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From the first job-making tide in the 1990s, it has passed away for decades. The first generation of migrant workers who are mainly engaged in the construction industry are getting older, and the average age is over 50 years old. Many labor companies have begun to attract young people by raising hourly wages and increasing welfare, but now they are disappearing from the site at a visible rate. "There is basically no 20-year-old, and it runs for ten days and a half." The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is an ideal place for migrant workers in the construction industry. Work on the construction site and settle wages according to working hours. In contrast, the south is rainy, often shutting down, and affecting income is the thing that workers care most about.

Among them, Beijing is the most preferred place for migrant workers who have been engaged in the construction industry for many years. “Beijing’s standard is high. There are air conditioners in the dormitory, winter heating in the summer, and a large bathhouse. The conditions are good.” Zheng Dacheng, a woodworker in Henan, said that the migrant workers in Beijing’s construction will not be owed. wage. However, the workers who are insensitive can also feel that this year's 52-year-old Chongqing completed (concrete-concrete workers) Liu Jun, working in a residential building on the West Third Ring Road in Beijing. Less than two months since March, he can't remember how many times the project was suspended because of the lack of people. The stoppage is to wait for the workers. In previous years, after the first month of the 15th, migrant workers who went to Beijing to find job opportunities were picked up one after another. Some people contacted the “heads-on” who were responsible for matching labor companies and workers in advance, and went to Beijing to go directly to the construction site.

It doesn't matter if you don't know the head. Zheng Dacheng took the green leather train from his hometown to the Beijing West Railway Station. Feel free to get on a bus, get off at the construction site, take the ID card, building permit and other documents to the recruitment office of the construction site to simply fill in the information, it means "job". Because each site is lacking, the recruitment threshold is lower, even though Zheng Dacheng is almost 50 years old. Without the help of data and academic theory, Zheng Dacheng, who has turned over countless construction sites in the north and south of the Yangtze River for decades, can judge by experience alone. There are fewer young people on the construction site. "There are basically no 20-year-olds, or 10 days and a half." Run." Zheng Dacheng was originally satisfied with the current construction site - in addition to the baggage, one month's living expenses will be paid to one thousand, even if the wages are arrears at the end of the year, it will not be lost. However, because of the lack of people on the construction site, Zheng Dacheng, who often adds night shifts, is a bit overwhelmed recently.

He envied the young man who used his smartphone. If he will use all kinds of functions, know how to download the app, how to use navigation, he will choose to change careers in the early years, to send takeaway, send express. But now it is too late, he thinks that age is not allowed. Liu Jun came to Beijing with his wife to find a job. More than a decade ago, he and a dozen brothers from the same village went to work in Urumqi and Xi'an. Gradually, the team "downsizing": his generation is old and hurt, but the next generation is not. In the end, the team became a husband and wife partner who was almost all over 50 years old. A skilled, stronger husband is a "big job" that can earn three or four hundred a day. His wife can only do "small workers" who fight and start earning one or two hundred every day.

Becoming the focus is very simple, as long as the age is small enough Liu Jun and his wife live in the construction site dormitory, less than 20 square meters of room, is a temporary dormitory for four couples. The bed is the upper and lower bunks of the iron frame. The upper bunk is not convenient for hanging curtains, and the couples squeeze the bottom bunk about one meter wide. Bring your own thin sheets as a curtain, even if you have privacy. The construction site is a place that blurs the gender. Feel free to go to a construction area, only the big men in the crotch are coming and going, and the mixed dormitory for men and women is also very common. Several couples in the same town live in the same dormitory, and everyone does not feel embarrassed. The words "to take care of each other" and "have a companion" are very frequent when they chat with reporters.

Compared with 50-year-old women, young people are more scarce. Young women, basically, will not appear on the construction site. The migrant worker Xiaoma of Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, was born in 1987 and is 32 years old this year. He has been distressed by the absence of women in the workplace. He has asked a lot of people: Can you arrange a good job for me? I can see the work of my wife and children. "I am like a deserted crop." The pony lives in Pi Village, outside the East Fifth Ring Road in Beijing. This place is known for the gathering of migrant workers. He worked on the construction site and also took part in exhibitions and stage construction projects. Because of "more friends, people," the pony can often get the fat difference in the eyes of the peers - a concert table, can watch a concert of first-line singers for free.

"Free lunch" has repeatedly favored him. After joining an experimental drama company, he was concerned about the dual status of migrant workers and drama actors, and was invited to perform dramas in Germany and go to the embassy to learn documentary filming... Now, Pony dreams of becoming a director and an actor. "In fact, I am quite talented, that is, I have no chance to show it." "I have tried several extras. This route is wrong. I can't improve my performance." But if there is a chance, the pony wants to grab it. Leave the site. In fact, the earliest batch of 80s has been nearly forty years old. At the construction site in Beijing, I was free to ask the workers if there were any young people in their 20s who could get two kinds of responses. One is to think for a long time, shaking his head. The other is to say quickly: "Yes! There! Who is who is 90."

