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With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people like to go out to travel as their own leisure way. Of course, China's great rivers and mountains have many places of interest, as well as precious plants. This also attracts everyone to go out and appreciate these beautiful scenery, but in China there is a unique landscape, they are 2 trees, but these two trees are not ordinary trees, they are known as the highest "status" in China. The 2 trees, one guarded by the armed police on a 24-hour patrol, were even hanged in Zhongnanhai, while the other one was insured for 100 million yuan for protection.

Seeing that the friends here believe that it will be, this is already the "peak of the tree", but it is precisely because these two trees are worth a lot, the status is "sublime", not only protected, but also become a beautiful scenery. The tree guarded by the armed police for 24 hours is the Huangshan welcoming guest. The friend who likes to go to Huangshan to climb the mountain to watch the sunrise is no stranger to the welcoming pine. It stands on the edge of the cliff, even after a few passes. In the past 100 years, it is still "green pine is still there, a few sunsets red." In order to better protect the Huangshan Yingkesong, there is a special armed police for 24 hours to protect, this status can exist uniquely in the country.

"Hello, we are Shenzhen Huamou Technology Co., Ltd., today we have a prepayment of 139,000 to your company, you need to dock with your finances, and trouble to transfer to your finances." This is the telecom fraud cited "rats" out A paragraph of the hole. The customer who was defrauded, the "telecom fraud gang" named it "the mouse". On April 14, Chengdu Liu Qian (a pseudonym) and fellow Zhang Tao (a pseudonym) went to work in Cambodia, but they encountered a telecom fraud gang. I chose to flee. On April 30th, they managed to escape, but they were taken to the Phnom Penh Immigration Bureau for nearly a month because their passports were taken away.

The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia issued a return certificate for the two people. On June 2, after the rescue of the Chengdu police and the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, Liu Qian and Zhang Tao, who returned to Kunming, said: "We want to report this fraud group and ask for it. Going back to justice.” Cambodia made a lot of money but strayed into the “fraud nest” and called the script Liu Qian, 35 years old, from Dazhou, Sichuan. He used to work as a project manager in a property company in Chengdu, with a monthly income of seven or eight thousand yuan. In February of this year, my colleague Zeng Mouxu advised him to leave his job and went to Cambodia to work on cosmetics sales. "She said that I have a maximum income of over 10,000 in a month. Although her basic salary is not high, there is no social security, but the commission is very high. Tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands are very common." Liu said that Zeng Mouxiu The brother-in-law is the boss in Cambodia, "the money is very good to earn", so I am tempted.

In February, Zeng Moxiu left before leaving. On March 14, Liu Qian invited a fellow Zhang Tao to fly to Cambodia with a ticket that Zeng Mouxiu bought for the two. "When they arrived at Sihanoukville International Airport, they drove to pick up and received the Westport." Liu said that they took the plane passport and took it away. The place where the work was done was a villa, several telephones, a computer, and a few On the list, his job is to call the companies on the list and let the client company finance add their QQ. "With a phone call, you can enter hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. Isn't it a fraud?" Liu said that the boss called Aaron, fancy his eloquence, asked for a job on the same day, Zeng Wenxiu was in charge of training, and the two played, one person played "Matler", one person plays "first line", "rat" is the collective name for fraudulent customers. "First line" is the staff who came to Liu in the first place, responsible for quoting the "burner" and letting the customer add the QQ number provided by the company.

"We have a script, just follow that." Liu said. The content of the script is: "Hello, are you a ** company? Yes, what is the matter? Hello, we are Shenzhen Huamou Technology Co., Ltd., our company has an advance payment today, 139,000 to pay Your company needs to make a docking with your company's finances. Could you please transfer your finances? Ok. Hello, may I ask if you are a company financial? Yes, are you? We are Shenzhen Huamou Technology Co., Ltd. Finance, this is the case, we have a prepayment of 139,000 to pay to your class company today, trouble you to provide the collection information. How do I give you? Trouble you to add the work of our company cashier QQ.

Ok, please tell us about your QQ. Our QQ is ****. When you add QQ, please note your company name. We can easily pass this and arrange the first time to pay for you. "The fraudulent routine has been deceiving more than 300,000 yuan. The computer and the phone are all thrown into the sea. Liu said that when there is money to be hit, many people will put down their vigilance. "Through this process, you will know the name of the financial staff and facilitate the second line." "Operation". Their customer information comes from domestic public information. Most of the enterprises are oil, automobile and building materials industry. The area is mainly in Beijing and Nanjing. If you encounter "a positive mouse (a customer who is easy to lie), the dialogue is smooth, very Join the QQ group quickly; if you encounter a "small mouse", they quickly hang up the phone and go directly to the next one.

