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A person is not interesting, it is expressed from the inside, humor is also elegant and vulgar. If it is just for funny and funny, people may laugh at the time, but there will be a layer of disgust and resentment in the bottom of the heart, and elegant humor will People can smile and even pull in the relationship between people. There are many ways to make yourself interesting.

1. Reading more books I said, it is not the current romance on the Internet that passes through Xiu Xianwen, nor is it the best-selling book recommended by XXX in the front of the bookshelf. I mean classic books, literary masterpieces, etc. The flow of humanistic biography. The effect of reading will not be immediate. This is a long-term process. It may be that when you were a child, you will not understand the book until the age of 20 or 30. Things like dry goods can be remembered quickly, just like the high probability theory of surprise review before the final exam. How much can you remember after a holiday?

2. Talking language is an external manifestation of human thinking. It is also an art, a person who can speak, and whether it is telling the truth or slipping a horse, it is easy to eat anywhere. People are familiar with each other through communication. If an opening makes people feel awkward, why not let others know your interesting soul? Books like "Cai Kangyong's Way of Talking" and many variety shows can be used as learning materials.

3. It is true that the people who are interesting together say "near Zhu Zhe Chi, near ink is black". With what kind of people have been together for a long time, it is natural, and what you say is invisible in the same way as the other side. The "husband and wife" that I understand is also the same. With the blind man, you may be more jealous than him, with people who love to read, and you will read some interesting books when you are deaf, of course, with the strawberry-flavored people, it will become very sweet.

4. Be true to yourself Although it is said that the mask will become your face after a long time, but the process and time of wearing a mask is not something that everyone can bear. It is elegant and simple, and it is difficult to install a lifetime of elegance. If you can't be elegant, show your true side, whether you are cute or not, even if you are more reckless, people who want to work with you can always find your shining point. I always believe that everyone will be Glowing fireflies, even if mixed with tens of thousands of fireflies, but that faint light also illuminates the front of the fireflies around them.

In a complex world, with interesting people and things, be true to yourself. Six: Unconditionally believe in yourself and believe that you are the one who wants to do great things. The most terrible thing about people is that they have nothing to do with their lives, and they comfort themselves to say that they are ordinary and valuable. The geese have passed the name of the singer, and there are traces of the past that have not been left. The world should not be successful, nor should everyone be a person standing on the stage, but why not be you.

There is no problem with ordinary ordinary people. Just like a good city and a second- and third-tier city, there is no absolute advantage, only relative choice. But if there is an opportunity, why not do the people on the stage. Everyone has a chance to play in three minutes, and this opportunity will be more and more fair. To give you an example, I used to be a writer before. It’s too difficult, I’m going to be slow, and I’m going to talk about seniority. That channel is extremely narrow. Now it is different, the platform on the Internet, the infinite spread of information, as long as you are good enough, enough to insist on output, the opportunities you get are unlimited. All you have to do is find the area and point that you are good at, and then stick to it.

You have to believe that you will have a good future. You have to believe that if you live, you will have hope and meaning. You must believe in the power of trust. There is no such thing as this era. If there is, then you are not talented enough. Seven: Be brave enough to question authority, including your parents.

I know that the plight of many people now comes from parents, whether it is a marriage or a future. Chinese-style parents have a common behavior, and they can’t think of it. Everything has to be arranged for the children, and I feel that I can do a lot of things, whether it is the work of the children or the marriage. But he ignored a problem, the world is changing. Most of our parents lived in one place for the rest of their lives, and they saw the one-acre three-point land they saw. Their set of cognitive and behavioral patterns did not necessarily apply to the present and the future. They can no longer choose a good future for their children, because no one can see it in the future.

A child is not a private product of a parent. He is a person independent of society, and secondly a child. Advise parents to want to open, children have their own opportunities and the future, he needs your guidance, but not pointing. The same is true for children. You can't ask for independence on the one hand, and you must be old on the other. Every one of us is born to bear the consequences for our actions, and courage to bear is the beginning of a mature person. The reason why society can make progress is because the next generation does not listen to the words of the previous generation. Eight: To cultivate your own insensitive feelings, to make yourself a little dull.

