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Going out for a trip, who doesn't want to play a high price/performance ratio, especially in Europe, where consumption is relatively high, everyone doesn't want to play a glimpse of Europe after several months of returning. In fact, there are also some low-priced tourist destinations in Europe. Do you want to know where it is? Then take a look at the latest European Backpacker Index this year. This European travel index, which is based on comprehensive considerations of transportation, accommodation and food, will clearly tell you which destinations in Europe are more suitable this year.

First place: Ukraine, Kiev

Average daily consumption: 697 Ukrainian hryvnia (UHR), equivalent to about 168 yuan.

This year, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, took the first place in the 2018 European Backpacker Index. It is considered to be the most affordable travel destination in Eastern Europe. It is not enough to eat and live for 200 yuan a day. The attractions here are almost all free, so it is not necessary to consider the ticket expenses, public transportation fees are also very cheap, such as taking a subway only costs about 1 yuan.

For Chinese tourists, the attraction of Ukraine lies in the current Ukrainian policy of landing visas for Chinese tourists, but requires entry at Boryspil Airport and Odessa Airport, with round-trip airfare, hotel orders, and the most It is 15 days long.

There are many beautiful buildings in the city of Kiev. The antique Hagia Sophia and the dreamy St. Andrew's Church are worthy of careful appreciation. In St. Andrew's Church you can also take the St. Andrew's slope and Kiev. The view of the Mother River Dnipro River is unobstructed. The handsome men and women on the streets of Ukraine are also a beautiful scenery. When you walk around the streets, you will feel pleasing.

Second place: Krakow, Poland

Average daily consumption: 98 Polish zloty (PLN), equivalent to about 172 yuan.

Poland is the hometown of Chopin and Madame Curie. It has the unique scenery of Eastern European countries and is desirable. According to the 2018 European Backpacker Index, Poland's Krakow consumption index ranked second.

Poland is a famous food country in Eastern Europe. The food consumption here is also very cheap. A beer is also RMB 78 yuan, and a burger is more than RMB 10 yuan. You don’t have to consider the price issue if you want to eat and drink. In Krakow you can experience good quality hotel hotels and restaurants and bars.

Krakow has always been called “New Prague” by tourists. The city has a very strong literary atmosphere. There are 11 colleges and universities in the city, of which Jagiellonian University is a school with more than 600 years of history. Fortunately, it escaped the war and completely preserved the medieval old city. Therefore, Krakow's old town is also listed as one of the world's cultural heritage.

Like many European cities, Krakow also has a central square with shopping malls and museums in the center, selling a variety of Polish folk handicrafts such as amber, wooden tableware, and Polish dolls. In Krakow, you can take two or three days to explore the old city and feel the medieval style.

Third place:

Belgrade, Serbia

Average daily consumption: 23.57 euros, about 178.1 yuan

Serbia has been very red for the past two years. Since the visas for mutual exemption between China and Serbia have come into effect on January 15, 2017, Chinese citizens can enter Serbia without a normal passport.

Consumption in the Belgrade capital of Serbia is relatively average, accommodation is particularly cost-effective, and the affordable hotel in the city centre can be accommodated for 6 euros. It is worth mentioning that Belgrade's nightlife experience is very cheap, and the atmosphere is very good. If you go to Belgrade, remember to go out and have a night out, take a boat trip to visit the Sava River and the Danube, then go to the bar restaurant for food and wine, remember It may be worthwhile to put more budget in this regard.

In Belgrade, the Sava River passes through the city and divides Belgrade into two, one side is the quaint old town and the other side is the new city in a modern building cluster. The city centre's opera house, the National Theatre, the National Museum, the government administration building and other buildings will make you feel the ancient and modern, peace and vicissitudes of the city.

fourth place:

Bucharest, Romania

Average daily consumption: 112 Romanian lei, equivalent to RMB 182.27 yuan

Although the Romanian capital Bucharest is not the most famous tourist destination in Eastern Europe, it attracts many tourists because it is an ancient city in Eastern Europe.

The old town of Bucharest is worth seeing. The huge Bucharest parliament palace is majestic and has huge water chandeliers and golden staircases inside. In this city, there are parks everywhere. The roads are filled with linden trees, chestnut trees, plum trees, spring roses in the spring and summer parks, and many parks have designed fountains and statues. The atmosphere is very leisurely. .