"There are many problems, and the police are highly vigilant. The process of cheating is to win before the other party's reaction." Liu said that the success rate of winning is up to 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. Because after 4 o'clock, even if the customer makes a deposit, because of the bank's rolling account, once the customer responds, the transfer can be revoked. After the “first-line” staff allowed the customers to successfully join the QQ group, the “second-line” began to work, and the QQ group swindled the money. The “second-line” staff played the boss of the company, the boss of the other company, and had many different roles. The only real thing is this cashier.

"There is a two-hour gap in the transfer. They have already made a screenshot of the transfer PS. It is used repeatedly. When the money is booked, the company boss will say that we still have a XX company that has not been settled. The cashier will tie the money. Liu said that at this time, the counterfeit client company owner provides a bank account, and the account number is called “borrowing car”. Within one day, “a lot of cars will be borrowed”. Liu Qian said that there are 30 people in this group. There are five or six people in the "first line". One person calls eight or ninety calls. There are always two or three people who succeed. On average, they lie to more than one million a day. The most common day is April. On the 30th, he cheated more than 600 million yuan.

"As long as you succeed in more than 300,000, the phone and the computer are all thrown into the sea." Liu said that the villa also has a stove dedicated to the list of scams. Liu Qian and Zhang Tao said that because they were reluctant to do this, they called the phone every day, but they always blew in the air. The two stayed for more than half a month, and they did not talk about it. After two escapes without a passport, they were detained to the Immigration Bureau in Phnom Penh for a week. Liu Qian and Zhang Tao fled. In order to prevent the leakage of information, once you go to work, everyone's private mobile phones are all collected, and even wear and wear, in addition to underwear, all to help you buy. "The living conditions are not to say, what do you want to buy for you." Liu said, but even if they are connected to WIFI, they can not determine the location of the villa. "I don't know why, send the location information out, all one blank".

When I got off work that day and got my own personal mobile phone, Liu Qian and Zhang Tao took the bag and planned to go out from the door of the villa, but they were blocked. "Aaron advised me to stay here, and the threat was revealed in the words." Liu said. After the first flight failure, he was uneasy and he quickly explained to Aaron that he wanted to work here for a long time. He also advised his wife to come to Cambodia together. Liu Qian showed Aaron his chat history with his wife.

On April 30, the gang defrauded more than 600 million yuan, and Aaron led the team to the Westport seaside to celebrate. As night fell, Liu asked for a massage, $5. "At the time, Aaron was ready to take the team back and told me to hurry up." Liu Qian continued to delay the time because the massage was not over. Aaron didn't pay attention to him. He and Zhang Tao ran away and mixed into Xigang Street. They escaped the first two hours in the barber shop. "If I was found to have lost my life, I saw a gun behind Aaron after dinner."

In a foreign country, the language is unreasonable. They asked a Chinese person about the location of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia. “It’s about five hours’ drive in Phnom Penh.” Liu said that they could not estimate the local team’s power, so they decided to walk to Phnom Penh. There were still two or two hundred dollars on the two people, which was swindled by the gang. Living expenses. The two walked along the road, thirsty for drinking water, hungry for the head, sleeping in the farmhouse's hammock, and arrived in Phnom Penh on May 3. "Someone suggested that we call the police, first get back the passport." Zhang Tao said that the two people have no language, even the Phnom Penh Public Security Bureau did not find, some even told them that the police need to pay 200 dollars.

The two of them looked at the map, from Laos to Laos, to Yunnan Xishuangbanna, about 2,000 kilometers. "Let's think about it, but it will take more than four months to walk back." Zhang Tao said that they took a ride and took a long walk. On May 5, they arrived at the border of Phnom Penh. As a result, no passport was placed in the Immigration Bureau of Phnom Penh.

[Global Times's special correspondent in the United States Wen Yan Global Times reporter Fan Lingzhi Global Times special correspondent Lu Wen Liu Zhi] The US Department of Defense quietly released the latest version of the "Arctic Strategy Report" on the 6th, saying that Russia and China may expand their operations in the Arctic Circle. Threat to US homeland security. To maintain its strategic advantage, the report recommends that the United States increase the deployment of military and related facilities within the Arctic Circle. Experts believe that the Arctic is a public area belonging to all mankind, and all countries should contribute their own efforts to serve all humanity. The attempt by the United States to impose its will on other countries is doomed to failure.