At the construction site, it is very simple to be a focus, as long as the age is small enough. For example, Xiaoqi, born in the millennium. He is the only "post-00" on the construction site, and the round face without a trace of pleat makes him look different from most workers. He also has a brother who is ten years older than himself. He is already a skilled carpenter on a construction site in Beijing. In March of this year, under the arrangement of his brother, Xiao Qi came to the current construction site with him. The brothers live in a dormitory, there is not much dialogue, and they rarely confide in the other side. On the construction site, there is no peer, and there is no common topic with the workers. Xiaoqi is gradually more reticent than the older brother. After work, most of the time is delivered to mobile games.

He firmly believes that he will not stay in the construction site for a long time, so he has a general feeling of lightness on all aspects of the construction site. "It should be this year. My road is still very long, and I will go slowly." The first batch of 90-year-olds have been in adulthood for a long time. Takeaway Xiaoyu Zhao Yu, fitness coach Huang Xin, and Gao Wen who posted the film... Many of the 90-year-old migrant workers actually worked and left the site briefly. They have long been accustomed to urban work, but compared with their parents, the new generation of workers who are mainly after 90s have better material conditions. Today, there are more choices in creating multiple employment opportunities on the Internet platform.

The reason for leaving the site is also very simple, tired, not free, and without protection. Professor Zhang Linxiu of the Institute of Agricultural Policy Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the study of rural labor transfer all year round believe that young migrant workers often think that it is better to find an unconstrained thing than anything else, and long-term planning will not matter. The life on the construction site is indeed boring, regular and strictly managed. This feature has caused the industry to quickly lose the generation that grew up in the Internet environment. In April this year, the “Report on the Survey of Migrant Workers in 2018” issued by the National Bureau of Statistics showed that the proportion of migrant workers over the age of 50 in the country has increased year by year, and by 2018 it has exceeded 20%. on the other hand. More than half of the migrant workers in the service industry and less than 20% are migrant workers in the construction industry.

Chen Qiuxu, head of propaganda of the North China Region of China Construction Steel Corporation, told China News Weekly that in addition to the aging of construction workers, the overall number of labor units in the construction industry is also decreasing. It can be clearly seen from the bidding of the project that the labor service units participating in the bidding are less than before and the price is higher. Chen Qiuxu said that because of the long-term cooperation with many labor companies, China Construction has a staff gap that can be mobilized in time. Therefore, the project site is not serious. However, for investment construction groups and labor companies, due to the reduction of the overall number of workers in the market, the cost of labor in recent years has indeed increased year by year.

However, even if workers' salaries are raised, it is not a good thing for the entire project. According to the Beijing Daily, in a tunnel project in Beijing, the compensation paid to workers every day has risen to between 400 yuan and 500 yuan. However, due to the fixed amount of construction costs and the increase in labor costs, it may have an impact on the quality of the project itself. In which direction will the future construction site develop? Some engineering fields are developing technologies that can replace human resources. The “1000-hour comprehensive capping” of the Civic Service Center in Xiong’an New District is due to the large-scale modular installation and assembly. After the box module is transported to the construction site, it can be completed by simple installation.

Ms. Chen from China Construction told China News Weekly that this “assembled building” is a form of architecture that the country is currently advocating, which saves a lot of on-site pouring and other processes compared with traditional crafts. She is optimistic that in the long run, many of the employment problems facing the present will gradually be solved with the development of new technologies. Steve Bannon recently told the South China Morning Post that killing Huawei is ten times more important than reaching a Sino-US agreement. This is the latest rant from the American far-right opinion leader. Bannon has always advocated a "comprehensive war" against China. With the overall tension between China and the United States, the radical figure who entered the White House as the chief strategist in 2017 but was quickly expelled seems to be expanding his influence and appearing frequently.

It is worth pointing out that even the most radical public opinion leaders in China dare not shout out of driving Apple or McDonald's out of China. The extreme voice of Bannon can reverberate in the United States. He is also proud of being a "hawk in the hawks." This is worthy of reflection in American society. Whether they maintain the ideological foundation of the country's rationality is being eroded. Qin Haidong, chief physician of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing First Hospital, said that after taking cephalosporin, alcohol was ingested, and then the two substances reacted strongly in the body, causing facial flushing and conjunctival congestion. Headache, dizziness, vomiting, chest pain and other symptoms. Director Qin said that under normal circumstances, these symptoms appear quickly, relieve and disappear quickly, and can relax after rest adjustment. However, if there are serious symptoms such as respiratory depression, myocardial infarction, and acute heart failure, they must be sent to the hospital immediately for symptomatic treatment. Use cephalosporins for 7-14 days to avoid contact with alcohol, including chocolate, musk, and water.

