively.


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