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What is the inappropriate job interview position on Shenbo? In order to let himself run away, a man in Guizhou actually took a mobile phone. At 8:38 on June 17th, Ms. Ding, who runs a shoe factory in Wenling City, Taizhou, Zhejiang, rushed to the Hengfeng police station and said that her mobile phone with a value of 4,000 yuan was stolen in the shoe factory: "I took it in the morning." The mobile phone was placed on the office desk, and several interviewers went to the assembly line and turned around. The mobile phone was gone. According to Ms. Ding, Ms. Ding did not close the door when she left the office, and the factory did not install monitoring.

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the police handled the case and found the surrounding monitoring of the shoe factory. It was found that at 7:10 in the morning, a man rushed out of the shoe factory in a hurry and was suspicious. Subsequently, the police worked through the big data siege, quickly locked the suspect Yang, and then squatted near his residence. At 6 o'clock in the afternoon, the police arrested him on the west bank of Shijie Village. The criminal suspect Yang Moumou, a native of Guizhou, has been working in Hengfeng Street. Recently, due to unsatisfactory salary and salary, I plan to find another shoe factory to work.

According to Yang Moumou, at 7 o'clock on the 17th, the suspect Yang Moumou came to the shoe factory interview of Ms. Ding of Hengshi Zhonglu. Ms. Ding went to the assembly line with a few people who came to the interview to introduce the work of each position. Yang Moumou believes that the work of the shoe factory is not suitable for oneself, and one person will leave first. After Ms. Ding’s office, she saw a mobile phone on her desk, saw no one in the office, and there was no monitoring in the factory. She then smashed her mobile phone into her pocket and fled the scene. On the way home, his wife found that Yang had a mobile phone in his pocket. When asked about the source, Yang’s words flashed: “This is my embarrassment.” The wife saw him look abnormal and asked: “It’s not a steal. Let's go back! You can't steal things."

Yang Moumou said, "I didn't think so much at the time. I just thought that I didn't find a job. I ran for a while and saw a mobile phone on the table. I just took it. When you came, I knew that it was stealing the phone. "..." Liu Jinxin imagined a scene of confession, like the one on TV, both sides crying and crying. The reality is another look. On February 6, 2018, Liu Jinxin stepped into the door of the conference room of the police station. Zhu Xiaojuan, the biological mother, sat in the crowd and looked at each other. Both the mother and the child were a little embarrassed. She said, come over and he nodded.

26 years ago, Liu Jinxin was stolen by the nanny and there was no news. A few years later, a wrong paternity test issued by the Henan High Court sent Zhu Xiaojuan a "fake son." The lives of the two men moved forward according to the modified trajectory, and were again disrupted after 26 years: the nanny sent Liu Jinxin back. In the 26 years of disappearance, there are wounds that are difficult to suture between the mother and the child. In the one and a half years since they were recognized, they are close together and tempted, and they are mixed with disappointment, inferiority, sensitivity and deliberate alienation.

Mother and child Liu Jinxin is eager to prove himself. Not long ago, he quit his job in Nanchong and came to Chengdu to prepare a hot pot restaurant with his cousin. The mother Zhu Xiaojuan did not know the news. On the phone, the son underestimated: "The last one was resigned. Now I am working in a restaurant in Chengdu. I will not talk about it, and I will eat hot pot with my friends." She did not believe, "I really go to the restaurant to work, dinner." When time is busy, how can I have time to go to eat hot pot with friends? You said that he is lying?" In Zhu Xiaojuan’s impression, just in 2018, Liu Jinxin changed several jobs, each time working. I will go home in the month and go to work.

Liu Jinxin seems that that period of time is his adjustment period. The changes in life are repeated one after another, and his mentality is unstable. He often relies on alcohol to paralyze himself. "If you drink alcohol, you can't stop it. You must bury yourself." It is gastric perforation and stomach bleeding. Zhu Xiaojuan knows his habit of drinking alcohol, so that he hangs up the phone and guesses: he may still be in Nanchong, resigned and mixed his life. In fact, in Chengdu, more than 200 kilometers away, Liu Jinxin and his cousin are preparing for the newly opened hot pot restaurant. Before opening, they will try all the competitors’ shops in the same commercial street and start to prepare. battle.

He did not intend to talk to Zhu Xiaojuan at the stage of "the first step has not yet stepped out, whether he can succeed or not." Shop decoration, pre-publication, contact suppliers, at least have to be busy for a while. On the afternoon of June 14, several shareholders came to Chengdu from Guangdong, watched the store, talked about planning, and Liu Jinxin returned to his residence near the early morning. He rarely seldom takes the initiative to contact his family. "To tell the truth, I can hardly believe anyone now. My mother, my foster mother, and my friends around me have to guard against it." The 28-year-old boy pulled out from the light blue box. Root Furong Wang, take a deep breath, then kneel on the window sill and spit out little by little.