What is insensitive, that is, you have to be stupid. For example, Zeng Guofan said that he is a dull person, and that he is also a hard-selling village. What are the characteristics of a stupid person, tenacity, hard work and self-knowledge. Sometimes, slowness is fast, and fast is not necessarily a good thing. The stupid person is the arch of the day, a little bit toward the goal, not proud, not discouraged. Each of us should have such temperament, train our own ingenuity, and everything is not so radical and sensitive. If you encounter failures and setbacks, you should quickly forget them. Don't let yourself fall into emotional troubles. What's more, many things that you worry about will never happen.

A warrior defeated, and the things to do sank to polish the weapon and be ready for the next battle. Nine: You will find that doing something else in a certain line is better than you. You have to think about why. The continuous successor is a deep thinker who likes to think about it. He likes to think about the rules behind things. His mind is delicate and he can always find the key thread in countless lines to solve key problems. He can also do the same in practice.

Mr. Qian’s good friend Qian Dawen is such a person. She usually doesn’t like to read books, but she likes to think and has amazing mobility. As long as she wants to learn, she can find people who can learn in a quick way, and she will definitely think about it. Who can help me with this matter, whose resources can be used for me, and what value I can bring to others. Her thoughts can produce output of her own results. What she is doing next is to constantly optimize her system thinking ability and constantly find the power of why.

Ten: The most important thing about reading and learning is not to increase knowledge, but to change your actions. If knowledge does not change your actions, it is just information. It is not that knowledge is useless, but that you are useless. It is the truth to know how to be one. Knowledge is not necessarily obtained from payment, but more is a book. Finally, please don't be addicted to the vibrato and the bubble drama, which will not make your wallet more drum, it will only make your head more empty. Take seriously the current life, it is decided by you three or five years ago. If you are not satisfied, please change it positively. Imagine yourself after five years. What do you want to live like?

As for the sauce, remember, I am wrong. On this day, I am twenty-nine years old, in the golden age of my life. I still have a lot of extravagance, lectures, books, and mountains. I still want to become a half-bright cloud in the sky. Now I know that life is a slow process of being hammered. People are getting old every day, and luxury is disappearing every day. Finally, it becomes like a hammered cow. I feel that I will survive forever, and nothing can hammer me. I will always run on the road of maverick and keep my loneliness.

I will always be happy, always young, always curious, and always in tears. Wang Xiaobo said that a person with a funny soul would make people ignore his appearance. We are often attracted to some very interesting people. It doesn't make sense to say it. It just feels that being with them always makes them feel relaxed. They feel that their life looks wonderful and they live happily. I collected and summarized some interesting paragraphs or methods online.

1. Be curious about life. I have a classmate who has not eaten avocado. I just bought one and came back to eat. She dug up all the meat inside and threw it away, leaving a core, not eating yet, on the table. I was discovered by me. I said that your avocado is finished so soon. She said, I have not started eating yet. A college roommate peeled the garlic and put it in his pocket as a snack. Every time he took out a garlic and threw it into the air and picked it up with his mouth. We watched him happily eat garlic as peanuts. My classmates thought it was very interesting. I ran over and asked her if she was delicious. Give me one... For me, those who have a fresh sense of the things in life are extraordinarily fun.

2. Fun is to relax, don't take yourself too seriously. It is also a pleasure to learn to laugh at yourself. If you put yourself in your own hands, it will not be fun to take yourself seriously. Just like the leader is speaking on the stage, it is interesting to relax in a state of moderation and self-deprecation. Black, people who are really familiar with you know your strengths, so at this time, don't worry too much. On the contrary, it is also a pleasure to let others know some of your shortcomings at the right time.

3. Interesting is not deliberate, to learn to break the rules, there are many classic quotations, because she often likes to do some subversive metaphors, she always said, "Your chin is very red," "This bread is very good at first glance." I have thoughts. "Small voice, the table will be unhappy." When we talk, we can break some conventional logic, such as the right words, the desire to rise first... there are many online. A similar paragraph, "Women, one by one, I said that I am ugly, but after they heard how much I earned each month? I said that I am poor and ugly."

4. Interesting people have the ability to think independently. Interesting people speak very freshly, always have a lot of topics, have their own opinions, and they won't be clouded. The average person's perception of anything is stuck in emotional perception, and the interesting person's own life is quite rich. They like to think and pay attention to the causes and laws behind each emotion. Every time I write an article, even if it is an article that feels good positive energy, I will always receive some bad comments. I am very surprised. As long as you speak publicly, you will always be despised. Just like when we watch celebrity gossip, everyone likes to marry a female star. It’s very embarrassing, I think, why is this?