Bannon’s claim to China is an economic fascism, and his “forced China’s fundamental reforms” is actually conquering China’s economy. He preached that this is what he is doing 24 hours a day, and he wants to give his life for this. Bannon has a large number of opponents even in the United States, but his extreme threat to China is becoming an opium that brings some anesthesia to some people in the frenzy of the US. Regrettably, not only the Bannon, but also a group of economic fascists in the United States. They regard China's economic development and prosperity as the fundamental threat and hate to return China to the era of obscurity. Their unprecedented impact on global supply chains is destroying the foundations of globalization and bringing deep hostility to the world, threatening peace in the 21st century.

We have two basic judgments. The first is that the US's radical attitude toward China will force some western countries to respond to it, but it wants to go too far, forcing Western countries to decouple from Chinese high-tech enterprises and form the entire West to China. The cold war of science and technology and the economy is bound to be resisted. Because this is a serious violation of the interests of other Western countries. As a huge market, China is an important source of power for Western countries to continue to prosper. At the same time, maintaining normal economic and trade relations with China and the United States is a better choice than following the United States to suppress China.

The second is that Bannon’s wicked proposition to China allows us to look at some of the most vicious ideas of some American elites in China. To what extent they will become the reality of the United States, China’s policy toward China is still uncertain, but as the Sino-US trade war continues to escalate, the Chinese society should be prepared to respond to the US’s most frenzied policy toward China, especially for China’s high-tech enterprises. Collectively make a full plan. We must form a realistic strategy of responding to the suppression of the United States, ensuring that the Chinese economy is heading for the wind and plunging the arrogance of the United States. "Allergic shock comes very fast. In 2-3 minutes, the blood pressure may drop to zero! If you are in the car, you can only increase the throttle and run the red light to the hospital. The principle of choosing a hospital is: 1. The nearest hospital, 2, the distance is the most familiar hospital. Do not only go to the big hospital, close and far away, delay the best time to rescue! 3, if there are other passengers in the car, can help call to inform 122 (Traffic Command Center), telling you about the situation in the car, the location of the car, which route to take, which hospital to go to? 122 will give you a green light. If you don't have time to call, you must go to the traffic immediately. The management station to explain the situation, it is best to have a certificate from the hospital."

Huawei has shown a rare force under the weight of the United States, which stems from its leading position in 5G network technology and its long-term precautions against the United States that may one day kill it. All Chinese companies that are determined to move toward the peak of high technology need to have a strategy similar to Huawei. The prosperity created by relying on American technology like building blocks will be in jeopardy. China needs more high-tech companies like Huawei. There are a few Chinese companies that have taken the lead in the world, and they will form a group deterrent to each other. When a group of Chinese high-tech companies use intellectual property rights with the outside world, external forces will be jealous when they want to sanction a Chinese company.

Director Chen Xiaofeng of the Emergency Department of the Air Force Hospital of the Eastern Theater of the People's Liberation Army said that during or shortly after the use of antibacterial drugs similar to those of disulfiram, a poisoning reaction caused by drinking alcohol or taking alcohol products is called a disulfiram-like reaction. To understand the disulfiram-like reaction, you should first understand the metabolic process of alcohol in the liver. That is, ethanol → acetaldehyde → acetic acid → carbon dioxide and water. Some cephalosporins and disulfiram have structural similarities, which can inhibit the acetaldehyde dehydrogenase in the liver and block the further conversion of acetaldehyde to acetic acid, so that acetaldehyde accumulates in the body and causes a series of reactions. When a disulfiram-like reaction occurs, the patient is prone to facial flushing, headache, and rash on the whole body. In severe cases, chest tightness, wheezing, difficulty breathing, and anaphylactic shock occur.

We believe that such a situation is entirely possible. In Asia, including South Korea and Taiwan, there are more and more single-leading high-tech companies, and the level of comprehensive technology in Korea and Taiwan is not too far ahead of mainland China. As long as China's technology companies work hard and operate scientifically, they have full hopes to polish their own killers, win their own prosperity, and enrich the country's strategic and technological strength. Recently, an article "Doctor Ling Feng lived 24 hours" was screened in the WeChat circle of friends. Because of the disulfiram-like reaction of cephalosporin + alcohol, Professor Ling Feng, the chief expert of Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, witnessed the moment of life and death. The words told by the doctor also pushed the term "disulfiram-like reaction" to the public again.

China’s Ministry of Finance announced on Wednesday that it has been exempted from corporate income tax for profitable IC design and software companies for the first two years, and halved income tax for the third to fifth years. This is a policy vane for the country’s substantial support to the semiconductor industry. Blowing a policy horn that responds to the US strategy. With the enterprise's struggle and the full support of the state and society, China, which has achieved two bombs and one star under extremely difficult conditions, will surely win this victory in the game against the United States. China's huge market will provide the world's most fertile growth ground for high-tech innovation.


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