Zhu Xiaojuan and his biological mother met last time or the Spring Festival. Occasionally two people will talk on the phone, but often the mother said that the son listened. "You don't want to be too tall, you have to work hard, you are a man, at least you have to support yourself, no one can raise you forever." "You don't always be immersed in the shadows of the past, others pull you, you have to climb." Later Zhu Xiaojuan Not to say anything, afraid of him annoying; Liu Jinxin said frankly, really annoying.

There are not many contacts with his mother, He Xiaoping. Before coming to Chengdu, he and his foster mother lived in Nanchong. The residence was only five or six kilometers apart, but he strictly controlled the frequency and went back every one or two months. "It’s not good to go back long time, too often. It’s not appropriate.” Liu Jinxin said that the growth environment and even the whole life have been changed. It is impossible to hate.

He Xiaoping’s home, next to a vegetable market in downtown Nanchong, the clothes on the guardrail of the old-fashioned residential building are hung with clothes that have not been dried, and the bonsai on the window sill is flourishing. The neighbor said that she is now working in a teahouse, going out early and late every day, rarely dealing with other residents; the little daughter is married, the husband in the second marriage is older than her, and now she has retired, and Liu Jinxin’s figure, It only happens occasionally here.

Liu Jinxin’s foster mother now lives in a residential building near a vegetable market. Beijing News reporter Wang Shuangxing photo Zhu Xiaojuan said that He Xiaoping is now in the "residence monitoring" period. When she recognized her relatives last year, Liu Jinxin considered the foster mother's parenting for him for more than 20 years and asked her mother Zhu Xiaojuan to sign a "disclaimer." According to media reports, the Chongqing police have not filed a case. On June 13, the reporter saw He Xiaoping, who was sultry in the southwest. She wore a light-colored dress and supported a parasol. When you speak, you have a big voice and a strong Nanchong dialect.

Not long ago, because of the phrase "after all, two of us (she and Zhu Xiaojuan) are a son, they should be relatives." She was quickly involved in the wave of public opinion and was indignant, saying that "nothing can be said anymore." In Liu Jinxin’s recollections, he and his adoptive mother “can’t come together, and there are very few words from childhood to big.” He Xiaoping’s temper is too big. If he doesn’t agree, he will swear and degrade people. For a long time, Liu Jinxin even suspects that he will really be like As she said, nothing can be done, and nothing can be done in this life.

It is not clear that the hypothesis is meaningless. Zhu Xiaojuan still can't help but think: If Liu Jinxin was not stolen, the life of two people would not be the current situation.

In 1992, when the Zhu Xiaojuan couple were absent, the babysitter at home was stealing more than one year old baby. Before that, the two children of the babysitter died one after another. According to the superstition in the village, she needed to take a child back to "life". In order to support your children in the future. She went to the labor market with her ID card, applied for a babysitter, and then took back Liu Jinxin.

When the accident happened, Zhu Xiaojuan was at work and her husband was on a business trip. He blamed her for "not optimistic about the child." She countered him "not the nanny you found back." The relationship between husband and wife began to crack. It was buried like a bomb in life and broke out at any time.

The only thing that is easy to reach consensus is to find a son. In the following three years, Zhu Xiaojuan and his wife went around and asked about the whereabouts of the children. Where did the clues go, and ran more than 20 provinces before and after.

In 1995, they gave birth to their youngest son. In the same winter, they got news when they were looking for relatives in Henan. Among the abducted children rescued in Lankao County, there was a child named Panpan, whose age and appearance were lost with Zhu Xiaojuan. The son is similar. Zhu Xiaojuan and his wife made a paternity test through the Higher People's Court of Henan Province. Now the two-page paper identification has become worn out. On the January 15, 1996, a row of small words wrote the conclusion: Panpan and Zhu Xiaojuan Have a biological parent-child relationship.

It is difficult to sew: the love and loss behind the "nanny stealing case" in 1995, the pro-child identification when Panpan was sent back. The respondent for the picture was later proved to be not a biological son to end the Zhu Xiaojuan couple's action. Apologize, plus the joy of recovery, let them do their best to make up for Panpan. No longer dare to ask the babysitter, so the little son was sent to the grandmother's house, and the couple took care of Panpan.

Panpan is naughty, can't sit still in class, and loves to make trouble in class. Zhu Xiaojuan personally picks up and picks up his work every day, supervises him to write homework, and lets him learn calligraphy and keep fit in his spare time. When he was seven or eight years old, Pan Pan began to like to sing. Zhu Xiaojuan took him to the Children's Palace at the two intersections and signed up for a music training class. Later, I felt that painting was quite unusual, so I also signed up in the sketch class and the watercolor class. When I was in my teens, Pan Pan saw someone in the class learning Taekwondo. When I went home and my mother said that I wanted to learn, I could exercise well. Zhu Xiaojuan agreed.

In the 1990s, when the monthly salary was hundreds of pieces, Zhu Xiaojuan bought more than a thousand horns and nearly 4,000 saxophones for Panpan, one-on-one teachers, and the class fee was 50 to 80. In those years, he suffered a lot of sins outside, and those missing can be supplemented in other aspects, so he wants to learn what he wants to learn." And the little son who sent him to his grandmother’s house until he graduated from elementary school, I have never cultivated any hobbies.