Fifth place: Istanbul, Turkey

Average daily consumption: 138.03 lira, equivalent to about RMB 202.81

Istanbul, Turkey has become a cost-effective tourist destination for the past two years. In Istanbul, you can see the interweaving of Asian and European cultures. Among them, the two most famous sights in Istanbul are Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. The Istanbul Cultural District, home to Hagia Sophia, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a must-see for tourists.

If you like to go shopping, go to the Grand Bazaar. This market has more than 60 streets. It is like entering a maze. There are thousands of shops in the big market under the dome, selling various items and local handicrafts. If you are tired, you can sit in the restaurant or cafe inside. The Grand Bazari even has Turkish bath facilities.

How is the European backpacker index calculated?

The European Backpacker Index is an index that calculates European travel consumption. It is produced by the travel price website priceoftravel.com and publishes rigorously measured data every year. The index is based on the average daily consumption of backpackers, giving the most popular list of consumer prices in more than 50 European cities, and finally ranking.

Specifically, the statistical criteria for backpacker consumption include transportation, accommodation, and food. For example, accommodation is the cheapest hotel for a night in a good location or a better scenic spot. Take two public transportations a day, and visit one at a time. Paying for popular attractions, and taking into account the three-day meal at a low price, generally choose the lowest price meal and add a 20% budget, and also personally add three glasses of beer (or other alcohol) per day as " The Entertainment Fund", non-drinking travelers can use funds for dessert, coffee or local music performances, etc., so that the final European backpacker index is calculated.

Going to those places to travel, the most important thing is to look at what your needs are, whether it is shopping or sightseeing, or to taste the wine, delicacies, or experience a different life, this land in Europe can meet your needs. After working and living in Europe for more than five years, the holidays will often go to various places to play. The footprints are basically all over Europe. There are some personal experiences for your reference:

1. If you are a food lover

Then I recommend going to Italy, Spain or Portugal in southern Europe. People in these countries are not working hard. The economy has been very poor in recent years, but there are many things to eat and drink. Italian steaks and pasta, tapas in Spain, raw seafood in Portugal, the price is quite reasonable, the taste is particularly delicious, especially the steaks in Tuscany, Italy, it is delicious and invincible.

Eating food, how can we lose the wine, Italy and Spain are also famous wine regions, Rioja and Veneto, there are many excellent red wines. German food may be inferior. It is basically pig's elbow and sausage, but it is rich in beer. It is said that there are thousands of kinds, and the taste is very cool. On a hot summer day, it is a perfect enjoyment to have a glass of wheat beer. The Moselle Valley in western Germany is a famous wine region. Riesling is produced here, and there are sweet and refreshing ice wines...

2. If you are a literary youth

I must not miss Italy and Paris. First of all, Italy, the nest of the ancient Roman Empire, the land of the Renaissance, the city or town here, inside and outside are masterpieces left over for thousands of years. Here, you can stroll through the medieval mountain town of Siena, or linger on the streets of the Renaissance in Florence. Thousands of exquisite churches are available for worship, and a magnificent palace will make you stop and admire. A well-known museum, or an old mansion somewhere in the alley, can meet unexpected surprises...

Italy from north to south - Venice, Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Rome, Naples, Palermo...

Gondola cruises on the canal, colonnade throughout the city, Uffizi Gallery, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Colosseum, Pompeii, Massimo Theatre...

Let's talk about Paris, France under the rule of the Sun King Louis XIV, is the most powerful country in the European continent, Paris is also the most prosperous city in the world; Napoleon's empire, the prosperity of romanticism, is still leaving too much in Paris Outstanding paintings. You can stroll through the block on the left bank, walk into a coffee shop, feel the place where the masters communicated and communicate with each other; sneak into the Louvre and admire the town's three treasures (Mona Lisa's smile, the goddess of victory and the broken arm Venus) Yu, there are more works of the Renaissance masters; and the Musée Art Gallery on the other side of the Seine collects the paintings of modern masters, especially the works of the peasant painter Miller, the simple scene, the quiet atmosphere, the pious gesture Let people feel the peace of mind...

3. If you like the shopping city of Milan, Paris Champs Elysées and Galeries Lafayette, the mall in the suburbs of Florence, the Roermond discount village in the Netherlands and Germany...

Whether it is luggage or clothing, cosmetics or exquisite kitchen utensils, whether you are not bad money, the main pursuit of high-end atmosphere, or careful planning and occasional luxury to improve the quality of life, in Europe, always find a suitable place, use The most affordable price to buy the most desirable things, especially when compared with the domestic shelves, there is a feeling of making a big hair...

