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After more than 20 years of debut, his voice and smile have hardly been eroded by time, and he always exudes a juvenile temperament that is beyond the age, as if it was fixed by the years. Even if he is in the middle of a group of 90-player musicians headed by Ayun, his face value and body are not inconsistent, and he seems to be the same age as everyone. As the saying goes, the heart is born, and the environment turns. In the complicated and famous Vanity Fair, the reason why he can not be dyed by the worldly dust, in the age of no doubt, truly "going for a half life, return is still a teenager", relying not only on the maintenance and self-discipline of life, but also Mentality and spiritual positive, clear and evergreen.

The sadness of "other children" In the eyes of many people, Wang Lihong, who was born in the Xueba family, was the legendary "children of other people". His great-grandfather was interviewed by Sun Yat-sen, a graduate of Tsinghua University's Department of Economics, and his parents are high-school students from Taiwan's prestigious universities; his brother is a Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, his nephew is a master's degree at the University of Chicago, and his brother is also a Massachusetts student. Master of Science and Technology... As the only singer in the family, Wang Lihong, who loves music, remembers the grandmother’s teachings when he was young, even if he was engaged in music work in the future, he would also be admitted to the best art university. After graduating from high school, he also received invitations from Yale University, Princeton University, and Williams College.

In the eyes of outsiders, Wang Lihong, who has both face value, academic qualifications and talents, seems to have an impeccable perfect person. Under the beautiful appearance, he also has his own unique troubles: "Everyone's strengths are also shortcomings, all Things are two-sided. On May 17, 1976, Wang Lihong was born in Rochester, New York, USA, where the population of Asia is less than one percent of the local population. Racial discrimination is undercurrent and erodes his entire childhood in silence. Until he was in the third grade of elementary school, the harsh noise suddenly broke out on the playground: the laughter came from all sides, and the young Wang Lihong was so helpless that he had to laugh with everyone, but he actually experienced it at that moment. It’s the taste of the soul.

He really wanted to violently beat the classmate named Bryan who was leading the matter, but the other person was tall and high, and he knew that he was not an opponent. In the days when I had to swallow, it was music that healed his small heart. Wang Lihong, who has a great talent for musical instruments, will play the violin from the age of six. When he was eight years old, he learned to play the piano. At the age of thirteen, he can write his own song. "I still remember the first instrument in my life: it was still too small, the piano still couldn't move, my mother used a corn flake box, a ruler, and a chopstick as a bow, gave me a hand. Violin. Since then, the violin has become my best friend. "Guitar, dulcimer, drum kit, with the mastery of all kinds of instruments, Wang Lihong gradually found that whenever he plays or sings, other children will Forget his race and skin color and treat him as an equal friend.

After entering the sixth grade, Bryan, who had ridiculed him, was even impressed by his performance, took the initiative to apologize to him, and invited him to join their band as a drummer. Music has gradually become a bridge between him and the world. Not only that, but when he was fifteen years old, he also got the most important letter in his life. It was a letter from a cleaner who had worked in school for more than 20 years. The cleaner named Sam is a Vietnamese national. For more than two decades, Sam wiped the floor and cleaned the toilet every day. He almost never spoke English and never spoke to the students. But on the eve of the school's annual music festival, Sam found Wang Lee Hom, who handed the letter he had saved from his trembling hands. Open the letterhead, and the slanted fonts are all written in uppercase letters:

"I have been working as a school worker for many years in this school. You are the first Asian boy I have ever seen as the lead singer. I am going to take my six-year-old daughter tonight to see your performance. Because I want her to see it. We Asians can also bring a lot of positive energy." In the moment of reading the letter, Wang Lihong seems to be in the thunder. For the first time, he realized that music can have such a powerful influence on others and inspire others. He eventually chose to pursue a bachelor's degree at Williams College, where he majored in music and Asian studies. After graduation, he earned a double master's degree at the world's top music school, the Bethley Conservatory.

