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After the founding of New China, many unconventional practices were adopted in order to quickly open up diplomatic work. One example is the high-profile and high courtesy to welcome the guests. In the 1970s, China gradually canceled the welcoming of foreign guests. What happened to this? In the 1950s and 1960s, foreign heads of state or government visited China, usually organizing thousands of people to greet them in Beijing. At that time, the number of countries that established diplomatic relations with China was small, and almost every foreign head of state or government head of China who visited China received such reception.

On the eve of the National Day of 1956, President Sukarno of Indonesia visited China and received a high-profile reception. When President Sukarno arrived in Beijing, more than 120 people and more than 10,000 people, including Chairman Mao Zedong and other leaders and relevant departments, greeted the airport. In Beijing, they were welcomed by 110,000 people. During the visit to China by Voroshilov, President of the Supreme Soviet Presidium in the early 1957, almost all the trips were accompanied by the party and the country's main leaders, and hundreds of thousands of people in Beijing were welcome.

In June 1961, Vietnamese Prime Minister Fan Wentong visited China. On the morning of the 12th, when Premier Wen Fangtong and his party arrived in Beijing, Premier Zhou Enlai and Vice Chairman Dong Biwu and other national leaders greeted the airport. Hundreds of thousands of people in the capital welcomed him. The concierge arrangement of high standards and high courtesy opened up the situation for the new China to establish diplomatic relations with the countries of the world, especially with neighboring countries.

Cancellation of the road to the early 1970s, the Chinese side decided to cancel the ceremony of welcoming the public to welcome the guests. In this regard, Premier Zhou explained to the foreign guests: "First, the masses can't stand it. Second, some foreign guests can't stand it. The Nepalese prime minister arrived in Beijing on the day of the wind. He was sitting in a convertible and his clothes were thin. I saw him being cold. Third, sitting in a regular car will appear to be separated from the masses. Fourth, our leaders are older and pay attention to the body."

Since then, the state guests have visited China and usually do not organize the masses to welcome them. On January 31, 1972, Pakistan’s new president, Bhutto, visited China. In order to highlight China-Pakistan friendship and China's support for Pakistan, China has also arranged a grand welcoming ceremony. But on the evening of January 30, heavy snow fell in Beijing until the next morning. A strong northwesterly wind blew, and the temperature dropped to around 10 °C. Taking into account the health of the masses, state guests and leaders, the welcoming ceremony along the Changan Street and the arrangement of President Zhou and President Bhutto by the convertible were temporarily cancelled.

After President Bhutto arrived in Beijing, Premier Zhou Enlai personally explained to President Bhutto. But Bhutto said through the following officials that he hopes to make up for him when he leaves Beijing to show China-Pakistan friendship and eliminate misunderstandings. In considering the request of Bhutto, Premier Zhou decided to organize the masses to send the farewell.

At noon on February 2, in the cold wind of the hustle and bustle, Premier Zhou and President Bhutto took a convertible from the east gate of the Great Hall of the People, and walked around Tiananmen Square for a week. Then they slowly sailed to East Chang’an Street and cheered the crowd. Greetings. I am very satisfied with President Bhutto, and I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Premier Zhou for praising the perfect visit to China. This has become the last scene of the welcoming of foreign guests in China. Luo Yonghao did not ask for the wedding of Xiaohe (the folk singer). The problem was that no one invited him before the wedding. After I went there, I asked everyone: What do you think of Zeng Yi?

The time was probably 10 years ago. At that time, Luo Yonghao was the principal of an English training school. Lao Luo’s friend Zhang Xiaozhou (writer) was invited to participate in the Xiaohe wedding, and he followed directly. He likes Xiaohe’s "Love that can't talk." At that time, Luo Yonghao had not started to make a mobile phone, and there was no technology label on his body. He was Zeng Yike's brain powder, and he earned some money at the school. He thought about giving Zeng Yi an album.

Zeng Yike’s fans are so cute. Luo Yonghao changed his Weibo name from “Old Angry Youth Luo Yonghao” to “Luo Yonghao Cute”. That year, he was 37 years old. At the Xiaohe wedding, Luo Yonghao met the folk singer Zhang Wei (author of "Midian"). Because of dissatisfaction with the packaging and production of Zeng Yi's album sample, Luo Yonghao soon went to Zhou Yunpeng, Zhang Wei and Guo Long (the folk singer) together, and wanted to record a new folk-style record for Zeng Yizhen. The song of 轶可, like a Zhongguancun selling pirated discs.

Zhang Wei arranges and Zhou Yunpeng comes to the music. In this way, Luo Yonghao took the group of the most powerful people in the Chinese national circle, and had rehearsed for six or seven days in advance for Zeng. Of course, he himself gave up the busy work of the English school. Every day, he went to the rehearsal field to deliver water. He said to his friends, "This is the most popular thing in my ten years." As soon as he was diligent, his friends were not very fond of playing tickets, and they rehearsed for more than ten hours every day. Zhang Wei said that it is not so good to make an album for himself.

