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before the Soviet Union sent troops, the anti-Soviet Amin ha



On the one hand, the US government asked Google, Qualcomm and Microsoft to cut off Huawei's supply to China, and on the other hand, it plans to use Huawei's communication technology for free. Where is the world's wishful thinking, light enjoyment, not paying for the beauty! The United States said that Huawei has stolen US technology, and the United States has not yet developed 5G! Did Huawei traverse the space-time tunnel and steal the technology of the United States in 2051? Arabian Nights, let the world laugh! The United States is a shame! The United States is really red-eyed. It does not hesitate to damage the world-famous courier company. At all costs of FedEx, the documents sent by Huawei from Japan and Hong Kong to a third country are directly sent to the United States.

Despicable and shameless at home! Facts speak louder than words, and nothing is said. The United States has no face to say that the East is saying West. It’s time for the United States to break the tens of thousands of hammers! It is also a kind of courage to graduate from college to sell water. There is a mentality of being a boss, and there is always nothing to do with some college graduates. If you are not high, you will not be strong! More powerful than those who are old, put the following! One day I will always earn my face back! If you don’t let me go, you will always be ugly in your life!

In daily life, some people love to sleep late, always sleep in the morning, especially some students sleep all day, blurred, dizzy, eyes are always unable to open, rice does not want to eat, even too lazy to do things, too lazy to talk In daily life, they are too lazy to take care of themselves... In the face of these situations, many family members often do not pay attention to it. They generally think that it may be that their family members are tired of work or that their children are under too much pressure to study. Excessive laziness, indifference to people, vigilance against mental illness In fact, if a person often has such a situation, he needs to be alert to simple schizophrenia.

The core symptom of simple schizophrenia is "lazy." This kind of "lazy" is completely different from most people's occasional feelings of fatigue and laziness. It is a pathological laziness caused by pathological decline of will, and the patient's will activity is significantly and persistently inhibited. Initiative, passive life, lazy, indifferent to people, behavior retreat.

In the minds of many people, since schizophrenia patients are "mad", they must "follow the madness." Indeed, some patients with schizophrenia have acute or subacute onset. In a few days, they have become like a person. They are gibberish, crying and laughing, and their behavior is bizarre. They have turned their homes upside down and stirred up four neighbors. . This type of patient is better identified, but most schizophrenia patients do not.

Clinically, most patients with schizophrenia have a slow and late onset, and the incentives are not obvious. At the beginning, the performance was slow, life was passive, lazy, and did not want to do things. The patient became increasingly lonely, not interested in everything around him, indifferent to people, and even lacked affection for his loved ones. They are languid, unresponsive, do not trim their margins, have reduced academic performance, have reduced ability to work, are unwilling to interact with people around them, often sit alone, or stay in bed all day, do not want to go to work, do not want to go out, do not want to participate in activities that they usually like. And hobbies, alienating relatives and friends, avoiding social interaction. These "negative symptoms" of "no fight" are the basic symptoms of schizophrenia, or core symptoms.

As the disease continues to develop, some patients begin to talk, and they are distracted, and there are many weird "logical reasoning" that are incomprehensible; some patients are suspicious and want to make a difference; some patients produce various kinds of All kinds of hallucinations; some patients cry for no reason, behaviors are bizarre or impulsive to hurt people, destroy things; some patients do not eat or drink, do not speak, do not respond to external stimuli, like "wood people." These are all additional symptoms of schizophrenia, or "positive symptoms."

This can't be commented, each has its own ideas, understand each other, communicate diligently, and tell your parents what they can do, what they want to do, whoever wants to find a decent job, and also need opportunities. The latter sentence is selling water. I can't do anything like junior high school graduation. I don't have a junior high school classmate. I dropped out of junior high school. Now all of them are arrogant people. I can't generalize it. The times are different. [捂脸][捂脸][捂脸][捂脸] I also commented a few words: It is really understandable that a child graduates from a university to sell fruit. As long as he is self-sufficient in labor, it is worthy of our affirmation. This is beyond doubt.

However, parents are struggling to supply you to college. I am sure that I have great hopes for you. I also hope to make achievements in your professional field. Is your parents wrong? They are also right. Where is the fault? The mistake is that the father and son are not communicating enough. If my son just graduated, I haven't found a job that suits me. I want to sell fruit for the time being. It is all about experiencing life, supporting myself, and sharing the burden on the family. I think it is worth encouraging. If I am going to sell fruit for a long time after graduating from college, I feel that I can live up to my parents' hopes. Since I went to college, not only did my parents pay a lot, but the country also had a lot of college students. I hope that after graduation, college students can At a high level, you can make bigger achievements. The country and parents train you to go to college. It is definitely not for you to sell fruits like junior high school or elementary school students.