According to the US Axios News Network, the latest US Department of Defense strategy report is highly consistent with US Secretary of State Pompeo's speech at the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Finland last month, which basically replaced the Arctic strategic direction during Obama's administration. . In the 2016 report, the current government has emphasized the impact of climate change on the ecology, and this part of the report is very small, and the report does not even mention the word “climate change”. In this report submitted to Congress, the Trump administration emphasized that the current Arctic has entered the "strategic competition era", and the "great power game" situation initiated by Russia and China in the region is compelling, even for the United States. Security interests form a threat.

Japan's NHK website reported that the new US report believes that the "Russian threat" focuses on the maritime and military levels. As one of the eight countries with actual control in the Arctic, Russia controls the Arctic waters more than the rights granted by international law. For example, the country controls the North Sea route, the northernmost maritime route in the world, and requires foreign ships entering the route to only permit, accept Russian pilotage and escort, and claim to use force against vessels that do not comply with the "Russian regulations." On the military level, Russia itself is the “big player” in the Arctic Circle; since the establishment of the Northern Fleet Joint Strategy Command in 2014, the country is still creating new Arctic military establishments and bases, renovating old airports and others. Military facilities and military activities are increasing day by day.

The report also stated that although China currently has no territorial claims in the Arctic Circle and its scope and types of activities are very limited, it is constantly participating in the Arctic game through its own “economic influence”. According to the report, China can link a wide range of economic activities to the Arctic countries through the “Belt and Road” initiative to achieve “general strategic goals”. The report said that although China does not have a permanent military deployment in the Arctic, it has been seeking to invest in the construction of "dual-use facilities"; not only that, China's current scientific research activities, the strong performance of the icebreaker, It is possible to lay the foundation for future Arctic military deployment.

In order to maintain its strategic advantage in the Arctic Circle, the US Department of Defense proposes to work with allies to further enhance the intelligence, patrol and communications capabilities of the country's military in the Arctic, increase military exercises and military deployment, and strengthen the military in the pole. Training subjects in a cold environment. However, Axios News Network believes that the latest strategy of the Ministry of Defense may not be fully realized in the short term: from the current point of view, the number of icebreakers in the United States is not only incomparable to Russia, but its location in the Arctic's post is far from being used by the garrison.

In response to the new report from the United States, the Russian Federal News Agency quoted Russian political analyst Sorovijic on the 8th as saying that the US accusation of Russia’s activities in the Arctic is ridiculous and unfounded. Russia is the largest Arctic country and has the right to independently decide how to control polar space for national economic and scientific interests without external orders. This is in the interest of Russia and is in the interest of all mankind. On the Arctic issue, the United States’ attempt to impose its will on Russia and other countries is doomed to failure.

Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of the China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times reporter on the 9th that the Arctic is a public area belonging to all mankind. All countries should contribute their efforts to serve all mankind. The US report points out China, indicating that the United States is now in a state of incredible madness in its policy toward China. The "everything must be reversed" has almost become a constant theme for US national defense and defense policy makers. Let the United States interpret any trend of China in the international arena as "challenging the dominant position of the United States." The intention and actual actions of the US in its China policy are seriously out of touch with the status quo of close interest between China and the United States, and it is also seriously out of touch with this era. The final result will not only damage Sino-US relations, but also undermine the fundamental interests of the United States itself.

In fact, Pompeo had accused China of participating in the Arctic affairs when attending the Arctic Council ministerial meeting. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson dismissed that the criticisms of the Chinese side's criticism of China's participation in the Arctic affairs are totally inconsistent with the facts, and that the contradictions with the Arctic peace cooperation are completely reversed in black and white and have ulterior motives. The Arctic issue is not only related to the Arctic countries, but also has global significance and international influence. China will not be involved in the affairs of the Arctic countries. But on the cross-regional and global issues of the Arctic, China will not be absent and can and will play a constructive role.

After a week of detention at the Immigration Bureau, Liu contacted her lover Yu Mei (a pseudonym) and asked her to report to the police in Longquanyi District, Chengdu. Yu Mei went to the Daping Police Station for help, and the police station provided her with the telephone number of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia. On May 23, the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia issued a certificate of return for Liu Qian and Zhang Tao, and the staff of the Embassy brought this certificate to the Immigration Bureau. "With this proof, we can return to China." Liu said that at 10:15 on June 2, the two arrived in Kunming, ending a frightening journey in Cambodia for more than a month.


  • This is called a couple photo, you are the most photo

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  • With the improvement of peoples living standards, more and more people like to go out to travel as their own leisure way. Of course, Chinas great rivers and mountains have many places of interest, as well as precious plants. This also attrac
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  • There is an old saying in China that is called smart and anti-intelligent mistakes. It is suitable for some politicians who are self-righteous and smart in the United States. From the time of the trade war, I thought that the trade war is a


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