On the day of the official recording, Luo Yonghao chose the most expensive shed, and also invited a pianist who played the piano well at a high price. Zhou Yunpeng said that he has not enjoyed this treatment for so many years. At 10 o'clock in the morning, Luo Yonghao's friends entered the rehearsal rehearsal, and at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, they arrived at the scene. I didn't feel comfortable when I auditioned, and I didn't sing in the state. I didn't care about the sound engineer. Zhou Yunpeng guessed that she had not eaten at noon. Later, the more I sang, the more I screamed, and repeatedly asked for reverberation. Finally, Guo Long was forced to say a big truth: add it to the money cabinet (KTV).

Zeng Yi is not satisfied. She yelled at the microphone, "This is the worst studio I have ever been to." I refused to come the next afternoon. Zeng Yike’s team had no albums for Zhou Yunpeng, Zhang Wei and Guo Long. The big guys naturally feel that their hearts are blocked. They are all people with heads and faces in the music circle. Any one of them is a small singer who can't move. If it weren’t for Lao Luo, who would come to make this drowning.

Luo Yonghao also had a heart, but he did not swear. Later, they decided that even without the lead singer, they went to the studio to record a high-level folk karaoke version, which was an explanation for the team's hard rehearsal for so long. When the group photo was recorded, Zhou Yunpeng proposed to put an empty stool. "That is the position of the lead singer who didn't come." A few months later, the Zeng Keke team suddenly felt that the piano version of "Brave a little" seems to be pretty good, call to the song. Luo Yonghao gave it. [1]

02 10 years passed with Smartisan's "Men Devil". Luo Yonghao has been widely known in the technology circle. He took a bunch of literate luxury people and made a mobile phone called Smartisan. In the most lively time, the hammer sold millions of seats in the Bird's Nest development. Today, he is still a person who does not lack attention. Hammer Technology is sold. Luo Yonghao pledges several shares in a month, and every time he goes to the Science and Technology Finance News.

In the "People" reporter Xie Mengyao's "Luo Yonghao hammered down the idealist", people see Luo Yonghao is so emotionally unstable, slamming things and swearing three sets, many operations are not business. Some readers said that this is like a male boss, it is simply a "fashionable devil wearing Prada." (The movie name, the protagonist is a grumpy fashion magazine female editor).

Hammer powder thinks that "People" magazine is in Heilongjiang. They said that after reading this article, they don't want to order a character magazine. In fact, Xie Mengyao is a very senior media person. He quoted a lot of interviews in the article, and there are not many subjective texts. The technical operation is relatively advanced, and the media has maintained the fucking of the media.

So why do many people think that it is Heilongjiang? In addition to people's understanding is not the same, there is another reason for Teacher Luo's own: in the very third-party text of "People", you only need to truthfully describe the behavior of Teacher Luo, read it. It looks like a black or hammer black.

“Colleagues in the hardware area can hear the people in the conference room for three days; people all over the company can see that the water in the sink is too hot in the corridor to the executive director for 20 minutes; the person who has been with him for 10 years has a collision. It was opened in 1 minute. The product manager dismantled the company's new mobile phone before him, and the person in charge of the anger was screaming."

"Because of the dissatisfaction with the printing effect of a business card, he smashed the designer's computer, and the sly movement lasted for more than ten seconds. The things he had fallen over also included the door, bicycle, cup, keyboard, mineral spring 8 years ago, one The newcomer named Xie Mengyao wants to be a reporter but his job search is not smooth. No media has opened the door to him. He is a fan of Luo Yonghao and firmly believes that "the dream of not being laughed at is not worth achieving." Eight years later, he is already "People" magazine, one of the best feature journalists in China.

In 2012, Luo Yonghao was a mobile phone. Xie Mengyao was the first reporter to publish in-depth reports. The next year, rom came out and had a second article. At the end of 2018, his New Year was the third in the series of Luo Yonghao. In May 2019, after 30 days, he completed 27 hours of interview recording, sorted out 470,000 words of material, and finally wrote 17,000 words.

Someone took some of the details in this article and wrote a letter to Heilongjiang, saying that he had a problem with his personality, which was not in place at all. What is the character of the entrepreneur, is it not important that the spring rain is not important, and then Luo Yonghao himself refuted from this angle. Those who read the article and don't want to subscribe to "People" are too superficial.

03 Luo Yonghao's digging people reporter did not interview Qian Chen and Wu Dezhou, key figures in Hammer Technology. Through the depiction and profile of others, the two figures who have made outstanding contributions to hammer technology are compared, and the image of Qian Chen's pragmatists is outlined. Also use the perspective of the staff to outline the tears between the old ones after the big ones. Finally, their contribution to the hammer product was diluted to Luo Yonghao.

Before Dr. Qian Chen, a senior electronic and acoustic engineer, joined the hammer, he always thought that Luo Yonghao was doing the OEM. After joining in 2013, this voice gradually subsided. He has served Motorola for 13 years and is an authoritative expert on intelligent hardware, helping the hammer to build an early technical R&D team.