4. If you want to experience the most unique experience in Europe, go to Dortmund, Germany to watch a football, feel the 80,000 people screaming in the blood of the whole game; go to Seville, Spain to see a flamenco show, in a compact In the rhythm and sad songs, experience the lingering feelings of the past years; go to Cappadocia, Turkey, take a hot air balloon, fly into the sky, cross the strange and varied terrain; go to the red light district of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at night In the deep moon high season, feel the desires and temptations under the feast of the wine; go to the Turkish steps on the island of Sicily, watch the sunset, the beautiful legend of the gods, look forward to the figure of the goddess...

5. If you want to get close to nature, then go to Switzerland, the lakes and mountains can't be seen, and the grassy flowers are inexhaustible - climb the top of the Jungfrau in Europe and feel the purest snow; take a boat tour of Lake Lucerne, in the clear water In the blue sky, the wind blows his hair, opens his arms, closes his eyes, and feels the cleanest air around him. He takes the golden train line and crosses the hinterland of the Alps forest from Interlaken to Montreux on the Geneva River...

From Switzerland to the north, to the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany, drive or take the train, look for the crisp sound of the cuckoo clock in the depths of the trees; then go east to the Neuschwanstein border on the German-Olympic border, overnight in Munich Go to the Royal Beer Bar for a drink, continue to the east the next day, explore the wonders of the depths of the Alps, King Lake is worth staying on a cruise, why not go to the Zugspitze, then to the east is Austria, Innsbruck, Hal Stadt, Salzburg...

In short, Europe can satisfy anyone's or romantic or literary or secular dreams. If you need to know more about the details of European travel, you can poke my horse honeycomb stack, which has more wonderful descriptions and pictures, and you can't wait for it. Going to Europe quickly, you can get a lot of European countries, beautiful scenery, deep cultural heritage and rich tourism resources. Where should I go to travel to Europe? I think this varies from person to person and chooses according to personal preferences.

Like natural scenery: Nordic Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, there are pure natural scenery, there are thousands of glaciers, there are starry sky, beautiful flashing dream aurora, there are scattered hot springs, glaciers, waterfalls , fjord. Switzerland, which enjoys a unique geographical position in the Alps, enjoys the reputation of “the back garden of Europe”. The lakes and mountains, snowy meadows and flowers and wooden houses are harmoniously blended to form a beautiful and beautiful pastoral idyllic picture.

Like the history of the monument: Italy, Greece, the representative of the ancient history of Europe. Italy has numerous ancient Roman ruins and ruins. The monuments show the glory and glory of the ancient Roman Empire, and also show the industrious wisdom of the working people of ancient Rome. A lot of ancient philosophical thoughts have been created, leaving Greece with many myths and legends. From the preserved ruins of ancient Greek temples, we searched for traces of ancient Greek civilization on the Aegean Sea.

Like literature and art: the mysterious and melancholic nature of Prague, the violin performances everywhere on the street will surely resonate with a wandering heart. Budapest, Hungary, feel the literary and romantic feelings brought by a bridge; go to France to taste the fine wines, taste a cup of coffee on the left bank of the Seine River in Paris, and enjoy the glimpses of Paris, to the corner of the Notre Dame de Paris, Hemingway The Shakespeare Bookstore, which was frequented that year, quietly felt the cultural atmosphere of the old days.

Love romance: Latin countries such as France, Italy and Spain are born with a romantic temperament. Go to Venice, Italy, in the romantic water city of Venice, take a gondola ride in the winding waters; feel the romance in Paris, France, and taste the coffee in the vineyards; go to Spain to pursue the church. Ji Kede's footprint as a romantic knight .

Like humanities: the world's four major museums, the British Museum in London, England and the Louvre in Paris, France, a collection of many, from all over the world, there are many world-class treasures. Art Museum: National Gallery of London, Musée d'Orsay in Paris, there are many famous works of Impressionist masters; the Vatican Museum has the masterpieces of the Renaissance master Michelangelo, Genesis and The Last Judgment;

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance; flew to the Austrian music capital of Vienna with its singing wings, and went to the Golden Hall to enjoy a feast of music. Like fairy tales: to the fairy tale kingdom Denmark feel the story of the little mermaid, ugly duckling; to the German Black Forest to find Cinderella, the footprint of Little Red Riding Hood.


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