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Let me tell you my opinion. The biggest difference between frequent travelers and infrequent travelers is the mentality, the mentality of dealing with problems, and the speed of making decisions. I often go on my own, from the first time I don't know anything about strategy to the next light car. The process of strategy exercises my logic. When I started doing it, I really thought about what to do. Later, I would make a list, and then do it all step by step.


There is also the mentality of encountering difficult things, once we two rented a car to go freely, because the reasons for poor planning, did not return the car according to the original plan (the journey did not go much, just came back late at night, did not return the car that night), so that later when returning the car and the owner chatted, I felt very bad, very bad at that time. Want to quarrel, in my friend's comfort, with the boss very polite discussion, and later did not overcharge, but made a friend.


One thing I dislike most is my mother-in-law. I went to enjoy flowers some time ago and spent them in the mountains. Every year, the flowering period is uncertain. According to the weather this year and the temperature in the mountains in recent days, I booked an airline ticket in the afternoon and left the next day. It turns out that I guessed right. A colleague of mine later on, Yiyi. I don't know if frequent travel will improve the habit of indecision, but I think it will have some effect.


Finally, it should be eloquence and communication skills. Sometimes I take a long-distance train. My girlfriend is curious. How can you talk to anyone, from the old people in sixty or seventy to the young children in their teens? This may be more experience. Then listen to the stories they tell, process the stories and convey them to others. Man, naturally, can catch up with any words, do not know how to listen to, understand, we talk together, eloquence and thinking ability, ah, should be more or less improved, what communication phobia, it will not exist.


Above all, I think it's different. Code words are not easy. If you think it's reasonable, thank you for your approval. I surf all the year round and find that traveling can increase your hobbies.

1 美食,经常品尝各地的美食,从而对美食甚至烹饪都有了兴趣,老想在家也能做出当地的味道

1. Delicious food, often tasting local delicacies, so that they are interested in food and even cooking, and always want to make local flavor at home.

2 摄影 旅行免不了拍照,越拍越多,就想越来越好,于是折腾单反,入镜头 本身是东北人,下场雪都兴高采烈的出顶雪拍照,回来后期,朋友见了都说有病

2 Photo travel is unavoidable to take pictures, the more photographs, the better they want to be, so tossing the SLR, the lens itself is Northeastern people, the next snow are happy to take pictures of the top snow, back later, friends said that they were sick.

3 运动 在外走了大半年回来发现在家根本就呆不下了,每天必须得上外走两圈才能安心入睡,久而久之也就爱上了跑步,打篮球之类的运动

3. After walking outside for half a year, I came back to find that I couldn't stay at home at all. I had to walk outside twice a day to fall asleep. Over time, I fell in love with running, playing basketball and other sports.


These hobbies are developed through tourism. They are really good for body and mind to cultivate sentiment. Look at my friends. All day long, the glory of the hero League king king is getting worse and worse. To tell the truth, if I don't go to long-term travel, it may be the same. I don't know whether it's good or bad. Well, I think I can still say that. One point of view:


Starting from Jiuzhaigou in 2014, I thought it was a very happy thing, because I had never traveled far before. When we chatted together, I could also talk about where I went. At that time, I didn't understand. I thought traveling was something that rich people would do. So a long trip is the biggest reward for one year...


Later, I came into contact with donkey friends. Every holiday, I would come outdoors once every 2-3 days. I had visited Ulan Butong grassland, Kubuqi Desert, Wutai Mountain, and all kinds of peaks. In the mountains with an altitude of 3 kilometers below zero, I met with a level 8 monster wind, and walked for 8 hours for 30 kilometers, only cookies and bread to feed my hunger and set up a tent. Teng, Residence and Residence... These will not only broaden our horizons, but also make more cheerful friends. More importantly, they can make us realize that life is not easy, that food is precious, and that these experiences are true without exaggeration...

