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Walking on the road, knowing the real world. Hi-Jun Global Adventures for six years, from the simple travel of the beginning, to travel, to adventure; from a group of people to go out to eat, drink, and go to a person to walk freely, start a single journey. I have been confused, have hesitated, but never stopped exploring.Travel makes me understand that I have to live happily before I travel to the world, and I am happy to live comfortably in my own small world. At that time, it was true that it was faint, and occasionally a little surprise would be happy for a while. It may be a long time boring in a city, coupled with the influence of impetuous atmosphere, it will be depressed for some trivial things for a long time. It was originally a person who dared to love and hate. Later, it was discovered that the big dyeing tank of society has subtly changed the mind.

I don't want to be a walking stick in the mind of the three-finger pen. I think that in addition to the house car, people should still pursue some other things, as long as you like it. Finally, one day, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I abandoned my comfortable and comfortable life and started a global hiking trip. The journey experience is not all beautiful. Many times, the cruel reality is placed in front of me. This also allows me to see the essence of some things and learn to be grateful to the world.

Many people think that global travel is a dream. I feel that this problem is overestimated. I personally feel that global travel is simply not a dream. At best, it is only a goal in one's life. If you want to go, no one can stop you! You will try your best to achieve the goal, but many people are not willing to give up some things, and they have everything to do, all in the individual, do not regret it!

I clearly remember that in the experience of hiking on the Indian Ocean coastline in 2017, I walked from the Mesera of Lanka to the capital Colombo with my feet, and took the 185-kilometer high temperature of more than 40 degrees, becoming the first in the world. Outdoors who walked the route throughout the journey. This coastal route of the Indian Ocean has to cross four major religious areas. After more than 20 unfamiliar towns, the language is unreasonable, accommodation cannot be booked, no guides can be referenced, and the end of the trip is limping, and I finally persisted. Before the hike, almost everyone thought that I could not go all the way. Really, as the saying goes, you don't work hard, you really don't know how good you are!

Playing outdoor is a process of exploring the unknown, especially after I transformed from ordinary travel to outdoor adventure, and really tempered my personal qualities. I often carry a tent with dry food, a deep mountain adventure, and stay for ten days and a half. A person slept in the wilderness of northern Xinjiang, survived in the snow-capped mountains of minus 20 degrees. In the world's first ghost village, Fengmen Village and many wild villages in Taihang Mountain, they spent the night camping tents. They almost survived the virgin forest adventure.

A person stays in the mountains for a night, facing the mountains, the heart is no longer scared, suspicious, but accustomed to getting along with nature. During the expedition, there will be various kinds of emergencies, such as heavy rain and blizzard, flash floods, mudslides, falling cliffs, poisonous snakes, and lost food. These are all testing the psychological quality of a person. In an instant, you can't help but hesitate.

Have you found out that people who like to travel are usually very interesting. Travelers who traverse the world are no longer blame or gimmicks, nor will they become savvy and “mature” people. The true maturity comes from the inner truth. Long-term travel will make a person mature, and the beautiful scenery will purify one's soul. Seeing through the world does not mean that everything is lost. Only by deeply understanding the dark side of the world can you laugh at the goodness in front of you.

Travel has brought me a lot of useful side, as if it didn't bring anything, because many experiences have turned into intangible experiences, and these material standards cannot be measured. Take advantage of the young, bravely to explore, the life is too long, often do not wait for the day of success, the interest has been exhausted by the years, this is the most sad. When you leave, you will lose something that you can earn back; if you don't, you will get something you didn't want. I hope that everyone who sees this article can find the glimmer of light and the surprise of the unknown road!

Brought harvest and happiness. Every trip I made with my husband was a very curious and fun exploration for me. I remember that one year we went to Qingdao to travel. When I left the noisy big city, I came to the sea to see that the water in the sea was not blue. The hand was transparent and the distance was dark green. If you don't come to the beach, you really don't know what color the sea is. Then I saw the warships and the naval warriors who were on the coast. The heroic spirit made me proud and proud of them!