Perhaps from the moment music originally gave him a sense of security, the musical dream has quietly taken root in him. One day in 1995, 19-year-old Wang Lihong returned to Taiwan to visit relatives and was discovered by scouts on the streets. After returning to the United States, he sent a self-singing videotape to the famous music producer Li Shouquan, and officially opened his own singing career. Unlike many newcomers who are waiting for the company's packaging, Wang Lihong, who loves to write songs, has a unique idea from his debut, preferring to sing songs created by himself and having a Western flavor.

Although I have never seen the beauty of the Yangtze River,

Dreaming of the Yangtze River in the dream;

I grow up on other people’s land,

After growing up, it was a descendant of the dragon.

In order to adhere to the multi-faceted and cutting-edge creative style, he arranged the production of the entire album. From the guitar to the dulcimer, from the piano to the guzheng, from the middle to the erhu... The performance of the 18-like instrument failed to stump him. The real dilemma he faced at that time was the language barrier. Due to his growing in a pure English environment, Wang Lihong’s Chinese skills are extremely poor. When he returned to Taiwan for a variety show during the summer vacation, he always stood in the back row without saying a word. He was once considered by the media to be awkward.

The first step in communication is to understand the language. At that time, Wang Lihong gradually realized that he was about to undergo a transition from a Chinese American to a true Chinese. In order to be able to express himself smoothly, he must learn Chinese well. Therefore, he still hired a professional Chinese teacher to study Chinese pronunciation one word at a time. Three years later, Wang Lihong, who broke through the language checkpoint, successfully converted his own disadvantages into advantages. Not only did he respond to the media in the face of the media, but also further integrated the music of the East and West, forming his own unique creative style, and he never went back on the music road.

In 2010, the British authoritative music magazine "WORD" sealed Wang Lihong as "Oriental Elvis"

Always work hard and work hard,

never give up,

Can change the world,

change yourself.

Many people think that Wang Lihong is able to achieve this result almost because of his talent. In fact, this is not the case - "diligence like a cow" is the unified style of Wang Lihong in the entertainment circle. During the filming of "The Soldiers", Jackie Chan had lived with Wang Leehom for three months. During that time, he discovered that Wang Lihong would open the computer to write music as soon as he was empty, and there was almost no leisure time. Jackie Chan couldn't help but sigh: "I have never seen such a diligent artist. If he is my son, it would be fine." Another time, when shooting a scene that needs to fall to the ground, Wang Lihong, who is pursuing perfection, insists that he repeatedly falls 18 The face, waist and arms were worn out, and the right hand could not be lifted for several months.

As an artist who plays a living role, the injury of the hand is the most deadly, but Wang Lihong did not mention it to anyone because he did not want to influence the shooting progress, nor did he want to worry fans.
Shen Guangyao, the man in "Nothing to Ask West", can stare at the tea stalk in the cup for several hours to exercise his eyesight and personally participate in the pilot's special training to blend in with the character and wrap the real snake in his hand. Run on and refuse to use the substitute...

The well-known music critic, Ear Emperor once said: Artists who sing special powers, face values ​​and burst watches, look at the entire Chinese music scene, except Wang Lihong! But Wang Lihong did not agree with this: "I don't feel much about my appearance, because I have seen my ugliest look, like sleeping and showering." Many people didn't know. Perhaps the most important virtue that can be left in the "opening" environment is his low-key, hard work and humility. The most "poor" idols have never thought of their outstanding appearance, and Wang Lihong did not pay much attention to the wearing of clothing.

For him, wearing a T-shirt and shirt for more than ten years is a common practice. According to Tao Wei's "Tucao Conference", Wang Lihong's wardrobe is full of shredded socks, even shoes can be worn for ten years. One of his costumes can be worn repeatedly for 57 performances, and the seams can be replenished until they can no longer be worn. There is also a suitcase that has followed him for 10 years, which is covered with finely packed consignments until When he broke it, he couldn’t break it anymore, and he reluctantly bid farewell to it.

It’s easy to buy a car for himself on the 33rd birthday, just a second-hand van worth $12,000; this car is ten years old until it is completely scrapped and cannot be transported. He had to discard it. Whenever he needs to attend the awards ceremony and other activities, he would rather borrow other people's clothes than buy brand-name clothing. Even in the interview, he complained to the host that the child's clothes are hard to borrow, and the other party exclaimed: This is too tricky. Alright?