Of course, I don't mean to learn from the talents of junior high school or junior high school. As long as you work hard, you may also make outstanding achievements! After graduating from college, the 27-year-old pony in Fuyang, Anhui Province sold water on street carts. Pony thought that he was starting a business, but his father was angry. On the evening of June 11, the father and son had a quarrel on the street. Standing on the position of the parents to see the pony do the wrong, hard for most of the life to supply to school, hoping to send it to the body, through the ordinary sale of water, his father can not think of it! It is said that education changes the fate, and the result is that it has not reached its father's expectations. Entrepreneurship is also right. You can share your ideas and plan your future goals with your family. This is better!

"I have to sell it and do something else. You may have spared me. Don't say that I am not doing anything. I know that I am not capable..." The pony in the video is crying. In 1980, the 22nd Summer Olympic Games was held in the Soviet Union. At the opening of the Olympic Games, many Soviets were ecstatic, sitting in front of the TV and waiting to watch the opening ceremony. However, they soon found that the opening ceremony was different from the usual opening ceremony. In the flags of the countries flying around the opening ceremony, the national flags of Germany, the United States and China were not seen!

Not only that in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, in the subsequent competitions, many foreign athletes did not raise the national flag of the country when they won the medal, but instead replaced the Olympic five-ring flag. These strange phenomena made them puzzled. The reason why these strange phenomena occur in the Moscow Olympics is because the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, this Olympic Games was unprecedentedly boycotted by the international community, and dozens of countries did not come to the Olympics! In the winter of 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and executed the Afghan president to support the regime. The Soviet Union’s naked invasion of a sovereign country defied the international order and allowed the Soviet Union to succumb to the unprecedented isolation in the international arena.

Why did the Soviets move to the small country with a land area of ​​only 650,000 square kilometers in the same year, and what was their motive for invading Afghanistan? Located in the heart of Asia's continent, Afghanistan is a transportation hub connecting Europe and Asia. The special geographical location has made Afghanistan a battleground for the military since ancient times, and it has also caused Afghanistan to suffer from war. For thousands of years, the Persian Empire, the Mongol Empire, the Arab Empire, the iron hoof of the Ottoman Empire have trampled on this land, and the Russians and the British have also fought for this fat. After a long and unremitting struggle, Afghanistan finally won independence in 1919.

But Afghanistan’s independence is only nominal, and it has never been able to shake off the influence of big powers. After the end of the Second World War, the East and West Cold Wars involved Afghanistan. Afghan in the cracks between the East and West camps is in a difficult situation. Afghan thinks that anyone can not afford to sin. He has stepped on two boats and pursued a neutral foreign policy. But the result is that both sides are not pleased. Both superpowers want to pull Afghanistan to their side, compete to intervene in Afghanistan's domestic affairs, and actively cultivate their own power.

The United States and the Soviet Union have made the already stable Afghanistan a disfigured dog and a coup. First, Daoud overthrew the Zahir regime in 1973. A few years later, the Soviet-funded agent Talaki overthrew the Daoud regime and established the Afghan Democratic Republic. Taraki had studied in Moscow and had a good personal relationship with Brezhnev. After he took office, he naturally grateful to the Soviets and gave his best to the Soviet Union. Moreover, the Soviet system was cloned into Afghanistan, and the market economy was abolished to implement a planned economy.

These "big-bang" reforms have spurred Afghanistan's smog and quickly plunged Afghanistan into chaos, exacerbated social conflicts and caused dissatisfaction among all sectors of society. In the end, Taraki and his cronies, Defense Minister Amin also had differences in domestic policy. Brezhnev gave Taraki an idea to get rid of Amin. The conspiracy of the Soviets and Taraki was spotted by Amin. Amin first took the initiative to replace Talaki. (Brezhnev) Amin, who was almost removed by the Soviets, naturally did not look good to Brezhnev. His flag clearly opposed the Soviet control and adopted a gesture of alienating the Soviet Union and moving closer to the West.

The practice of the new Afghan government has made the Soviet high-level officials very dissatisfied. They cannot tolerate a pro-Western regime at their doorstep, and they are even less willing to lose the strategic place to work hard for so many years. To know that losing Afghanistan and the Soviet Union’s border with more than 2,000 kilometers is equivalent to losing the buffer zone in the south. It is unbearable. There is another reason for the Soviets to invade Afghanistan. That is, the Islamic revolution has just erupted in Iran at that time. The new Iranian leadership advocates exporting revolutions to Islamic countries around the world. If Iran’s strength expands into Afghanistan, the Islamic state will not only affect The stability of the Soviet Union’s borders will also have a profound impact on the Soviet Union’s republics, which may have a chain reaction in these areas and seriously affect the stability of the Soviet Union. In this case, sending troops to Afghanistan is on the line.

The reason why the Soviets decided to take the world by storm was because of their enemy. Another superpower, the United States, was being smashed by the Iranian Islamic revolution. The American hostages were also detained by Iran at the US embassy in Iran. For the invasion of the Soviet Union, Americans must have no time to take care of it. Also, the Soviet leaders felt that the advantage of the Soviet Union would certainly solve the Afghan problem in the short term.