Traveling is still the most real performance of flying the mind and releasing yourself. I remember going to the Lushan Mountain in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, and going up to the highest point of the Xianren Cave, looking at the misty peaks under my feet, I put down the shackles in the weekdays, and screamed at the peaks: "庐山! I am coming! "Then the echo that made me vibrate! At that moment, I was intoxicated by the whole person! It seems to be in harmony with Lushan! It is really a cultivation of sentiment, a long experience, and enriched life experience.

May Day holiday 4 days, said that the length is not long, said short is not short, do not go out to play unwilling; go out to play, according to the experience of the past years, the following is clearly arranged for everyone. Before May 1st, I plan to plan where to go to play, then do the Raiders, buy tickets, book hotels, arrange trips, then bring my girlfriend, I bring money, air tickets, tickets, Raiders, etc. Baggage. I originally planned to look at an attraction in the morning, find a snack street, watch an attraction in the afternoon, watch the scenery in the evening, or sing a romantic ritual such as the sea breeze. When I got off the plane, I was very tired and went straight to the hotel to sleep. Yes, I woke up to eat something, or I didn’t want to go, okay, go back to the hotel and play with my mobile phone to watch TV.

I woke up the next morning at noon. The morning trip was naturally ignored. Go out for lunch and go play. The sun is too big, too hot, don't want to go, my girlfriend said to go out later, OK, back. Hotel, play mobile phone to the evening, go for a walk, ok, stop and go, you will come to a street where you eat, this one, um, eat and drink, see the world more than 9 o'clock, go back, Then one day passed, and the first day we planned, we ruthlessly ignored it. There are still two days left.

On the third day, we are not willing. If you go out, you must play it. It must be not so early in the morning. If you plan well, you will not be reconciled. You can’t go out at 11 o’clock. After all, the girls go out and draw a picture. Beautiful and beautiful, so go out for lunch, a lot of snacks are very comfortable, you can eat very happy, where to eat, climb the mountain? Refused, take the boat? Refused, riding? Refused, people everywhere, very tired, okay, look at the scenery from afar, find a punch card place to take photos of tourists, send a circle of friends, I have been there, just fine, then, look for A literary restaurant, go in for a meeting, talk to the sky, look at what the people left before, one afternoon passed, the night is more lively, there are more people, so, the small bar of that kind of spot, sit for hours Then go out and see the people coming and going, look at the night, I have been to this place, I am leaving tomorrow, um, I took the photo, the souvenir I bought, the photo of the little couple, Going back to pack up and picking up things, I was ready to go back on the fourth day. I didn't want to go so fast, so I bought the afternoon ticket and went back to dinner. I rushed to the train station or the airport, went home, and started to work busy.

Is this 51, is it full? Can't talk, isn't it full? Okay. Because lazy, because there are many people, so I changed to a hotel in the city to sleep, changed the city's snack street, changed the strangers around the group, does it make sense? Life is like this, comprehensively, travel, planning can never catch up with the changes in the heart, go out to play, where to eat can not be missed, because even the food is missed, you will find that you are only willing to lie in the hotel to sleep, I am lazy People, so I have to travel a lot differently than most people.

Every time I go to a city, I will not rush to rush to various attractions and punch in the crowds. It will not order the order of the daily planning, and go out early and return to the full schedule. Attractions are just a small part of my trip, and most of the time, I feel the difference in this city. Tourism is a kind of leisure activity. Under the arrangement of most people, tourism becomes more tired than usual. I will wake up at the hotel to wake up naturally, find a special restaurant on the street at noon, stop and stop in the city in the afternoon, downtown or the red spots, of course, not specifically, but on the way.

Look at the night scenes of the whole city at night, find a place with a night market, and feel the style of the city in all kinds of snacks. I like nightlife, and every city brings you different feelings. So I will choose to wander in each city until two or three in the morning to see the other side of the city. Eating is another style in every city. It is more interesting than the scenery. The most delicious is the unknown stalls on the roadside, which is more pleasant than many online red stores. After wandering, I began to choose to go to the surrounding attractions. If I don’t want to go shopping, I choose what I like.

On the last day, take a leisurely sleep, go to the business circle to stop and go, and then return. Many people ask me what is the meaning of such a tour? It didn't take such a great scenic spot and it took too much time. The significance of my travel is to jump out of the current life frame and to see the smouldering style of each city. People, scenery, food, buildings, this is a different life experience. Every city is like a book, and what attractions are like the classic passages in the book, but you still don't know what the book says? And I want to read the preface and the catalogue first, to understand what this book is about.