Before Luo Yonghao, Lei Jun used to dig money for three months to go to Xiaomi, without success. However, Luo Yonghao, who is better eloquent (willing to save money), spent half a year. Under the premise of asking the story to join the hammer without success, when he told the design highlights of the product through PPT, he touched the big one. Teenage predecessors. Qian Chen joined in July 2013 and retired from Hammer Technology in July 2015. After leaving, Qian Chen completely withdrew from the smartphone industry.

The person who succeeded Qian Chen is Wu Huazhou, a veteran Huawei with 15 years of experience in Huawei. In order to dig into Wu Dezhou, Luo Yonghao had been soft-hardened for several months. Finally, he formed a “professional group” in Beijing to dig the wall and agreed to meet in Shanghai the next day. On the eve of the departure, an important member suddenly had an emergency meeting to open until 12 o'clock, and the last flight could not catch up. In order to make appointments on time, Lao Luo finally spent 160,000 on his own pocket and rented a private jet to fly to Shanghai to see Wu Dezhou, and moved Wu Dezhou to a bad mood.

Peng Jinzhou, the later president of Hammer Technology, is the vice president of Huawei’s former Huawei glory for more than 22 years. He came out from Huawei and first started a fill earphone with Wang Feng. More than a year later, Peng Jinzhou left the fill to join the hammer technology. The magic is that Luo Yonghao has already appeared in the new release conference. He made a 1000 hammer limited edition earphones together with fill.

In 2019, Peng Jinzhou began to start a business in Xiaoye. Luo Yonghao has set up the electronic cigarette products of the Peng Jinzhou team on his own Weibo. The WeChat public account of the hammer team began to intensively promote Pengjinzhou's electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarette, Luo Yonghao and Zhu Xiaomu hammer technology UX product director Zhu Xiaomu has been known as "Prince" "Royalong successor". In 2019, Zhu Xiaomu and Peng Jinzhou each founded the electronic cigarette brand from Hammer Technology. Luo Yonghao stood for two people, but Zhu Xiaomu has the meaning of self-reliance.

Peng Jinzhou's Ono is a registered trademark of Hammer Technology 2018.11.26; and Zhu Xiaomu's Fulu FLOW was applied for registration in 2019, the application company is Beijing Yuyi Technology Co., Ltd. (legal Zhu Xiaomu); Ono used a large number of hammers Channel resources, including Luo Yonghao, also frequently forwarded the propaganda poster of Ono: "medicinal grade propylene glycol, plant glycerin, organic nicotine salt, food grade spices."

I don't know who is thinking of the preceding qualifiers, at the textbook level. Accurately attack people who don't understand chemistry. In 2019, Zhu Xiaomu ran around and made exposure for his products. The first generation of Ono produced by the Peng Jinzhou team, the design style is hard and thick red, blue and black, which is quite satisfactory but not dazzling. The Zhu Xiaomu team, who has a visual 6th, has made a variety of electronic cigarettes of various tastes (China's relevant supervision of electronic cigarette SKU has not yet been introduced).

Each one also gives the definition of top, middle and after taste, white peach oolong tea, toon ice cream, several series, peaches, white Tao, ice cream, cream and other keywords, which can be reminiscent of perfume and The description of ice cream has attracted the attention of many young girls.

    In the United States, e-cigarettes have been covered by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). According to the data, each flavor of each electronic cigarette in the United States must be approved by the FDA and PMTA before it can be re-marketed. A user named Bob, using the nut PRO2 mobile phone to post, said, "Mu da dare to solve the problem of oil spills." Quickly deleted comments and blackened by Zhu Xiaomu, the account was therefore banned for three days.

Another user, LIHEI, commented on Zhu Xiaomu Weibo, during the Chinese New Year, when is the e-cigarette in the chat Baozhong shipped? After being blackened by Zhu Xiaomu and deleting the comment, Weibo said, "As for this? I don't want e-cigarettes, let's go."

In the eyes of hammer powder, Flow and Ono e-cigarettes are the latest entrepreneurial products of Luo Yonghao, and they want to support him in their own way. When a brand's product experience is not good, they will change another brand's product.

There is a microblogging screaming user who crashes directly: I use Fulu, a cartridge, at least 1 oil spill, a high probability, there will be two oil leaks, sometimes a slight oil spill, a serious oil spill, Really annoying, I have bought Ono.

In the end, Ono may not be able to completely avoid the problem of oil leakage. At the beginning of their propaganda, they said "no oil leakage", and later the chicken thief changed to "almost not leaking oil." 618 whole network e-commerce promoted this day, Zhu Xiaomu obviously wants to win this battle. At 1:24 am on the morning of June 18, Zhu Xiaomu released the battle report. His products ranked first in the first hour. Once exceeded the industry bosses.

However, 618 is a very demon day, and a small brand with only 154 fans in the middle was once ranked high. "Blue Hole New Consumption" after monitoring the data changes of the 6.18 Jingdong platform every hour, it is concluded that it is unrealistic for users to have changes in taste and cognition every hour. The only thing that can be explained is the e-commerce generation. Practice has already entered the market.

6.18 The final winner is the platform and the training, the brand will also win short, but the price is very expensive. [3] On the other hand, Luo Yonghao, who has no PR, seems to have taken back his own control of Weibo. He has sent nearly 30 Weibos in the past 24 hours.


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