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From small to large, we have seen the sea of success with full confidence. The magnificent waves and the charm of shore-beating have conquered our hearts. We have all been infatuated with it. Whenever we are in a bad mood, we go to see the sea and immediately have a broad mind. The main reason is that the sea is too big, too big. It's spectacular.


I don't know, we have ever thought about it, no matter how big the sea is, its source is also a very small tributary. This also provides an important inspiration for our life, in fact, the growth and maturity of life is not achieved overnight, but need to be accumulated step by step, bit by bit. You shouldn't underestimate this kind of power. Everyone has heard the story of "dripping stone into needle" and "grinding iron rod into needle". These real natural phenomena inspire us to pay attention to the continuous accumulation from small to large.


Accumulation from small to large will have a multiplier and mutually reinforcing effect. It's very slow and difficult to start doing something. But in the process of training, your ability has been strengthened, the accumulated network has increased, and the resources have also increased. In this case, everything will be multiplied.


The law of life growth is the same. We are required to do every little thing as well as possible, so that every little thing strives for success, with a series of small successes, which produces a chain reaction, resulting in a huge success. It's like a river slowly forming a sea.


We should have lofty aspirations, build up confidence and realize the transformation from small to large. Life must have a lofty ambition, with lofty ambition, you will start small things, step by step from small to big to make it grow, use all their abilities, mobilize all resources, and cultivate it.


This process from small to large should be matched with the inner growth of human beings, the growth of human abilities, the experience of human beings and the environment. The most important thing is to be confident in this matter. Under the guidance of ambition, we are willing to do and accumulate constantly. Only in this way can we form a sea from a stream, have a magnificent situation and play the most magnificent song of our life.


The ambition should be lofty, leaving seeds in your life, rooting and sprouting, and growing into towering trees. We can't make rivers and seas without accumulating small streams, which enlightens us. Things should be small to big, to find its source, after finding its source, you can be small to big. To grasp the source is to grasp its essence and focus. Only by grasping the source can we be effective, qualitative change be caused by quantitative change, and a magnificent great cause be formed.

不积小流无以成江海,人生有小到大,信心满满,阔步向前,向成功进发,小溪流和小河是亲兄弟,成年后两人都成家了,在水爸爸的主持下分了家 ,家的财产有水库,有小山泉,小溪流是大哥,他让弟弟选,弟弟毫不犹豫的选了水库,小溪流选了小山泉,小山泉很小,但很多,小溪流,因为心胸宽广,人像很好,所有山泉都流向他,

There is no river without small streams. Life is small to large, full of confidence, stride forward, and march toward success. Small streams and rivers are brothers and relatives. When they grow up, they are both married and separated under the leadership of water father. The property of the family includes reservoirs, small mountain springs, and small streams are big brothers. He lets his brother choose them and his brother does not hesitate. Reservoirs were chosen, and small springs were chosen for streams. Small springs are very small, but many of them are small, because they are broad-minded and have good portraits. All the springs flow to him.


The river is narrow-minded and very angry. He can't stop the reservoir and let a drop of water go. It's not good enough. He drives the stream away until the end of the earth. The spring is angry and follows the stream to the end of the earth. It rains heavily for several days. Unfortunately, the reservoir bursts its bank and all flows to the end of the earth. The rivers are even more angry. Brother and brook cut off, to remove him from the list,


The unnamed stream changed its name later. Since it was driven to the ends of the earth and homeless, it was called the sea:


From small to big is the sea!


Broad-minded is the sea!


The sea is full of ambition!


The sea is the home of all the seas! ____________


Love and righteousness are the sea!

议小与大。浩瀚的天空,天外有天 人外有人。針大的孔斗大的风、小洞不䃼大洞吃苦、千里之堤 溃于蚁穴,……说明小与大是相对,小后果结局不一定小。小时候喜欢看蚂蚁,它个头很小跑的却很快,出于童心,经常將爬得很远的蚂蚁抓回原地,让它重新再爬,蚂蚁还有一个特点.

Small talk and big talk. In the vast sky, there are people outside the sky. Big needles, big winds, small holes, big holes, and dikes of thousands of miles burst into ant caves,... It shows that small is relative to big, and the outcome of small consequences is not necessarily small. When I was a child, I liked to watch ants. They trotted very fast. Out of childlike innocence, they often caught the ants that had climbed very far back to their original place and let them climb again. Ants have another characteristic.

它们联合起来,能搬动较重物体、啃食较大物体,人们经常褒奬它们蚂蚁啃骨头,作为一种精神,以鼓励表彰人们不畏艰险困难的精神;大往往是小积聚、积累而来,聚沙成塔、汇水成河、积少成多、愚公移山、精卫填海、积小成为大成、知识在于積累、千年大道踩成河、从渐变到突变,……只要功夫深 铁杵磨成针、功夫不负有心人,只要肯攀登、肯付出,成功离我们不会遥远,它正在招手欢迎我们。

Together, they can move heavier objects and eat larger ones. People often praise their ants for gnawing bones as a spirit to encourage and commend people's spirit of not fearing hardships and difficulties. Big things are often accumulated and accumulated in small ways, such as building sand into towers, catchment into rivers, accumulation of small things into large ones, shifting foolish mountains, refilling the sea, accumulation of small things into big ones, accumulation of knowledge is based on accumulation and Millennium Avenue. Stepping into a river, from gradual change to sudden change,... As long as Kungfu becomes a needle, Kungfu pays no attention, as long as it is willing to climb and pay, success will not be far away from us. It is waving to welcome us.


It is a well-known saying that "there can be no more than a thousand miles without cumulating steps, no less than a small stream, no more than rivers and seas". All successes are accumulated step by step from scratch, from small to large. No one can casually succeed, which is full of insistence and bitterness only you know.


I remember Ge You said in Let the Bullet Fly that "the road needs to be taken step by step, the step is too big, the card is easy to pull the egg". It can be said to be the most appropriate description. The best way to succeed is to avoid being too ambitious and try to accomplish it overnight. This is not a brave expression, but a contempt for life, which will eventually be punished.


Full of confidence, stride forward, step by step towards success, this approach is the most common sense, but also the most secure. Every solid step is not only the accumulation of achievements, but also the process of our own accumulation. On this road to success, we will also have a firm will, excellent skills, open-minded and solid material foundation. The reason why the castles in the air are beautiful is that they can be presented to us beautifully without foundation. But success can never be a castle in the air. Only with the accumulation of successes, can we have a strong foundation and lasting power.


Just like many enterprises nowadays, they can't make a good market and go forward step by step. Instead, it takes off with the help of capital and develops so-called leapfrogging development. Eventually, even if the volume is large enough, it will not escape the bankruptcy liquidation in the end. No success can exist separately from the foundation, and the outbreak of problems occurs only sooner or later.


Just as many people get rich overnight, conservative people can spend their old age without worries. And more people just spend too much, and in a few years they will return to poverty. This is no experience of accumulated success, no amount of money, can not control at all. Their own mind, quality, ability and vision are exercised in constant progress. A person's pattern is fed by real experience and miserable failure. No experience, where can we control the sudden success.


From now on, step by step, firmly go on, lay a solid foundation for their future. Even if we can't achieve much success, at least we are making progress and accumulating. Only wait for the quantity to change to the outbreak of qualitative change, and then fly into the sky.


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