Let me say that there is a fundamental difference between tourism and travel. Don't look at the difference between words. My conclusion is that travel only needs to bring your eyes and feet. Traveling requires bringing souls and dreams and troubles.

Traveling Once I traveled with a couple of heterosexual friends or a bicycle, the trip took only over an hour, but it took nearly 3 hours to reach the destination. A series of situations, I believe that my friends also know that when they arrive at the destination, I believe that girls are not taking pictures. I started to think that I just took a shot and finished shooting it. I didn’t think that reality and imagination are bad. It’s a thousand miles. I am a photo shooter, live and exercise, and take a professional photo! When it seems that I have shot more than 1,000 pieces, I can imagine it! After that time, I went to travel and I had to look at the situation. I don't say that I don't want to travel. I go to one person or two people, but the travel also depends on what kind of mentality you take. The mentality is very important. This is also my personal opinion on tourism.

On the contrary, travel has no purpose, and walks away. I didn’t take any restrictions, I went to experience it and experienced life. I am more advocating travel. After all, I am still young. If I leave, I will leave. I have not left any thoughts. After I have a wife and children, I have to look at the situation. Now let me be young and let me go and go, let my experience become sublimated! I hope to know more like-minded friends and do things that I want to do before.

What did the tour bring to you? My answer is that travel brings me happiness! With the improvement of living standards and the satisfaction of materials, people began to pursue spiritual enjoyment, and more and more people like to travel. I like to travel. I will arrange a trip when I arrive at the holiday. I have been to many places in China and abroad so far. Because I usually work and live in a familiar environment day after day, I am not boring, I like to travel to a strange environment to see the same scenery, experience different humanities.

Tourism has opened up my horizons and made my heart more open. Travel has made me feel the richness of the world. Growing up in the land, I still clearly remember the feeling of seeing the sea for the first time. When I was facing the sea, I felt so small that I could be swallowed by the waves at any time. The waves were so undulating that I really realized the sea. The vastness is innocent. Also, when we traveled to the western United States that year, when we took the bus and turned around in the desert, and finally turned a corner, the Grand Canyon suddenly appeared in front of the moment, the whole car people all sent out "Wow. "Amazingly, there is only one canyon that can't see the side of the canyon, and the magnificent landscape can't be shaken and impressed by the power of nature." In my trips, my eyes are also wide open, and I have seen more and richer worlds. Although it is very hard to travel to climb mountains and wading, I really enjoy this hard, tired and happy!

Tourism has also enabled me to increase my knowledge and witness the wisdom of the world and the wisdom of mankind. I have truly felt the feelings of a foreign land and felt different cultures. In the past Qingming holiday, I went to Chishui in Guizhou and experienced the Miao Village style that I had only seen on the screen. When traveling to the United States, we drove in the deserts of the western United States and felt the Indian style and Mexican style. China's Great Wall, Xi'an Terracotta Warriors and Horses, etc., let me appreciate the wisdom and sweat of the ancient Chinese working people. Many ancient Roman ruins, such as the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, are witnesses to the wisdom and splendid history of the ancient Romans thousands of years ago.

When traveling in Western countries, board the bell tower of Notre Dame, which has just been destroyed by fire, the beautifully carved Milan Cathedral, the St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican, the Church of San Marco in Venice, the Berlin Cathedral, and the Westminster Abbey. The church, through tourism, let me know the religious culture of the West. In the tourism, I also like to visit museums and art galleries. The beautiful collections and works of art that represent different cultural backgrounds of different eras have greatly expanded my horizons and increased my knowledge.

When I travel abroad, I also like to visit the local bazaars and flea markets. I have visited the weekend flea markets in Berlin, Vienna and Zurich. Visit these places to experience the local customs of the local residents, and see the things you like, the price, the Amoy back, a lot of fun. I am looking forward to every trip before, although I am tired when I travel, I enjoy the happiness that this tiredness brings me. After the tour, the memory will last forever, and I will look forward to the next trip. What about you? What did the tour bring to you? Welcome to share and share, welcome to follow me and share more exciting content.


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