At that time, the family planning policy was in full swing. After welcoming Panpan’s return home, the two-child family had to bear a fine of several hundred yuan. She hoped that Dad was originally a cadre in the police area and later transferred to the local area and became a small bank. Staff.

The growth of children continues, the expenses of the family are increasing, and the economic pressure is getting heavier. In the era when the Internet was not yet popular, Panpan’s father had early access to computers and the beginning of speculation with the convenience of working in the bank. The rift between the husband and wife relationship is getting bigger and bigger. After a few years of stalemate, the divorce ended. The sons of the two middle schools were raised by Zhu Xiaojuan.

Zhu Xiaojuan worked in the hospital while earning extra money by selling part-time insurance, and with the help of family members, life was able to turn around. The two sons graduated from college, one in the financial industry, one in the car company, Zhu Xiaojuan felt that he had "smashed out." The 26 "fake son" who was stolen, Panpan grew up in a fairly good environment. At the time, "the real son" Liu Jinxin was experiencing the childhood that he was not willing to recall in the future.

After being taken care of by the nanny, Liu Jinxin went to the rural area of ​​Nanchong. The nanny quickly went out to work and took him to the foster father for care. In the impression, the adoptive father is a grumpy man, "played..." Liu Jinxin frowned and remembered, no longer said.

He showed me the fear of a six-year-old boy. Straighten your waist, close your legs, hang your eyes, and put your hands on your lap. "As long as I hear the sound of his motorcycle, I will sit on the door of the living room and dare not move."

In those years, he was fostered everywhere, sometimes in his aunt's house, sometimes in his grandmother's house, and sometimes in his grandfather's house. He was floating around, but life was "okay," and food and clothing could be basically guaranteed. When relatives supervised their children to write homework. By the way, Liu Jinxin, also during that time, he learned to skip school, smoke, surf the Internet, play games.

In the second year of the second year, Liu Jinxin planned to drop out of school in Changsha to find a girlfriend who was online. "Think clearly, don't regret it later, don't blame me," said the foster mother. Liu Jinxin got a train ticket and a bank card and started working.

The girls work in the foot washing city. After going to Changsha, Liu Jinxin also began to learn pedicure and health care. Perhaps because of the lack of maternal love, he especially likes girls older than themselves when he is in love. "Especially when I was in my teens, I was looking for a girlfriend to find a younger sister. I couldn’t tell the truth. I liked it more than myself. "Sister and brother love, I feel very safe." Liu Jinxin said.

In the days that followed, Liu Jinxin went to Jiangxi and returned to Sichuan. She sold glasses and also received receptions at the paint shop. On the right side of the collarbone, a scar of a few centimeters long was left, which was left while working in Guangxi. At that time, Liu Jinxin was on the way back to the dormitory after work, passing through the stalls selling fish, and his foot slipped and fell. The teenage boy didn't take it seriously. He went back to the dormitory and rested on the bed. It didn't take long for him to find that he couldn't get up. He reached out and touched the broken collarbone. The bones that fell into two sections had been misplaced.

Colleagues called the boss and Liu Jinxin was taken to the hospital for surgery. Later, when the work was yellow, he got a compensation and planned to return to Nanchong. One night before leaving, Liu Jinxin and his friends went to the Internet cafe to play games. They slept on the sofa and slept. After waking up, they found that the money was gone, and even the shoes placed next to them disappeared. The police, the police suggested going to the rescue station; and went barefoot to the rescue station, crowded with orphans, tramps, intellectually disabled people, etc., from Liuzhou to Wuhan, then to Guiyang, Chongqing, one stop, one stop, twenty Many days later I returned to Nanchong.

Many years later, Liu Jinxin returned to Chongqing to recognize his relatives, and his mother Zhu Xiaojuan accompanied him to Jiefangbei, Chaotianmen and Qixinggang. In the days when Liu Jinxin left, the city developed rapidly and the light rail network continued to expand. In the suburbs and rural areas, steel forests were also established. The family building of the guard area that I lived in when I was a child has been demolished. The new building is straight, and it has become the most prosperous area in Chongqing.

According to the established trajectory, Liu Jinxin will work, marry, and have children like many people. The turning point occurred in 2017. He and his girlfriend at the time came to talk about marriage, because the parents did not communicate well in advance, on the day of the parents, many trivial details made the woman's parents dissatisfied, and finally, the 80,000 yuan ceremony became the last one to crush the camel. Root straw, in July of that year, Liu Jinxin thought "long pain is better than short pain" and broke up with his girlfriend.

During that time, the place where I worked was changed to "the power of power", and it was not very satisfactory. Liu Jinxin simply resigned and stayed at home to drink alcohol.

I was thinking in my head and didn't know what I was thinking. I sometimes regretted the decision to break up, and later felt that it was necessary; sometimes I was worried about my situation, and then I felt that it was useless. Drink, sleep, do nothing. Not long after, Liu Jinxin realized that he had "there was a problem with the spirit."




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