Therefore, in mid-December 1979, Brezhnev decided to send troops to Afghanistan to overthrow the president of the Amin government. On December 25, just after Christmas, tens of thousands of Soviet troops raided Afghanistan. As Brezhnev expected, Afghanistan was really vulnerable. In just two days, the Soviet army took control of the situation in Afghanistan and killed Amin to support the Kalmal regime. However, the development of the situation was greatly out of Brezhnev's expectation. The invasion of the Soviet army caused strong opposition from all walks of life in Afghanistan. They took up arms to resist the aggressors. The Soviet soldiers fell into the ocean of the people's war.

Afghanistan became a nightmare for the Soviets, becoming a shackle around their neck and becoming the last straw to crush the empire. This protracted war has brought enormous disasters to the people of Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. More than 1.3 million people died in war in Afghanistan, and more than 500 people were homeless. The Soviet aggressor army had a total of more than 50,000 casualties. The Soviet Union invested as much as 45 billion rubles in this war. The Soviet Union’s national strength has gone from bad to worse. In this case, the Kremlin had to decide to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan in 1988. Two years later, the Soviet Union collapsed.

It turned out that Pony started her business in graduating from a university undergraduate law school in 2015, but her father thought that young people should do some decent work. The pony said that his father had been counting on his own, and he was temporarily separated from his girlfriend. He did not control his emotions for a while. "This is not right, then it is not right, there will always be no right..." No matter how hard the pony works, his father always feels that his son is not doing it right. Pony’s father felt that his son’s work was done by those who did not graduate from junior high school. The children who graduated from college should find a job to go to work.

In the face of the incomprehension of their loved ones, the mood of the pony almost collapsed. After the incident, many netizens supported the pony, arguing that anyone should not be accused of living without relying on the ability to steal. After graduating from Anhui University, the entrepreneurial stall selling water was rejected by the father. When the street was crying, some people understood his father: his father represented the idea of ​​most ordinary parents. Some netizens expressed their views: Although the profession is not expensive, but spent so much money on so many years of learning, should do more meaningful things, at least within their own professional scope. Then, why did the Soviet Union at that time send troops to Afghanistan? Jing Ye Shi believes that there are the following points:

1. Protecting Central Asia's self-defense needs to benefit from the propaganda of the Western media and the self-denial of the Gorbachev era. In 1979, the Soviet army sent troops to Afghanistan to become the naked military aggression of the Soviet Union. According to the mainstream view, the Soviet Union in the Brezhnev era was re-intensified in the Stalin model, and the US military was deeply affected by the Vietnam War quagmire and the 1973 economic crisis. Therefore, the Soviet Union turned to the US-Soviet hegemony and attacked. Western show muscles, especially the important part of Peter the Great's "going to the four oceans" remains.

But if you think about it, you will find that this kind of idea is full of loopholes. First of all, even if the Soviet Union was in the upper hand in the US-Soviet hegemony, the region where the United States and the Soviet Union hegemony has always been carried out in the European region, and the Soviet Union can completely open a breakthrough in the European region. However, the Soviet Union did not let go of the rugged and backward Afghanistan. It was obvious that it was the head of the enemy. It was obvious that even if the Soviet Union took Afghanistan, as a landlocked country, the Soviet Union could not achieve its goal of going to the Indian Ocean. In contrast, winning Iran is far more valuable than winning Afghanistan.

Therefore, the Soviet Union sent troops to Afghanistan, there must be another hidden situation. This is also the case. Before the Soviet Union sent troops to Afghanistan, although the pro-US prime minister Amin overthrew the pro-Soviet general secretary Taraki, but for the government-running Afghanistan, even if Amin is not obedient, As for the root cause of the Soviet military. Most importantly, after the Soviet Union sent troops to Afghanistan, the Soviets did not fight with the Afghan government forces, but with the enemy of the government forces. It is difficult to define the Soviet Union as an aggressor.

Moreover, before the Soviet Union sent troops, the anti-Soviet Amin had been killed, and the killing of Amin was the Afghan Karmal coup, not the Soviet special forces. This shows that Amin’s anti-water and Soviet troops are completely different. The two things. So, who is the enemy of the Afghan government? It is an Afghan mercenary. Behind them is the shadow of the superpower America.

Since the end of World War II, in addition to organizing the "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" to fight against the Soviet Union in Europe, the United States established the "Southeast Asia Treaty Organization" in the Pacific region in 1954 and the "Baghdad Treaty Organization" in West Asia in 1955. Among them, the members of the Baghdad Treaty Organization include Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran. These countries, together with NATO, have surrounded the Soviet Union.Under such circumstances, Afghanistan, which is also closely surrounded, can only fall to the Soviet Union.


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