In Wang Lihong’s eyes, this kind of life style that is almost “trick” is the education he received from childhood: in his childhood memories, he wears clothes that his brother and his neighbor’s children can’t wear, and he also puts this The traditional and thrifty dressing tradition is used by three of his children. The style of Wang Lihong's hard work and familykeeping is widely circulated in Taiwan. However, he is known as one of the "new four kings", and his annual income in 2018 is as high as 460 million Taiwan dollars. Netizens don't understand: What is the use of making so much money?

Until Wang Lihong disclosed his income distribution in an interview: 10% of the money he earned was spent on music production, and the remaining 90% were all turned to charity. In addition to natural disasters and man-made disasters, Wang Lihong will use his influence to call for more people to pay attention to the disadvantaged groups and give strength to the victims: during the SARS epidemic in 2003, Wang Lihong and Tao Shu and other singers co-authored and sang. The charity song "Hand in Hand"; in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, he also sold a commemorative book "Life's Praise" after the establishment of a disaster relief account, and then donated a school in Sichuan.

In 2006, on behalf of the non-profit organization World Vision, Wang Lihong went to Laos to visit poor children and was stung by the difficult living environment. He immediately decided to support 10 children. Three years later, he went to Sierra Leone again to help him. Ten children have taken responsibility for being the father of 20 children. In addition to charity, environmental protection is also the focus of Wang Lihong. In response to energy saving and emission reduction, he can do 10 days without using disposable tableware and handkerchiefs instead of paper towels. Even if he travels, he will bring chopsticks and soap to his side, and he will not open new soap when staying at the hotel.

During the filming of "Love Notice", as a director, he led everyone to pick up garbage and recycle mineral water bottles at the scene of photography. He also led thousands of people in Taipei to participate in the "car-free day" cycling. "I review my life, the biggest waste is the record. Since 2007, I have been fighting the company, replacing the plastic packaging outside the record with recycled paper." In order to lead by example, he advocated environmental protection, he even This release of the album "Change Yourself", and attached environmental chopsticks on the album. All kinds of positive actions worthy of being praised by the press, he never advertised in front of the media, but only a low-key and silent implementation.

"I think the essence of musicians and artists should be a thinker. Pop music should be tied to the pulse of the times." New life, the journey of the New Year, Wang Lihong triumphed in the music and film circles, but his personal feelings are particularly low-key. . Although he has declared that he wants to form a family since he was 17 years old, he has been fleeting for twenty years, but he has never publicly acknowledged any relationship. Until the early morning of November 27, 2013, he suddenly announced on the Weibo the girlfriend Li Lilei, who had been in contact for many years, and responded to outside speculation by saying that he had been married in the second daylight.

Under the intimate photos of the two, Wang Lihong said: "She is not an entertainment person, so you don't know; I don't want you to know her from other sources," and admitted that the two can join hands to share the future. For this marriage that was not optimistic at first, Wang Lihong just silently proved everything with his actions. After five years of marriage, they are still as loving as ever. All rumors are not broken. If music used to be a country full of security, now love can do the same. Three years after the marriage, the two ushered in two lovely daughters, which is a new life experience for Wang Lihong, who was originally a father.

"I have written so many love songs before, but I found out that I still have such a gentle feeling in my heart until I have a daughter." For more than five years, he has squeezed his time as much as possible to accompany his family and kneel on the ground. The daughter rides on her back and insists on singing five minutes of songs to her daughter every night before going to bed. I understand that your heart is still tender and simple, sometimes hurt, fear and confusion. Dear, not far from the pipeline, it must be full of love. This "Dear" is the song he wrote to the two daughters. The past time passed by. In his forty and three years, Wang Lihong began to explore the world together with his daughters.

In the hearts of the French, the best years of life have only just begun in their forties, because people at that time have accumulated a certain amount of material wealth and spiritual experience, and began to have the margin to enjoy life more gracefully. For Wang Lee Hom, this law is obviously appropriate. In August 2018, Wang Lihong ushered in his third child. Looking at the son who hasn't blinked in the middle of the eye, Wang Lihong's delightful eyes flashed the childlike purity and innocence: "I feel like I saw a little me."


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