Every time I like to see a lot of aspects, I look at it from different angles. To put it simply, interesting people are addicted to thinking about it.

5. Interesting people should be diligent, haha, big coffee in any field, rely on a little bit » It’s like a funny big coffee that you see, it’s a lot of fun, you come so many funny paragraphs, Woody Allen is especially fun. His films and articles have a lot of paragraphs, such as: "My wife and I only got the climax once when the judge signed the divorce paper." Why can he write? I heard that he has to write 50 jokes every day, yes.

I saw the funny paragraphs, wrote down the reasons for their funny, and constantly practiced to improve their sense of humor. This is one thing you have to be interesting and need to do. On the road to becoming interesting, you can quickly become a funny person as long as you are willing to work hard. Feel free to comment, see how interesting you are, 1. Stay with interesting people. I have a long life and I want to be with interesting people. I have changed a lot during these years and slowly become cheerful, confident and interesting. I was not like this in my school days. At that time, I was a very inconspicuous girl. I always wear a huge school uniform, thick glasses, and ponytail every day. It takes a lot of courage to put my hair down and raise my hand.

Later, I left home and went to the university to go to the university alone. I met a group of buddies. They were very lively and interesting people. After work, they contacted people of all kinds, and abandoned the young inferiority to the adult society. Be alone. Many people say that growth is cruel. On the contrary, I feel that growth is one of the most wonderful things in the world. There is always hope, never afraid of losing, so many gorgeous scenery can only be touched when grown up.

- Qiao Yi I don't like the world. I only like your life to go around. Some people have an influence on you that can't be imagined by yourself. So spend a lifetime with interesting people, they will always teach you something at a certain moment in your life, let you go further and further on the interesting road, happiness bursts.

2. Read more and read interesting stories, books, movies, and the world. Since ancient times: the book has its own gold house, the book has its own Yan Ruyu. Every book you read, every story, counts. They will be subtly integrated into your mind, allowing you to use it unconsciously.

Travel is the best way to see the world, travel is also a way to make you more interesting, people have to go out and see, experience life, and taste mixed. It becomes interesting, what is the problem, what is interesting? The definition of this is not the same on the Internet. I find it really not an easy task to define the fun. Using inductive methods, we know that an interesting person, you may come up with such characteristics, such as curiosity, funny, optimistic, knowledgeable, cultivated, tasteful...

But is it fun to make each one alone? Is curiosity interesting? Experts and professors may not be interesting, is funny fun? In fact, you can study the logic of funny, other, it is more irrelevant to fun. So to some extent, "fun" is a "set", like a mobile phone, you put the phone in your hand, this is a mobile phone, but you broke the phone, ask: Where is the phone? ? The mobile phone is not a camera, the mobile phone is not a screen, the mobile phone is not a casing, the mobile phone is not a speaker, but when these are added together, the mobile phone is presented.

Interesting, too, is a "pleasant" state, but this state may contain many elements. Among these elements, there are strong connections, and if they are connected, if you want to be interesting, try to do it. Some important parts of the game, then you will be closer to fun. But today I don't say this, what I want to say is - true. Real, I heard it, it seems that it is not related to fun, but I still think that reality is the core of fun.

I read a lot of books, such as Wang Xiaobo, Sun circle, and some very interesting authors. Their words, opinions, and ideas are very interesting in the book, and I found that in this kind of fun, the hidden is real. They know everyone well, but they are ashamed to say, shameful to say, embarrassed to say, to face can not be said, in order to maintain the image of honor can not be said, all have said it.

It is said that the practice is to repair the truth, not to improve the good, to live, to become hypocritical, to become jealous, to become euphemistic, to become subtle, and to begin to know the cover, this cover is boring. For example, if you want to be a good person, you want to be awesome, you want to be ugly when you think about it, and you are at the front of your favorite face. You are afraid that you won’t get the corresponding love. When you are angry, you will be caught, fearing that you will hurt your interests. If you are incompetent, you will not recognize it. ......

What you just said makes this baby unhappy, you just want to compensate me! I just budgeted the balance of the bank card and WeChat change. I realized that it might be more appropriate for you to save money... Is it interesting? When you are real, you are very close to fun. Interesting needs to be indifferent, you need to be brave, because you are real, this means that you dare to tear open the mask.


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