再说说金钱吧 短旅花不了太多银子 几十 几百都有 因为户外队友差不多都是1~3天的行程,且大多数盈利模式比较透明,但是自己的户外装备的确是要花很多银子的,冲锋衣裤鞋登山仗之类的户外装备比较费钱,但是对于长期的人来说慢慢买还是可以接受的……

Speaking of money, short trips don't cost too much money. Dozens of hundreds of dollars are due to the fact that outdoor teammates are almost 1-3 days'trips, and most of the profit models are transparent. But their outdoor equipment does cost a lot of money. Outdoor equipment such as charging clothes, trousers, shoes and mountaineering battles costs more money, but for the long term. It's acceptable for people to buy slowly...


The main differences are horizons and horizons. In reality, many tourism enthusiasts are relatively independent, broad-minded and knowledgeable, and there are many strange things they perceive during their journey, which will increase their chat after tea and dinner.


Speaking of myself, a person who used to be a resident basically worked nine to five days a day and came home from work. It was really boring at two o'clock and one line. Later, he fell in love with traveling. As he went to more places, he also saw a lot of local human feelings and customs. I remember in April, 18, when I went to Daliang Mountain in Puge, Sichuan Province, before I went there, the beauty of the mountain scenery appeared in my mind. The air was fresh. When I saw a group of school children coming in front of me, I was red-eyed. Many children wore ragged clothes, shoes had holes in their feet, and more than a dozen accompanying children. Basically, none of them is clean. That moment really touched my heart. That day was a good day. The car brought a lot of snacks, which were distributed to the children. It was really naive to see them smiling.


In short, people still need to go out more to find out the difference in the world. If they stay in the circle all the time, they will be ignorant. Sichuan is also helping Daliangshan to develop. I believe that the future life of the children in the mountains will be better and better. First of all, I would like to thank the theme for giving such an opportunity to express my personal views. Individual mentality and value output will be different.


Read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles. I think the person who can travel must also be a person who knows how to enjoy life. It is also a process of increasing one's own knowledge and improving oneself. When I went to college, I saw the Sahara Desert of Sanmao, and my love of traveling has been beyond control ever since. Maybe it's because everyone has a hair in their heart. I've been to many places to take many pictures, but I just hope that one day when I get old and sit in the sun with pictures for my grandchildren, I can tell them a travel experience with fresh memories. I think I will be extremely proud.


To borrow Sanmao's quote, the true happiness of traveling lies not in the destination, but in the process of meeting different people, encountering strange things, overcoming difficulties and listening to different languages. It is a great happiness for me, even though the world is one sand, one flower paradise, and the world is more than one sand. One flower, how many wonderful phenomena the world has accumulated, I see, I hear, my experience is more enriched.


Travel can make a person glow. I remember going to Dali once. On the way to carpool, I met an aunt in her sixties. She said she came out alone and had traveled for more than ten days. It is a unique temperament to tell us interesting things happened these days on the way. Self-confidence emanates from the inside out. Although my aunt is over 60 years old, she is not old at all. A person's appearance carries the years. Her eyes were full of scenery she had seen before. Most of what a person experiences in her life will become part of her temperament.


Travelers are full of heart. Let's start with the people around me. My friend's boyfriend is a very reluctant person to go out. I think it's better to play games at home. My friend's heart yearns for the distance, but one person does not want to go out, and the other person compromises. Every time I see her, I tell me that I will take her with me when I go out. However, when I called her every time I arranged my trip, she was reluctant to go out. So travel is something that you really love in your heart, and then you can put it into action. Know how to please yourself, life will be full, heart will be full.


Travelers have a wide horizon. When you travel, you can see many interesting ways of life, so your horizons will suddenly broaden. Implicitly, it is a change in the world's perception. In the process of traveling, you will gradually become gentle, treat everything, have a heart of tolerance and understanding.


For frequent travelers and infrequent travelers, they have their own life plans and different ways of life. With the development of the Internet, a mobile phone can see the world today. But, after all, it's someone else's experience. People must go out more, or you will think that this is the world. Travel more than travel.


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